How to Enable Bluetooth aptX on a Dell Windows 10 System

The trend of Bluetooth devices is only growing with time. Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones are some of the most useful inventions of modern technology characterized by easy access and hands-free use.

How to Enable Bluetooth aptX on a Dell Windows 10 System

However, there are some complications with Bluetooth devices. They require special audio codecs that support the Bluetooth format. The default audio codecs simply aren’t built for it, so you need to install additional software.

On Dell systems, you need a codec for Bluetooth aptX support. This article will guide you through the process of downloading, installing, and making the codec work.

When Will You Need Bluetooth aptX on Dell Computers?

You are about to learn how to install the right codec for enabling Bluetooth aptX support. In case you don’t use Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you don’t have any need for this codec. This codec will only help out with the Bluetooth support and nothing else.

There will be no difference in audio quality or anything similar after you install this codec on your Dell computer. Wired audio devices like speakers and headphones do not benefit from this codec.


How to Enable Bluetooth aptX Support on Dell Windows 10 System

As mentioned before, you need the audio codec for Bluetooth aptX support to work. You can find this codec at Dell’s website. This link leads to the Intel 8260 Bluetooth Audio Application.

While on this site, you need to scroll down and click on Download File. That will download the EXE file. Click on it and the installation window will appear. Click on Yes to allow this app to make changes to your device.

Next, click on Install. Follow the installation with Next, then accept the terms in License Agreement, specify the installation folder, and click on Install.  Click on Finish when complete. After that, it would be smart to restart your computer just in case.

Then, disconnect your Bluetooth and turn it on again. Now connect your Bluetooth device (headphones or speaker). There should be a window to notify you that you’re using aptX. You can easily disable this codec using the Bluetooth Device properties in the Custom tab.

Does This Work on Other Laptops with Windows 10?

The support for aptX is available for all Windows 10 system, but Intel is the one which needs to release the drivers. Neither HP nor Intel has such a driver at the time.

You can try the Dell version on other laptops like this if Bluetooth is already set up on your laptop. You just need the driver, which was previously downloaded. Click on the EXE file and instead of clicking install, select the Extract option.

Doing so will get the Intel Bluetooth Audio.msi file extracted. Click on that file and use the same installation instructions mentioned above. There is no guarantee that this will work for other laptop brands, but you can test it.

Some people confirm that the codec is working on their Windows 10 laptops from other manufacturers, but these are unofficial results.

What Do You Get?

If you followed the installation tutorial carefully and did all the steps right, Bluetooth aptX support on your Dell Windows 10 system should start working. The difference will be clearly visible. Try using any music or video player and see for yourself.

For example, play your favorite song on YouTube and see what happens. You should get much clearer sound on your Bluetooth device, depending on the source quality. The opinions about audio quality of different codecs are very mixed.

Either way, aptX is a little better than SBC at the maximum bitrate. The sound latency is also minimal.


Audio on the Go

More and more people are opting for Bluetooth speakers and headphones and they are not wrong. Bluetooth devices offer convenience and have a solid edge over wired ones. When you are going somewhere, you don’t want the wires getting in your way.

Is this audio codec working on your Dell Windows 10 system? Have you tried installing it on a laptop from other manufacturer? Was the installation successful? Let us know in the comments below.

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