Quick Tip: Find Your Computer’s IP Address in Windows

Your PC’s IP address is the unique set of digits that identify and distinguish it on your local network. Knowing your PC’s local IP address lets you configure and connect to shared folders, use remote desktop and other screen sharing tools, and set up handy router-side configuration options such as port forwarding and network restrictions.
There are two easy ways to find your computer’s IP address in Windows, although one method requires a few more clicks. We’ll start first with the fastest method.

Quick Tip: Find Your Computer's IP Address in Windows

Find IP Address via Command Prompt

The quickest way to find a PC’s IP address is with the Windows Command Prompt. On any modern version of Windows, launch the Command Prompt by searching for or selecting it from the Start Menu. Once the Command Prompt is open, type the following command and press Enter:


This will display a list of all of your PC’s network interfaces and the connection details for each. If your PC has multiple network interfaces (a wired Ethernet port plus 802.11 Wi-Fi, for example) make sure you’re looking at the details for the correct interface.
windows find ip address ipconfig
In our example screenshot, our PC is connected via the Ethernet0 adapter. Checking the details under that entry reveals that our PC’s local IP address is If you’re running this command on an unfamiliar network, you’ll also notice the entry for Default Gateway, which is generally the IP address of your network’s router (in our example, Enter this address into the address bar of your favorite web browser and you should be able to access the router’s web-based configuration page. If you’re trying to troubleshoot connectivity issues within your network, also be sure to note the Subnet Mask for each affected device.

Find IP Address via Control Panel

If you prefer to avoid the Command Prompt, you can also obtain the same information via the Control Panel. As mentioned, however, this process takes a few more clicks to accomplish.
To start, launch the Control Panel and navigate to Network & Internet > View network status and tasks. There, find your active network on the right and click its adapter name listed to the right of Connections. In the status window that appears, click the Details button.
windows find ip address control panel
The Network Connection Details window will open and display all of the information found via the ipconfig command, including your PC’s local IP address, subnet, DNS servers, and the default gateway address. Note that if you want all of this additional information via the Command Prompt method, simply use the command ipconfig /all instead.

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