How to Find Your Ring Doorbell Serial Number

Each electronic device that you purchase comes with a dedicated serial number, and it’s no different with Ring Doorbell. This string of characters is important (and sometimes the only) way to separate the device you own from others.

How to Find Your Ring Doorbell Serial Number

Whist you may never need your device’s serial number, it’s good to know where it is. In rare cases, it can disappear, get stolen, etc, and the serial number can help a lot.

When it comes to Ring Doorbell, the serial number is usually placed on a convenient area on the device’s surface. Let’s find out where it is.

What Is a Product Serial Number?

Serial numbers are unique identifiers of a large number of products that are otherwise the same. For example, all the Ring Doorbell 2 devices have the same features and look identical. Therefore, your device’s serial number is the only way to separate it from other models.

Although they’re called ‘serial numbers’, sometimes they’re more than just numerical characters. They can have additional typographic symbols, letters, and various other character strings.

For example, the Ring Doorbell serial number has four different sections of characters consisting of numbers and letters. In the following section, you’ll learn where to find it.

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Where to Find a Serial Number of Your Ring Doorbell

Usually, the Ring Doorbell serial number should be listed on the label at the back of the device. If you’re unsure where to look for it, follow these steps:

  1. Unpack your ring doorbell.
  2. Turn the device to the backside (opposite of the camera lens and the ring).
  3. Look for the ‘S/N’ line with a set of digits and numbers next to it. It should be at the very bottom of the device, below the barcode and the product label.

Note: Don’t confuse the serial number with the stock keeping unit (SKU) number directly above it. You should consider only the set of characters next to the ‘S/N.’

What Does the Ring Doorbell Serial Number Look Like?

When it comes to Ring Doorbell serial number, it consists of sixteen digits. Additionally, it’s always separated into four sections that follow the same pattern for each product.

  1. For the first edition of the device: “bhr4”. Sometimes you may find slight variations in newer versions of the device, such as “bhrg4” for the Ring Doorbell 2.
  2. Four numeral characters.
  3. ‘1hz’ for Doorbell, “lh” for Doorbell 2.
  4. Six numeral characters.

Following this pattern, your serial number can look like this: “bhr45879lh987654.” The first and the third sections are always identical, while the second and the fourth are never the same between different devices.

Why Do You Need a Serial Number?

There aren’t many occasions where you’ll need a specific serial number, but it can come in handy. For example, if you want to buy a second-hand Ring Doorbell device, you can check the serial number to see if it’s real or just a cheap counterfeit product.

Furthermore, the serial number is an important identifier in the event of theft. If a thief steals your Ring Doorbell, you can report it to the authorities. If they get on the trail of the thief and find the device, the serial number is the best, and often only way, to prove that it’s yours. Therefore, write the serial number down somewhere safe in case you need it in the future.

Lastly, you may find out the compatibility of your Ring Doorbell and some other devices by looking at the serial number. For example, Ring manufactures a product called “Ring Solar Charger”, which can recharge other Ring devices using solar energy. While the charger is compatible with most Ring Doorbell 2 devices, those with a four-digit section from 1175 to 2417 won’t work.

You should keep in mind that some other smart devices can connect with others by using the device’s serial number. There aren’t many devices that require a Ring Doorbell serial number at the moment, but that can easily change in the future.

Write the Number, Then Mount It

Overall, knowing a serial number of your Ring Doorbell can only be beneficial, and that’s why it’s placed on a discreet, yet noticeable place.

Make sure to check the serial number before you purchase the device, and always write it down as soon as you get it. Also, it would be sensible to write it down before you mount it to the wall, as it will be much more difficult to dismount it just to read the number on the back.

Why do you need to find your Ring Doorbell serial number? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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How do I register my Ring Video Doorbell 3?
Phyllis Cera says:
The Serial Number of your ring video doorbell should be in the app. This is ridiculous, having to unscrew it and take it off the wall to get the serial number. Everyone, WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE BEFORE YOU HANG IT UP.
Allan says:
Serial should be available in the app
Reggie says:
The serial# NEEDS to be reported from the device within the app or online once it has been connected.
You cant expect people to dismount ALL of the cameras hanging outside to find a serial number.

You can do better.

John Brozovich says:
why isn’t the serial number reported in device health?? It should be reported/available once connected without having to dismount and remount the device….

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