How to Edit Font Size in Google Keep

Have you been enjoying your Google Keep app? If you love making to-do lists and writing your thoughts down every day, you probably have.

How to Edit Font Size in Google Keep

But as great as it is, Google Keep has certain shortcomings. One of which is not allowing any text formatting. This means that you don’t get to choose the font size of your text.

While this is a major inconvenience to some users, it’s not a big deal to others. Unfortunately, no one knows if or when Google will make a change. But in this article, we’re going to suggest a workaround solution.

Submit Feedback to Google

This idea might not qualify as the immediate solution to the problem of text formatting in Google Keep. But it might be the only way to actually get any real results. More and more Google Keep users see the lack of font formatting as a disadvantage to an otherwise excellent Google app.

And since the company is known for listening to their users and reacting to their needs, it won’t hurt to add your two cents on the matter.

All you really need to do is use the Google Keep mobile app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices and select “Feedback” from the main menu.

You won’t get a response, but your feedback will be noted and stored. Keep your fingers crossed, and who knows what can happen.

Font Size In Google Keep

But in the Meantime

If you’re set on having some editing and formatting options when it comes to text in Google Keep, there is something you could try. It might not be the most practical approach, but it’s quick and straightforward enough.

What you can do is use a web tool called to change the font you’re using in Google Keep. You can open Google Keep in one browser tab and the web tool in the other. Then, simply copy and paste the text you want. Be sure to use the “Load more fonts” option to see every option available.

And even though you won’t have the ability to change the font size, there are significant differences in the font shape and size already that might just work. This could be a fun way to add more customization to Google Keep in general and make specific notes stand out.

Other Customization Options in Google Keep

Google Keep doesn’t have too many options for customization – and it was designed that way. You’re not supposed to be distracted with small details, just efficiently add notes, tasks, and reminders. However, there are still a few things you can do to make every note slightly different.

Add Color

One of the most powerful features in Google Keep is organizing your notes by color. Here’s an idea, write down your dreams in blue, your to-do list in yellow, and your work-related ideas in green.

For something extremely urgent, use a bright red note with a very conspicuous font. Changing the color of your note only takes a couple of taps on the screen or clicks with your mousepad. The color palette is prominently displayed so you can click away until you find the color you like.

Change the Layout

There’s another simple change that can make all the difference in how you view your notes in Google Keep. The default view in the app is columns, and many users definitely prefer it like that.

But if the grid view is more visually appealing, you have that option too. The toggle icon is at the top of the screen in both the mobile app and web portal.

Switch to Dark Theme

Many apps have switched to dark mode, or at least they offer that option. The same applies to Google Keep. And you can change from light to dark whether you’re using the web portal or mobile app.

Keep in mind that if you’re using the new Android operating system and the dark mode on your device, Google Keep will use the dark mode by default.

Make the Most of Google Keep Customization

You might say that formatting in Google Keep is limiting, but the truth is that it’s non-existent. But there are a few things you can do to make your font shape and size differ anyway.

That is until Google decides that the font formatting feature should be available in every single Google app, including Keep. You can focus on colors, themes, and layouts for the time being, and that might just be enough for now.

How do you customize your Google Keep notes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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