Can DoorDash Deliver to a Hotel Room?

When you travel for work or are on vacation, you inevitably spend a lot of time hanging around in your hotel room. But what happens when the hotel doesn’t have your favorite food, or you’re in a mood for something particular?

Can DoorDash Deliver to a Hotel Room?

You call DoorDash and have it delivered. But there are some caveats to keep in mind.

In this article, we’re going to see what’s the best way to order food from DoorDash to your hotel room, and what other services you can expect.

How Does It Work?

DoorDash is one of the fastest-growing food delivery services in the US. At the moment, people from 850 North American cities can download the DoorDash app (Android and iOS) and get their favorite foods delivered onto their doorstep.

And that includes the doorstep of the hotel room you’re currently staying in. But here’s the thing, to ensure that the process of delivering your meal to your hotel room goes smoothly, there are a few factors to keep in mind.


Always Give the Room Number

Unless you specifically mention it, when ordering your dinner from the DoorDash app, the Dashers won’t know it’s a hotel until they get there.

And that’s fine, but then they don’t know your room number either, or they need to talk to reception to contact you.

This will take time and might lead to your food getting cold. So, always make sure to mention that you’re at a hotel.

Call the Reception Desk Ahead

Another problem you might run into when ordering from DoorDash to your hotel room is that the hotel reception desk won’t let the Dasher in.

Some hotels will take extra precautions to ensure their guests’ safety and won’t allow them to up to your hotel room.

To avoid misunderstanding and wasting time, it’s best just to pick up the phone and let the front desk know you have food delivery on the way.

Meet the Dasher at the Lobby

Often, you’re just too hungry and can’t wait that extra few minutes that it will take the Dasher to bring your food to your room.

So, if you want to cut the time short for both you and the Dasher, meet them at the hotel lobby once you know the food is almost there. This way you’ll avoid any potential problems with the hotel management too.

DoorDash Deliver to Hotel Room

DoorDash and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Partnership

DoorDash has taken the food delivery to hotels to another level by partnering with major hotel franchises.

In 2019, the two companies came up with a deal that has made all the DoorDash users that frequent the Wyndham very happy.

There are close to 4,000 Wyndham hotels around the US, and DoorDash provided free delivery for each one of them.

So, if you’re already a frequent guest at the hotel franchise, apart from free DoorDash delivery, you’ll also get reward points and other perks.

Thus far, this is the only partnership with a hotel that DoorDash has. But if it’s fruitful, there’s no reason not to expect similar collaborations in the future.

DoorDash to Hotel Room

Other DoorDash Partnerships

If you find yourself in a hotel room and you need something other than food, you can still call DoorDash for assistance.

The company has made a change to their business model and now offers delivery services for non-restaurant related items.

They have a partnership with the 7-Eleven chain and even Walmart. However, these services are still somewhat experimental and aren’t available in as many cities as the DoorDash food delivery.

Enjoying Your Favorite Food in the Comfort of a Hotel Room

When you’re in the mood for Chinese or Italian food, and there’s nothing like that on the hotel menu, what are you to do? Use the DoorDash app, of course.

The Dashers will deliver your meal in no time. But to make the entire process a little easier on everyone, always remember to mention your room number, contact the front desk, or simply hang out in the lobby for a few minutes.

Did you ever order food from DoorDash to your hotel room before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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