How to Export Data in Nike Run Club

If you use Nike Run Club, you will already know that exporting data to Strava and some other tracking apps is way more trouble than it should be. Many people use Strava for their cycling and NRC for running, and officially, never the two shall meet. If you’re in the same situation, there are workarounds. They aren’t pretty, but they work. This article will cover a selection of them.

It’s incredibly annoying when brands don’t play nicely together. The only loser is the consumer, and as we are the ones paying for these services, it isn’t right that we lose out. Nevertheless, where there is a will, there is a way. In this case, there are several ways. This article shows you how to export data from Nike Run Club to Strava.

Nike Run Club is a very focused app with a lot of support for getting fitter, making gains, and tracking your progress.

Exporting Data from Nike Run Club

Your main option for exporting data from Nike Run Club is to use a regular app or the web app. It is best to use a standard app rather than a random website, as there is a lot of data included within an export. You can use whatever you like to do the exporting.

Two available apps are SyncMyTracks for Android and RunGap for iOS. Both apps work fine with Nike Run Club and Strava.

Option 1: Use SyncMyTracks

SyncMyTracks is a premium app that requires a small fee. You can install it onto your phone alongside Nike Run Club. NRC doesn’t work with Android Wear. You will need to provide your NRC login to SyncMyTracks to access the run data, but that’s it. Once you complete a run, the data gets collected and automatically exported to Strava.

The design isn’t the prettiest, but the app gets the job done. Sometimes syncing between the app and Strava doesn’t happen, so keep an eye on it. If SyncMyTracks quits syncing, force stop it, then reopen it. It should then pick up the data and send it to Strava.

Option 2: Use RunGap

If you use an iPhone or Apple Watch with Nike Run Club, you can use RunGap. It is arguably more polished than SyncMyTracks and works with a range of services. RunGap does the same thing; it picks up your NRC run data and exports it to Strava. The sync functionality is automatic, and select you can import data as well as export it.

The design is excellent. RunGap is simple yet effective, and navigational elements are easy to use. The app is free, but it does contain in-app purchases.

Web Apps to Export Data from Nike Run Club

One particular web app, n+exporter, is often recommended for exporting data from Nike Run Club to Strava, and it is even mentioned on the Strava website. There is an iOS app too, but most people use the website. Here’s how to use n+exporter with Nike Run Club.

  1. Visit n+exporter.
  2. Enter your Nike Run Club account details
  3. Select “Connect to Nike+.”
  4. Give it a minute to access the data on your device, and it will bring up a table with your runs. You can then manually choose to Export a GPX or TCX file as you need.

GPX files seem to work fine with Strava. The process is manual but takes a few seconds. The file is tiny, so it doesn’t use much data, and the upload is equally simple. Log into Strava, select the orange ‘+’ icon in the top-right section, choose “Upload Activity,” then select the file, and you’re golden!

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