How To Factory Reset the OnePlus 6

Sometimes even the best phone out there needs a factory reset, so you can start over again with a phone that works. There are numerous reasons why a phone might need the inevitable factory reset. It can be loaded with malware or it can experience issues with fingerprint recognition, but either way, a reset is the only way out.

How To Factory Reset the OnePlus 6

Fortunately enough, such operation can be done very easily with no further harm done to your phone. Let’s break it down into several steps that are easy to follow.

Resetting Your OnePlus 6

First of all, you need to know what a factory reset actually is. As the name implies, it is an option that returns your phone to the original settings and makes the phone appear as brand new. All the values return to the original, but also take note that returning the phone to factory settings will not affect any software updates performed before that.

Before you start this process, it is strongly recommended that you back up all your personal data, so that it doesn’t get lost. This includes your contacts, apps, and images. If there is any data stored on your SD card, you should remove it before performing the factory reset.

To begin the operation, simply drag the arrow up on your phone’s start screen. Once you’re greeted by all your apps, choose “Settings”.

Once you get there, scroll down until you get to all the “System” settings and options. Third from the top is the “Backup & Reset” option, so simply tap on that one.

While you’re at it, you can really back up your data before proceeding with the factory reset.

Once you’re through with that, simply click the “Factory data reset” option. As another option, you can also choose to enable the erasing of your phone’s internal memory.

After all these options, simply click the blue button that says “RESET PHONE”. After this, you will be asked whether you really want to erase all your personal data, settings, and downloaded apps as it’s an action that can’t be undone. If you’re really sure, then tap the “ERASE EVERYTHING” button.

As a direct result of this, all your settings and data will be erased, while the phone will shut itself off and reboot automatically.

Once it gets back to life, you will have to start over as if it were brand new, which means setting up time and date, reconfiguring your Wi-Fi, downloading all the apps, inputting all the login data for different accounts, and so on.


Even though it sometimes seems like a terrifying option, factory reset isn’t that much of a chore. With a proper backup performed beforehand, you’ll be back using your phone normally in only a few minutes.

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