How to Heal After Raid in Escape From Tarkov

Picture yourself fresh out of a raid in Escape from Tarkov. You were shot, stabbed, and now your vitals show bleeding, pain, and more. You’ll have to heal, but Escape from Tarkov is complex, so how do you go about doing that?

How to Heal After Raid in Escape From Tarkov

In this article, we’ll take a look at the several ways you can heal after a raid. Don’t worry about how complex it may seem, we’ll break it down for you! We’ll also answer some common questions about the game.

How to Heal After Raid in Escape From Tarkov?

Before we get into healing, you should know why it is important in Escape from Tarkov. Unlike other first-person shooters (FPS) titles, Escape from Tarkov is hyper-realistic. Every injury matters and if left untreated will cause problems.

It’s not just reduced HP you’ll be dealing with when you get shot, but there are plenty of status effects too. For example, bleeding, wounds, fractures, and pain will make the difference between winning a gunfight and dying to enemy gunfire. Playing without healing will leave you at a disadvantage.

With that out of the way, let’s see what the healing process after a raid entails:

  1. After a raid, a healing screen will pop up or you can open your stash.
  2. Move to the “Health” tab at the top-left of the screen.
  3. From the menu, choose the relevant medical supplies for your injuries.
  4. Select one, for example, a Medkit or Water.
  5. When you select an item, there is a drop-down menu.
  6. From the menu, select “Use.”
  7. You can choose the quantity of the supplies you want to use by selecting a number.
  8. Repeat for other injuries and status effects.

This process is very similar to healing while in a raid. Both require you to open your inventory and select a healing item.

There’s a function to “Use All” but it won’t take into account how much you actually need. Because of this, it’s better to select the exact amount of supplies you need to reach full capacity.

Different Supplies for Different Status Effects

As we mentioned above, getting shot will not only reduce your HP, but you’ll receive status effects. Here are some of them:

  • Light Bleeding and Heavy Bleeding
    Bleeding will cause you to lose 0.8 HP after four seconds, while Heavy Bleeding will deal 0.9 HP every six seconds. This will last until you treat the wound. Heavy Bleeding will cause your blood to spatter and decrease energy.
    The blood trail can lead enemies to you and losing energy slows down all your actions. It’s important to treat the injured body part before fighting again. After treatment, the injury becomes a Fresh Wound.
    Treating bleeding is done by using Medkits and other supplies.
  • Fresh Wound
    A Fresh Wound replaces the bleeding status, but if you sprint, you might cause Light Bleeding to return. It will also revert to Heavy Bleeding upon taking more shots. After 240 seconds, this status should disappear.
  • Fracture
    A Fracture is when a bullet reduces a body part’s functionality. For example, a fractured right arm increases aiming time, and fractured legs reduce your speed. Different parts will affect you differently.
    To treat a Fracture, you must use a CMS Kit, Surv12 Field Surgical Kit, and other supplies to restore your body parts to full health.
  • Pain
    Pain causes you to experience Tremors and is caused by injuries such as Fractures and Bleeding. If left untreated, movement can cause you to cry out and give away your position. Treating Pain is essential for stealth.
    To remove the Pain status, you can use Painkillers, First Aid Kits, and other medical supplies.
  • Tremor
    Tremors will cause your screen to shake. They are brought about by Pain and will remain until you treat yourself with Painkillers.
  • Dehydration and Hard Dehydration
    By playing in raids, you’ll eventually get thirsty and experience Dehydration. If you don’t drink water, it can escalate into Hard Dehydration.
    You’ll experience vision and HP loss. Normal Dehydration will reduce two HP every two seconds, while Hard Dehydration bumps this up to three HP every 3.5 seconds on every limb. You’ll die of thirst if you don’t hydrate.
    Energy Drinks, Milk, and other Drinks will get your water level back to 100%.
  • Fatigue and Hard Fatigue
    In combat or exploration, you’ll be exerting yourself a lot, reducing your energy levels. If you don’t eat Provisions, you’ll experience Fatigue and Hard Fatigue.
    Fatigue will make all your actions 20% slower, and Hard Fatigue will add losing one HP every two seconds to the mix. If you already have Fractures and destroyed body parts, you won’t be going anywhere.
    Fatigue can be alleviated by consuming all sorts of food such as Humpback Salmon, Iskra Lunch Boxes, and many more. Many of these can be bartered or crafted.

Tips for Playing Escape From Tarkov

When you first start playing Escape from Tarkov, you might be overwhelmed by the many facets of gameplay. Don’t worry, here are some useful tips for new players!

  1. Play Scav Raids Before PMC Raids.
    Since Scav raids don’t require you to use your own gear, you’ll only come out with a profit. The gear you enter Scav raids with is completely random, and you go in at random times, so you can either be picking off leftover loot or be in the middle of a firefight.
    You won’t be attacked by other Scavs unless you shoot them, but when PMCs see you, you’ll have to start defending yourself. The gear you scavenge from the field will be added to your stash when you extract from the raid. In other words, Scav raids won’t cost you a thing but your time.
  2. Buy Insurance for Your Gear.
    When you finally feel confident to play as a PMC, you can go in with your personal loadout. But when you die, all of it is lost unless you insure it. If no one picks the gear up, it’ll be returned to your stash in time.
  3. Learn Your Extraction Points.
    Every map in Escape from Tarkov is different, and this means you’ll have to memorize your extraction points. Many factors affect which ones you can use, such as time, money, items, and even your role as Scav or PMC. Some points require a friendly Scav to help you access them as well.
    By knowing which points you can use, you’ll be more prepared to escape with your sweet loot – if you manage to make it out alive, that is.
  4. Don’t Bring Too Much in Your Loadouts.
    Your loadouts should be planned to never include too much. You might lose the majority of your medical supplies or best weapons if you bring too much along. Only take what you need.
    Always bring enough to protect and defend yourself from enemies, but not too little to be understocked on healing and provisions. You’ll need to balance these things out.
  5. Invest in Your Hideout.
    There are many upgrades you can spend on your hideout. A Workbench will let you modify your weapons and, there’s even a Bitcoin farm! Investing in your hideout will enable you to get back into the fight quicker and better.

The Cheapest Way to Heal After Raid in Escape From Tarkov

The cheapest and best way to heal after a raid is to unlock the Therapist. She not only heals you for much cheaper than bartering for supplies, but she can also insure your gear. You have to pay more but you’ll get your gear back quicker.

The Therapist can be unlocked after clearing her quests and reaching a high level of standing with her.

While the Therapist is the cheapest and fastest way, passive regeneration will help with your injuries as well. However, you’ll need to wait if you rely on time. This method also doesn’t replenish your energy and hydration levels.

You can still run Scav raids to let your PMC rest for a bit but bear in mind that this isn’t the best way in the long run. The Therapist is much more efficient, though you’ll need some money on hand as well.

Additional FAQs

Can You Get Escape From Tarkov on Steam?

Not right now, unfortunately. Escape from Tarkov is still in beta and can only be accessed through its own launcher. The developers have mentioned that once the game is released in full, Steam will become a reality.

Before then, the only way to play Escape from Tarkov is to download and install its dedicated launcher.

How Does Time Work in Escape From Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, time moves differently from the real world. One second in the real world is equal to approximately seven seconds in-game. This means that in-game hours come and go much faster than in real life. This allows you to play at different times of day for your raids.

You can keep time into account before playing in a raid. There will be two clocks displayed before the game starts.

Rest and Recovery Before a New Raid Is Important

Now that you know how to heal after a raid in Escape for Tarkov, you can plan your excursions accordingly. Getting your PMC back into fighting shape is important to increase your chances of survival. Without healing, you’ll be at a disadvantage against enemies.

What was the best loot you’ve gotten from a raid? Do you have a favorite quest? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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