Here’s Why Your Mic is So Quiet in Discord – And How To Fix It

Using Discord is a convenient way to communicate. While some Discord users like texting on different servers, others like using the voice chat feature.

Here's Why Your Mic is So Quiet in Discord - And How To Fix It

One of the main problems that come with the voice chat option is the audio quality. Users frequently have trouble hearing the other person and vice versa. Sometimes it’s your headphones, and sometimes, it’s just a poor Wi-Fi connection.

The good news is that you can fix it.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your mic, here are the possible reasons and ways to upgrade your audio.

Reasons Why My Discord Mic Is Quiet

Although Discord has excellent audio features, there’s always a chance that you’re experiencing a temporary mic issue.

Here are the three possible mic issues that might cause the “I can’t hear you” interruption from your fellow Discord users.

Your Windows Volume Is Too Low

You may have toned down your Windows volume without remembering if you’ve been listening to something on YouTube or any other streaming platform.

Lowering the sound of the music or video you’re listening to also affects how other people hear you on Discord. So, for example, if your Windows volume is down to 20%, users on the other side won’t hear a word you’re saying.

Headwear Issues

The headset you’re using in your chat session may be the problem. Your audio may be quiet or unclear, depending on its quality. Also, if you’ve been using the headset for a while, the reason why your mic is quiet could be wire damage.

Connection Problems With Wi-Fi & Plug

Your internet connection can affect the volume and quality of how you hear others and how they hear you. Also, don’t forget to check whether your headphones are plugged in appropriately if they are wired. Moving around may cause the plug to disconnect slightly, causing audio problems.

Wrong Audio Settings

Sometimes, you won’t be able to hear someone on Discord because your audio settings are wrong. You may experience voice-cutting during your Discord discussion, or the other person’s speech tempo will change from slow to fast.

Simple Discord Mic Fixes

Now that the problem’s possible causes for mic mishaps are covered, here are some fixes for your audio issues.

Fix Your Headset

Sometimes, the main issue is your speakers’ or headphones’ quality and condition. If you’ve got old worn-out headphones or the wires are damaged, it’s time to head down to the store and invest in new ones.

Maintain a Strong Connection

Ensuring that you have a strong connection can help alleviate quiet mic issues. Go to Wi-Fi Settings, and check your internet connection strength. Next, check if your headphones are plugged in appropriately.

Turn Up Your Windows Volume

In your bottom-right corner, locate the speaker icon, and click on it. Turn up the volume to 80% and above for clear audio. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your communication.

Fix Your Voice Settings

Here’s how to fix your voice settings for higher-quality audio on Discord:

  1. Launch the Discord app.
  2. Select the Settings icon in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click on “Voice & Video.”
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Reset Voice Settings.”
  5. Choose “Okay.”
  6. Click on “Let’s check.”

Restart Your Discord With Task Manager

Sometimes, restarting the platform is your best solution. Here’s how to restart Discord using Task Manager:

  1. Press the Windows key, type in “Task Manager,” and “Enter.”
  2. Look for the Processes tab.
  3. Right-click on Discord and select “End task.”
  4. Restart the app by selecting the Discord icon on your desktop or clicking the Windows key, typing in “Discord,” and selecting “Enter.”

Additional FAQs

Can I make someone’s voice louder than 200% on Discord?

Yes, but making someone louder than 200% won’t make you hear them better if they have a low-quality microphone.

Can Discord compress my mic quality?

Yes. Although the platform is dependable, your audio quality can degrade. Sometimes, Discord will compress your audio quality. This is common with chats to allow a smooth callback process.

Can I record audio on Discord?

Yes. Discord allows users to record audio content (voice chats). This means that users can record their discussions and save them for later.

Fix Your Discord Mic, Fast

Although Discord has many amazing features, there comes a time when specific technical issues stand in the way of your communication. For instance, audio problems may affect your voice chatting. Luckily, this minor technical hiccup is easily fixable.

If you want high-quality audio, keep your Windows volume above 80%, check the quality of your headphones, configure your audio settings, and last but not least, check your internet connection.

Did you experience mic problems on Discord recently? Are you familiar with the solutions we’ve outlined? Make sure to drop a comment down below.

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