The Best Discord Tips and Tricks

Discord is one of the most popular gaming-focused chatting platforms. However, starting out can be a bit overwhelming considering the sheer amount of options you get. Once you familiarize yourself with Discord, you’ll see that it’s easy to use, and you can find some great features it provides.

The Best Discord Tips and Tricks

We will share some Discord tips and tricks so that you can get the full benefit out of it.

Connections on Discord

Right after you sign up for your Discord account, you’ll be able to connect it to your other social media accounts. You can link it with your accounts from some of the most commonly used websites and apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify. Connecting and creating close-knit communities has never been easier. Connecting social media accounts makes it easier to find new contacts and provides better cross-platform communication.

If you’re a dedicated online gamer, you can connect your Discord account to your Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Steam account. That way, your pals and virtual friends can see what you are playing and even join in on the fun.

Custom-Made Emojis

To individualize your server, you can design emojis tailored to your preferences. All you need to do is download an image and compress it to emoji size. You can save it and use it whenever you want to. Keep in mind that you have to create your own server to be able to design emojis. If you joined someone else’s server, you’ll have to check permissions to access this feature.

If you have emoji-making permissions, you can click on the server settings and browse the emoji screen for more information. Not only can you design plenty of personalized emojis, but you can also create GIFs and have fun with your community members.

Buying Discord’s Premium service, Discord Nitro, allows you to use custom emojis from different servers freely, among many other benefits.

Customized Profile

Many platforms allow personalized profile pictures and usernames. That’s the case with Discord, too. Go to the “User Settings” icon on the bottom-left side and change your avatar in a minute. You can do the same for your nickname.

Profiles have two names. One is your username with a unique number identifier afterward (“#” followed by four digits). The other name is a nickname. Other users can ping you by either your name or your nickname.

What differentiates Discord from other online platforms is the ability to modify your nickname on every server you are in. Go with a goofy name with your buddies and use a more subtle name in a more serious environment. By editing your profile within a certain server, you can play around with different setups. You can change your nickname by sending a message with “/nick ” followed by your desired nickname in the chat. This only works if you’re allowed to change your nickname in that server.

Server administration can sometimes disable nicknames or change your nickname to something that is acceptable to their standards. This doesn’t change your name and unique ID.

Text Formatting Options

You can change your text format on Discord by using the markdown system. Here are some useful tips on how to do that:

  • Type “*” before and after your text and you will create words in italics.
  • Type “**” before and after your text and you will put it in bold.
  • Type “__” before and after your text and you will underline the words.
  • Surround the text in three “`” (backtick, the symbol left to the “1” on the keyboard) for “coding block mode,” which is useful for noting copied text. Example: “`hello“`.
  • Use “~” (accessed with “Shift + `”) before and after to strikethrough the text.


Being a part of different Discord servers can result in notifications popping up all the time. Here’s how you can keep them in control. Open the “Notifications” tab under “User Settings” and edit notifications the way it fits best for you. There is also an option for disabling notifications for the entire server. Make it happen by right-clicking the server’s icon and muting the server. Turn off channel notifications by right-clicking on the name of the channel and choosing the “Mute” option.

Shortcut Keys

Discord also has a few keybinds and keyboard shortcuts you can use for easier communication. Go to the “Settings” tab and scroll down. Look for “App Settings” and then “Keybinds.” Although you’ll be able to find numerous shortcuts, there are some of the most commonly used:

  • Use “Ctrl + /” to bring up the whole list of keybinds.
  • Use this command to navigate between channels: “Ctrl + Shift + Alt” and up or down arrow.
  • You can also mute yourself by following these instructions: press “Ctrl + Shift + M” at once and you’re good to go. Repeat the process when you’re ready to unmute yourself.

You can place your favorite set of command combinations and use them later on Discord.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you are a member of many Discord servers and have connected your other accounts, you want to ensure that your account is well-protected. To prevent unauthorized access to your information, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Head to the “Settings” section, search for “My Account” and find the option for enabling 2FA. You’ll be asked to enter the code you received on your mobile app. Utilize this feature and the data on your Discord account will stay safe and secured.

Audio Settings

The voice chatting option Discord provides is a great way of talking to your community members. In order to set up your audio right, Follow these instructions:

  1. Open “User Settings” at the bottom-left side of your screen.
  2. Click the “Voice and Video” section.
  3. Next, scroll down to “Advanced” to see how Discord is managing your audio.
  4. To test-check your microphone, pick the “Let’s Check” option. Record your own voice and listen to it to see if sounds fine.

Individual User Volume Adjustment

One of the great options Discord provides audio-wise is adjusting audio volume level among users individually. You don’t have to mute them. If some users are especially loud or not loud enough, consider lowering or intensifying their sound volume. Follow the steps on how you can do that:

  1. Right-click on a username of a person whose sound setting you’d like to manage.
  2. After that, the user volume bar should appear.
  3. Click or press and drag the volume selector on the bar.

Screen Sharing

Many times, especially during live streams or video calls, you’ll have to share your screen so that others can see what you’re doing. Depending on where you’re at on Discord, there are two screen-sharing options.

  1. If you are in a video call, go to “Screenshare.” That’s the button at the bottom of your screen that looks like a monitor with an arrow inside. This way, you can share the whole screen or just a specific tab.
  2. The other option is to use the “Go Live” button. That’s the button next to your name in a voice channel. This essentially creates a live stream similar to a limited version of other streaming programs. Note that live streaming requires excellent internet speed, bandwidth, and PC configuration.

Share and Discover New Music

As mentioned previously, you can link your Discord account with your Spotify app. By doing so, your contacts will be able to listen to your favorite playlists.

  1. Open “User Settings” on the bottom-left side of your screen.
  2. Click on the “Connections” option.
  3. Choose the Spotify icon.

The song that you’re listening to at the moment will be visible on your profile. If your friends and other users have a premium Spotify subscription, they can tune in.

Allow Discord Overlay

Many gamers love Discord for this feature. The good thing is, you can play the game and chat with other users simultaneously. Follow the instructions to allow in-game overlay.

  1. Use “Shift + `” to enable the overlay.
  2. To activate the overlay, go to the “User Settings” tab. Search for “Game Overlay.”
  3. You will see an option that enables you the game overlay. Make sure it’s on.
  4. Under the “Registered Games” section, choose the game you want to overlay and enable this option for that specific game.

After you completed this action, other people’s usernames will be visible on your screen when they talk if you’re in a voice chat. You can also set up message previews on the screen, even while playing a game in full-screen mode.

Try These Discord Options

Discord is a handy online chatting and streaming platform for lots of reasons. You can chat with people around the globe and form strong connection.

Do you have any other interesting tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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