How to Resume Watching in Disney Plus

Following its November 11 release, Disney Plus has been heralded as the service that will inherit Netflix’s streaming crown. Although there’s no telling whether this is certain, Disney seems to be doing all in its power to achieve this.

How to Resume Watching in Disney Plus

On the other side of the equation, lie certain problems that Disney Plus has experienced before, during, and since its launch.

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Can’t Resume Watching?

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room first (and that’s not any kind of a Disney cartoon pun). The resume watching option. The resume watching feature has been around for quite some time on streamers, and has proven to be a very convenient, useful feature. If you were to turn your TV/streaming player off, mid-episode, services like Netflix, Hulu, and almost every other Disney competitor will tell you where you left off.

With Disney Plus, this isn’t a thing. Yes, as soon as you find the episode/movie that you’ve turned off, it will continue exactly where you left off. However, if you’re watching an episode of Friends, which boasts 236 episodes, you’re going to have a tough time finding the exact one you were watching previously.

To make things even weirder, this feature existed for a brief few hours after Disney Plus’ launch and seemingly disappeared afterwards. The good news is that the developers have clearly thought about it and that the feature is bound to return at some point in the near future.

So, how do you resume watching? Well, by finding the exact title in question – when you do this, the video will resume from where you left off. Currently, however, there’s nothing to indicate which exact title you’ve been watching.

disney plus how to resume watching

Technical Difficulties

Early in the morning on November 11, Disney Plus was officially launched, as scheduled, months earlier. They’ve had time to prepare for most scenarios and no major issues were expected. However, a few hours into the app’s launch, thousands of reported problems swarmed in and Disney had their hands full. All of these problems affected the US, certain parts of Canada, as well as the Netherlands, which are the first countries that gained access to Disney Plus.

disney plus how to resume watching

Thirty-five percent of these problems were about log-in issues, while as much as 64% were about streaming issues. This is quite staggering, if not unnerving, as a streaming service that experienced 99%-worth of streaming/login issues within a few hours of its launch really makes you wonder about subscribing to it.

On the other hand, there’s a good reason behind this – the whopping number of excited subscribers within the first 24 hours. As a matter of fact, Disney Plus has received as many as 10 million subscribers within the first day. This says two things about Disney Plus: the demand is ridiculous and that they hadn’t anticipated it to be this ridiculous.

The Amazon Beef

Even before its launch, Disney was involved in certain issues. Nothing fancy, mind you, but the fact that Amazon’s Fire TV and Firestick weren’t listed as supported devices on launch was somewhat foreboding. As it turned out, Amazon and Disney had had a lot a beef over the last few years. Nobody exactly knows where this originated, but, luckily, they’ve seemingly patched things up, as Amazon streaming devices now officially support Disney Plus.

The Issues

These problems may seem grand and somewhat jaw-dropping, but many heavily-anticipated launches have experienced similar problems. As the years go by, however, we forget about them and remember the staggering milestones that were achieved in the meanwhile. In a few years, it is safe to say that the only thing that people will remember about the Disney Plus launch day is the 10 million subscribers that signed up within a little over a single day.

Have you already installed Disney Plus on your device(s)? Have you experienced any issues yourself? Hit the comments section below with whatever you have to say about the brand-new streaming service.

4 thoughts on “How to Resume Watching in Disney Plus”

Bethany Kay Simmons says:
I do not like that you cant resume where you left off. I probably will cancel this once the free week is over. I expected more I mean it’s Disney. ‍♀️
Ashley says:
It is absolutely annoying to not be able to see what you’ve been watching. With kids not having a resume button is killer. Disney competitors have no problem providing this feature. Get it together Disney! Beyond frustrating.
Joe says:
Not able to resume a movie where left off as of yet. If you stop watching and go back to the same movie title. You have St start at the beginning and fast forward to appx where you left off. Also an I dictator for shows watched in a series would be appreciated. All possible on other streaming platforms
Brian O'Hanlon says:
I have been watching on a smart TV as well as a 4th generation Apple TV. I am unable to have a movie resume where I left off. It starts at the beginning.
Tony M says:
Same issue here. Had to search for movie by name, and then it just started again from beginning. Expect more from Disney. The “resume” feature is standard on virtually every other streaming platform. They must add this or they will surely not be able to compete in this space.
Ash says:
Same issue, except I’m watching from an Amazon Fire TV stick. The lack of “continue watching” is starting annoy me a bit more as I progress further into my binge of The Simpsons, lol

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