Is Discord Not Detecting Your Mic? Here’s the Likely Fix

If you enjoy online gaming, you definitely use Discord. This diverse chat app allows you to communicate with your friends and enables you to do a variety of other things. Nonetheless, Discord is predominantly used for gaming, particularly as a VoIP service.

Is Discord Not Detecting Your Mic? Here’s the Likely Fix

Although it usually works like a charm and requires little effort for setting up, problems can still occur. It’s easy to see why “Discord not picking up mic” is definitely not an issue you want to see when planning a game with your buddies. Here’s how to fix this annoying problem.



The first thing that a tech support official will ask you is “Have you tried restarting the app?” Then, they’ll ask “Have you tried restarting the device?” Trivial as it may sound, a simple restart can often fix a variety of things that go wrong on your device.

  1. So, simply turn off the app by navigating to the system tray, right-clicking the Discord icon, and selecting Quit Discord. Then, run the app to see if the error persists. discord mic not detecting mic
  2. If it’s still present, restart your device and see if this has fixed the issue. In the likely case of the error persisting, move on to the following method.

Restarting apps and devices forces them to purge temporary files that only exist during runtime, which might have become corrupted, etc., it also causes drivers/registry files to be reloaded. So, as simple as it is, start with restarting everything.

Update the Drivers

If there’s a missing, outdated, or corrupted audio driver on your system, chances are that it’s the one causing all the fuss. The solution here is simply updating your audio drivers.

There are a couple of ways you can update your audio drivers. The easiest is checking your sound card and downloading the corresponding driver from the manufacturer’s site. Another way would be finding an auto-update tool that will scan your system and components and automatically find and download all the necessary drivers.

Try Running as Admin

For some reason, a problem may occur when running an app normally. This can be the case with this particular error, but also with many other issues. What you can try is running the Discord app as administrator.

  1. Doing this is very simple; just quit Discord if it’s already running and navigate to the Discord icon on your Desktop.
  2. Right-click the icon, select Run as administrator, and confirm. Now, see if the error in question still persists.

Reset the Audio Settings

Maybe you’ve pressed something by accident, maybe the app itself did it but your settings may have changed. Resetting the settings can make a lot of things work inside the Discord app — the voice settings are no exception here.

  1. To reset the audio settings on Discord, open the app and go to User Settings, located at the bottom of your Discord homepage (cog icon).
  2. From the menu to the left, select Voice & Video.
  3. In the page that appears, scroll all the way down, click Reset Voice Settings, and confirm.
  4. Once you’ve reset the settings, you can find the Mic Test section and click Let’s Check to see if the fix has worked.

Turn Off Exclusive Mode

The solution to this issue may not lie with the Discord app itself. Windows may be to culprit here. There is a setting in Discord that allows it exclusive control over the audio device driver. This may not sit well with Windows, so you’re going to need to disable this mode in your OS.

  1. To do this, go to the sound icon in the system tray, right-click it, select SoundsSound Tray Menu.
  2. Now, go to the Recording tab. Sound Menu
  3. Then, select the device in question and click Properties. Sound Menu Recording Tab
  4. From this menu, select the Advanced tab. Microphone Menu
  5. Next, uncheck the boxes in front of Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device and Give exclusive mode applications priority settings and then select OK. Microphone Menu Advanced Tab

Check Your Privacy and Security Settings

If none of the above suggestions worked, then you might want to check your privacy and security settings. We’ll be covering how to do that in Windows 10.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select SettingsWindows Start Menu
  2. Now, click on Privacy. Windows Settings Menu
  3. Next, click on Microphone, it’s on the left side menu under App permissions. Privacy Settings
  4. Then, make sure Microphone access is on and Allow apps to access your microphone are On. Microphone Settings

Hopefully adjusting your privacy settings remedied the situation for you.

Take Away

If none of these solutions helped, it’s time you contacted Discord tech support. They’ll guide you through the process and hopefully provide a solution.

Which one of the methods has worked for you? Have you tried a different one that resulted in success? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments below and add your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Is Discord Not Detecting Your Mic? Here’s the Likely Fix”

Anna says:
Got this issue after updating to Win 11. Turning off exclusive mode is what finally fixed it for me. Wasted time going through so many other guides and steps… >.<

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