Free Figma Website Templates

If there is one tool you cannot do without as a designer, it would be Figma.

Free Figma Website Templates

Figma is an advanced design tool that can be used for anything that relates to the world of design. It is used for website design, mobile app interface design, and even – quite surprisingly – logo design.

While Figma offers a lot of functionalities that make it a valuable tool for different types of designers, the feature set of Figma really sets it apart for website and mobile app user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

One of the reasons UI designers go for Figma is the availability of free Figma templates which can get them quickly started with the design process. Figma has made it easy for designers to pick up a cool template, add a touch of creativity to it, and personalize it for further use. Figma makes it possible to design faster while retaining your originality and uniqueness.

Where to Find Free Figma Website Templates

Considering the amount of work that goes into a website, even templates can take a while to develop. This might imply that you‘ll need to pay for a decent one.

But are there really people who sit for hours to create website templates and then let it go for free? Yes! You just need to look at the right places.

Figma Community

One of the best places to find free Figma templates is Figma’s official community. In the community, thousands of designers upload their designs for free, allowing you to tap into their creativity. The community page offers a filtering option where you can choose whether to display only free templates. You can also select designs from Figma partners only, meaning you will not see random designs created by just any user.

The community has several sections for different types of designs ranging from web to mobile designs. You can access the community for free here.


Another great treasury of free website templates is FreeFigmaTemplates. The site showcases high-quality Figma website templates, mobile App templates, UI kits, Design Systems, 2D, and 3D illustrations all for free.

FreeFigmaTemplates also have four divisions for their templates:

  • Web design templates
  • Mobile app templates
  • Illustrations and 3D renders
  • Wireframes and design systems

Using the website is very straightforward:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on your desired category.
  3. Search for a suitable design and click on the design.
  4. Select “Get Figma file.”
  5. You will be taken to the Figma page where you can edit and use the template for free.


Dribble is another one of the most popular options for Figma templates. Dribble allows different teams or designers to showcase their works to potential clients on the website, and because of this, Dribble designs are not always entirely free, but you can select your options to only display free templates. Dribble offers different design templates for:

  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Illustration
  • Product design
  • Branding

You can use the search bar on Dribble’s homepage to search for the specific kind of template you need, be it a landing page, products page, or any other form of design.

One thing you might not like about Dribble designs is that you will not always be able to get a direct link to edit the Figma file for the design you like.


If you are just looking for design inspiration, ThemeForest is one of the best places to go. Unlike other website template platforms that only offer single-page designs, the designs on ThemeForest are often multiple-page designs. That means you do not have to independently look for design templates for each page of your website separately.

Another great thing about ThemeForest is that it offers you the functionality to search, not only based on the kind of page you want to create but also based on the kind of product the website is made for. So, instead of just searching randomly for “homepage UI” templates for example, you can search for “education” and it will give you a full design that consists of a homepage, a demo products page, and other necessary pages for a website worthy of an educational institution.

Most of ThemeForest’s templates are paid, so you will not be able to edit them on Figma without paying. However, ThemeForest’s “Live Preview” feature means that you can access a design, see different pages, and draw some inspiration for your own design without paying a dime.

To get Figma templates from ThemeForest:

  1. Visit the ThemeForest’s main page here.
  2. Choose the option that says “UI templates” in the top bar.
  3. Under it, you will see several options, click on Figma.
  4. You will be given access to a host of Figma templates and choose a template you like.
  5. If the template is not free, select “Live Preview” to check it out.

Why You Should Use Figma Templates

Designers are always on the lookout for tools to make their work easier and faster, and that is why the availability of free Figma templates means a lot. It might feel somehow wrong to work with an entire template created by someone else. Here are some alternative ways you could use Figma website templates.


Staring at a blank page and trying to come up with a special design is not only difficult but also not creative. A lot of designers approach creativity with perfectionist or purist tendencies, believing a creative designer must come up with his designs from scratch.

Creativity can also be about how you can improve and transform other people’s work and make it seamless. So, one reason you should look up design templates is to awaken your creativity and get different ideas and inspiration for your design project.

Industry Best Practices

As a designer or developer, the designs that got you your last job might become outdated in a few months. If you want to remain relevant in the industry, you must stay abreast of current standards. By constantly checking out latest templates, you can keep yourself informed of the latest trends and best practices in the design world.

Starter File for Other Work

Of course, you would not expect a creative designer to import a complete template created by someone else for use, but remember that not all projects require creative designers.

Sometimes, a website or mobile app developer might have to work on a quick project, and Figma templates come in handy here. The developer can choose a complete Figma template, make a few changes to make it unique, and get started with his work. After that, a UI designer can create the website according to that work.

Get Figma Website Templates Free

Whether you are a designer or developer, you need to be familiar with websites that provide templates for free use. They save you a lot of time, boost your productivity and even make you more creative.

Do you know any other useful websites to get free templates? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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