How Old Is Your Email Address?


How Old Is Your Email Address?

The oldest active email address I have is a Yahoo! Mail address that I originally signed up for in November 1997. Yes, that means I have an email address that’s almost 16 years old. I don’t use it as my primary account anymore, but I login to it about once a month just to keep it active for the fun of it (gotta have nerdy bragging rights, after all).

A few years back I used to tell people that if they were getting spammed too much with their current email address to switch to a different address. I don’t tell people to do that anymore because of what an unbelievable pain in the ass it is to switch addresses these days; this is especially true given the fact your email address is for all intents and purposes your primary identity on the internet.

Actually, correction.. it’s not switching that’s the problem. It’s logging into every single account you use and spending hours switching all your crap over to the new address. And then of course you have to tell all your friends, family, co-workers and everyone else what new address you’re using, many of whom will totally ignore you and still email your old account for months before they get the hint.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

As annoying as it is, it’s sometimes better to stick with an old email address simply to avoid the monster hassle of getting everything switched over to it.

If you’re one of those people who still pays a monthly fee to a dial-up ISP you don’t even use just to keep a specific email address active, I will never berate you for that (unless you’re paying for AOL which does not require a paid subscription for the address to remain active, in which case you’re just wasting money for literally no reason).

Email addresses We Almost Never See Anymore

A few types of addresses rarely seen are [email protected] (CompuServe, now owned by AOL), [email protected] (Prodigy internet service), [email protected] (NetScape internet service, also owned by AOL), [email protected] (remember when Excite was a big search engine?) and others. is actually an address that Yahoo! Mail brought back, but now Y! forces everyone (yet again) to get an address if you wanted a new Y! Mail account. email addresses are still out there (which is Hotmail) and some still use those.

Other addresses I’ve personally not seen in years are addresses ending in or, both of which were high-profile dial-up ISPs years ago.

Addresses I do still see are subdomain-by-area for Time Warner Roadrunner internet service. In my locale, it’s [email protected]. And yes, I still do receive emails from people using those old addresses.

How old is your email address?

Do you have an email address that’s over 10 years old, and do you still use it regularly? If so, is spam a problem from the address being so old?

Take a minute and post a comment below and let me know.

30 thoughts on “How Old Is Your Email Address?”

Keith Mayo says:
It is now 2019 and my msn email is about years old. I get about 30-100 junk emails every day. I use the msn app on my email to try and remove it but to no avail.
Karen says:
I have used the same AOL email address every day since 1998. Some days I have no spam, some days maybe I get several. It is really not a problem. What I don’t understand is why when someone asks my email address and I say they say “oh my God I didn’t know aol still existed”. Whats the difference in me using aol or someone else using yahoo, gmail etc…we all still send and receive email through the internet..who cares what address is on the email. I have never ever had one problem using aol.
Jimmy Dunn says:
My main email address dates to 1994. I have gone though waves of spam. I do miss information sometimes but I also have a very well defined set of filters. The neat thing about the domain is that it is not yahoo. It’s my own business domain.
S0rceress0 says:
My oldest is probably Hotmail, but there is no way for me to specify when I started it. My Gmail account from 2004 when I went into their beta. The spam control has improved over the years until now I see a spam email perhaps 50 times a year and that is in the spam folder. All the rest is automatically deleted. I can also organize within a hair with Gmail.
My hotmail was jacked so many times that I now use it as a revenge address for people who misbehave. MS told me it cannot be shut down and it cannot be deleted.
MainelyTom says:
My yahoo account goes back to the beginning, which was ’94 or ’95. The spam filter does reasonably well with keeping junk out of my inbox.
Jimmy Dunn says:
It had to be at least 95 as Yahoo didn’t get their domain name until January 95. I’m surprised though that they were providing email address by that point.
Cecilia says:
I still use my email, got that when msn first started in 1995 somewhere around there. In fact it is still my primary personal address. All my emails are still there from day 1 if I need to search for anything. Their spam filter have improved over time, especially now with I also use the same for skype after they merge. I got commented ones when I gave out my email msn email, the young lady was so surprised and said ‘is msn still exists? My goodness that’s old!’. how nice…
Glen Devitt says:
I still have an active * address from the late 1980’s when Sears owned Prodigy. 🙂
Lisa says:
I have an active hotmail email account since 1996.
Jason says:
My hotmail runs back to about to about 1993 when i got to jr high
Bernie Lyons says:
My first email address was registered with Microsoft 1.5 hours after MICROSOFT’S Win-95 “Midnite Madness” in June or July 1995. I still use it for commercial emails as it is too well known by junkmail ***holes. I did have an address before that when I was running a “BBS” under DOS 3.3 in 1988. Don’t even remember what it was.
Judi Freed says:
I have an original hotmail (was msn) email, a yahoo from the first year whenever that was that I still use daily, several other Yahoo ones (5) for different purposes, a which ate whatever was the original there, a gte – morphed to now and my primary plus some others. And yes that is 11 old and active emails. Each has its place in
the heirarchy. Some get checked multiple times daily and some monthly and yes it is a pain sometimes but with good filter systems on each it works out. The worst spam collectors are the emails associated with a small web page but rarely do they get past the filters. The most
reliable and spam free are the gmail accounts.
LAP says:
8 months after changing jobs our e-mail went out, after alot of phone calls I found out that the webhosting was in Austria and they said we had not paid our bill for the previous mounth, come to find out their server for our e-mail had crashed and we had lost e-mail and the bill they sent by e-mail. We paid the bill and they would not put our webhosting back online, we had to get a new name and new hosting company, 10 months later I was able to get our old name back, only so we could get responds to companies to change our e-mail to the new name, tech sites would not help us till we responed to their e-mails at the old name. Be careful who host your sites!
kmcloren says:
I didn’t get a lot of spam, maybe 30 a day sometimes, but now I get over 200 a day. Evidently if you send an email to your senator your email addy is marketed. My Yahoo account puts most of it in the spam folder so it isn’t a big deal.
Conner says:
My oldest email account was with my former dial up opened in Oct 1995.
But I closed it just last year, so it probably does not count.
My next oldest account would be my and that is only because Yahoo bought and closed Everyone’s accounts.
I’ve had my aol account since 11/7/96:
6096 days or 16 years, 8 months, 10 days not counting today!
Forgot … had a CompuServe account on my Radio Shack TRS-80 I bought back in 1976!
thorlo6 says:
I guess the oldest email address I have is my yahoo account, which I have had since about 2001. I have a gmail account but its not that old, and my account isn’t that old either, although my Comcast email is my primary account. As for spam on my yahoo account which I still use daily, I get maybe 4-5 spam emails a week, although it depends on the particular week sometimes more sometimes less.
Dave the Dolan Fossil says:
I have had my Yahoo e-mail address for over 15 years. I have never had a problem with it (hope Murphy is sleeping),the spam filter works very well. I scan through it before I delete just to see what kind of crap they are pushing now.
Sourav Dey says:
I have a Yahoo account since 2003 (I forgot the month but before April) and I still use it because it was my first. Though, my primary email address is now with Microsoft (Outlook, formerly Windows Live).
Jim McNeill says:
After AOL took over Netscape all my Netscape email automatically ends up in my AOL in box. It does not seem to matter whether people send email to [email protected] or [email protected] or xxx@aim – it all ends up in my AOL in-box. Same thing when I send email, it does not matter which one I use (but it does tend to confuse some people). A copy always ends up in my AOL sent box. So, I too have effectively had the same email address since the mid-nineties.
Marianne Popp says:
My oldest account that I still have was started in 1997 on Hotmail and I still use it for my FB account, I have 2 email accounts with gmail, one for when I was unmarried and then a new one for my married name….I did have an aol account and a bbs way back when, but could no longer remember the password on my aol and the bbs just got lost in the wind…LOL!!!
offdatsub says:
mine is a yahoo account thats been current since 1999, it’s not my primary one anymore, its mostly for mailing lists and so forth that i dont need clogging my primary account
Mike says:
WOW, some of you guys are seriously hardcore. LOL My oldest, and still used, is Juno. I have 4 Juno accounts. This goes back to 91, if memory serves. Not long afterwards, I
popped for AOL and had (and yes, they are still active, for some strange reason) 2 accounts
with them. I got AOL for the chat rooms, really. Juno and AOL were dialup’s. Then came
Yahoo. OMG, had I only been able to see the future. I also have 2 private emails, and the
all famous Gmail accounts. I loath Yahoo, but as pointed out, what a pain to undo years of
stuff. Just migrating one Gmail account to park on my computer took weeks. Yikes !!
I am, however, totally demented and run 22 “really used” accounts, daily. All serve a real
purpose and use, but it’s a overload at times.
zusiqu says:
I’ve had my yahoo address forever (it seems). Their spam detection works pretty good. I have no complaints (okay, I have a few but they aren’t that big).
ed greason says:
My first was REALLY old. lol, [email protected]. you remember BEFORE the windows GUI? dos 3.0 – 3.3 up to dos 6.6 ? ok, u get the pic. about 1990?? compuserve was about the only true “internet” provider. wow that is old.
Currently using (about 1994 signup) little spam, as I also have 3 others that I give to whoever/whatever. my primary is ONLY for friends, and pure need business, like product registration, online purchasing, etc. (secure)
so, my current daily email addy is 19 years old.
I have Oldies, -a sub- addy;
&, both about two decades old.
no spam problems with writemail or excite, both filter quite well, or are ignored by spammers?
“excite”, in free version, can’t be accessed with “POP” or”SMTP” , so requires web login, a serious nuisance,in this “Smartphone Sentury”
James says:
My email address was first used in 1992. Worldnet, Juno etc. were dominant in dial up.
I still use an email client ( but att is trying to force me to go to (web mail). They charge
for any tech svc associated with their email client service.
Vieux Richard says:
I have lived in France since 1992 and since 1995 I have the same e-mail address that I use all the time. As far as spam goes, I delete it daily and that way it’s not too much of a hassle.
Keeping the same e-mail address is like keeping the same landline telephone no. -why change unless you have to?
We receive a lot of “spam” telephone calls in France and if I do not recognise the incoming caller number when the ‘phone rings then I just let them speak to the answering machine!
Old Dinosaur says:
I would like to change my email address but I note my current address is used in multiple program log-ins. What happens to them if I change?
bytehead says:
I have an email redirection email from, now Which now costs me money, when it used to be free. 🙁 That’s pretty much the oldest email address that I use. Which I’m trying to cut down so I don’t have to pay those $s each year. The only real sites that I have to worry are the domain registration sites. I need to update those.

My original oldest email addresses would [email protected] and [email protected], both BBS addresses. bluemoon was a Unix BBS, and I ran my own my own Fidonet node.

My original ISP has disappeared into the morass of mergers that happened, even though I no longer use it.

My second oldest is my address with my first domain, both just over 10 years again, bytehead(at)

I got my Gmail address in 2004, one of the first to get one. I could have sold my invites back then.

Rich Menga says:
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an email address with 3 subdomains in it. Used to see those a lot for government and NASA addresses.

I also acquired a Gmail address in ’04 back when the 1GB of space was a big deal. Eventually closed the account because I just had no use for it.

The second oldest address I have is from Hotmail, registered in 1998. You used to be able to acquire registration date info from for Hotmail accounts but you can’t anymore for some reason. I only remember the reg year because I checked it a few years back.

MrZip says:
I’ve had an AOL email address (which I still use occasionally), dating back to when AOL charged for something like 60 minutes per month. I’m thinking it’s probably 20 – 25 years old. Put it this way. I signed up with my Tandy TL3 via dial up.
Stacy says:
I’ve had my juno account for 16 years and still use it daily. I receive little to no spam, however I couldn’t have my yahoo list mail on the juno account because of all the bounces.
Russell says:
i still use my original email from 1985 as still with same isp, i also use Gmail as i travel a lot and this avoids isp problems
i get very little spam say 10 a week out of about 600 emails.

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