How to Edit Channels List on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a great way to watch some old-fashioned television for free. Your options are a bit limited, though, as you can’t search for content or organize the categories in any way. This scenario means that you cannot edit channels, but there are other options to compensate.

How to Edit Channels List on Pluto TV

Here’s what you can do based on the OS or device used.

Pluto TV Customization Alternatives in Windows 10

Pluto TV on Windows 10 is very limited when it comes to features. In fact, the Windows Store does not offer it even though it is designed to work on the OS. Instead, the Store App only shows it for XBOX One X/S. However, offers a Windows 10 download that works.

Option 1: Use Continue Watching

Once installed, the only Pluto TV channel editing alternative it offers is “Continue Watching” within the “On Demand” section, and this process is automatic. You cannot control it, but you can abuse it.

  1. Launch the Windows 10 Pluto TV program.
  2. Log into your account by clicking on your profile icon in the top-right section and selecting “Sign In” from the popup window.
  3. Click on “OnDemand” at the top.
  4. Browse on-demand content, and briefly watch listings you like by clicking on them then hitting the pause button.
  5. When you access the “On Demand” section again, you’ll see “Continue Watching” in the left navigation pane (at the top of the list).

This category (Continue Watching) will become your reference to watch your saved (partially watched) content, whether that includes TV shows, reality TV, documentaries, music videos, movies, or anything else.

Pluto TV Customization Alternatives in Android

The Android version of Pluto TV is similar to Roku devices (found below), except it has more options to compensate for the lack of channel customizations.

You can use “Add to Favorites” in “On Demand” to make your custom list. You can also use “Add to Watch List” in “On Demand” for all channels, and do the same in “Live TV” for content that is also available on demand.

Option 1: Use Add to Favorites

  1. Launch the Pluto TV Android app and browse Live TV. Click on a channel or current stream that you want to add as a favorite.
  2. Click the “i” icon in the video stream at the top (you may have to tap on the media again) or click the channel/stream in the guide to open the information screen.
  3. Click “Add Channel to Favorites” to save the channel.
  4. Repeat the above steps for each channel you want as a favorite.
  5. When you view the guide, you’ll see a “Favorites” section at the top showing each channel you added with a yellow heart.
  6. When you browse through the rest of the guide, your favorite channels will display with the same yellow heart.

“Add to Watch List” is the category (as they call it) for listing on-demand content that you want to watch later. However, you can also select movies and shows in “Live TV” to add to the list, as long as they are available on demand. This process will create a nice little section of its own.

“Continue” is the category (as they call it) for watching any content you already started. You can use this feature as you can in Windows 10, where you partially watch content to save it in the list.

Pluto TV Customization Alternatives in Roku

Roku offers more Pluto TV functionality when it comes to channel customization alternatives. You Get “Favorites” on Live TV (only for the Roku app—no cross-device syncing. You also get “Watchlist” in the “On Demand” section—no cross-device syncing.

The above features allow some control over your channels, but they are not really customized channels—just an alternative.

It is essential to have the latest Roku device and Pluto TV updates. To see if you have the newest version of the Pluto TV app on your Roku device, do the following:

  1. Enter the settings.
  2. Go to “System.”
  3. Find “System update.”
  4. Choose “Check Now.”
  5. The device should be updating Pluto TV.

Pluto TV Customization Alternatives for Apple TV (macOS and iOS)

Apple TV is now the replacement for iTunes in macOS, and iOS also includes it as an option. Apple TV adds a couple of new tabs (“Live TV” and “Free Movies + TV”). The third tab (“My Pluto”) currently operates like all other platforms for on-demand and live tv content, which is weird.

Apple TV is in a league of its own, which currently, has none of the options due to technicalities and bugs in the latest version (4.8.3). Some of the channel customization alternatives are there, but you cannot access them. One of which includes the favorites option. You can add to favorites but you cannot access them. This applies to iOS and macOS.

Updates to macOS, iOS, and the Pluto TV app are essential. Apple TV has its own update processes, but you may want to confirm you have the latest version for the OS you use.

On iOS, do the following to update Pluto TV:

  1. Enter the App Store.
  2. Select “Purchased.”
  3. Choose the “Pluto TV” app to update it.
  4. Find the “Install” icon and let Pluto TV update.

On MacOS, do the following to update Pluto TV:

  1. Click on the Apple menu (Apple icon) and choose “App Store.”
  2. Access the “App Store” menu and choose “Preferences.”
  3. Check the box next to “Automatic Updates” to enable updates for all store apps.

You can also check the Pluto TV store app to see what the current version is in comparison to the version you have.

That’s it for this article. We hope it helped you find alternatives to the non-existent channel customization options. Just remember that you must log into Pluto TV to see what’s available to you and your profile.

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Why do channels in my favorites rearrange themselves? Earlier today MST3K was first in my list and a few hours later it is very last.
Steve Larner says:
Perhaps it is rearranging them alphabetically?
Ralph Glatt says:
I’m having a hard time figuring out how to edit my channel selection on my Vizio tv. In the instructions, it says to go to channel 02 to activate my account, but when I go there, I get a movie binge channel. What am I doing wrong?
Steve Larner says:
Try just opening the app and logging in with your credentials. If you don;t have a login, register online in a browser.
Rory Martin says:
Where do I find Favorites on Pluto TV on Toshiba Fire TV. Have marked favorite channels but cannot find favorites
Steve Larner says:
On Android, I had to go to “Live TV” in Pluto and slide right along the horizontal categories list. “Favorites” was the very first one on the list, but Android started with showing “Featured” first (the second one) in the horizontal list.
holly says:
Really appreciate this into for people like me who have “cut the cord” on cable tv !

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