The Best Free SlideShare Templates

Are you looking for a way to make your SlideShare presentations more eye-catching? Although the software is easy to use, it won’t help capture your audience’s attention if your presentation template is boring. While your content may be sound, a good template can make or break how others respond to it.

The Best Free SlideShare Templates

Many think that when it comes to aesthetics, free templates leave much to be desired. Since SlideShare is a content-sharing platform, users scour the internet searching for a template with a unique layout. The good news is, finding the perfect template doesn’t have to be complicated. Many websites have extensive libraries packed with beautiful designs that will take your presentations to the next level.

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The Benefits of Using Free Templates for SlideShare Presentations

Creating original slides from scratch is often challenging and time-consuming.

Say you’ve seen a well-done presentation on SlideShare and want to mimic its style with your slides. Inspiration has struck; but how much time do you need to spend in bringing your vision to life?

If you have experience using design tools, you can quickly build a visually appealing presentation. But if you’re not a seasoned graphic designer, you’ll have to rely on the designs of others for inspiration. In that case, you’re glued to your screen for hours, wracking your brain about the appropriate font size, color, and alignment.

And that’s just the start. Next come more serious questions. Which background fits this foreground best? Should I add different icons to the new slides? These questions apply to only one slide. If the presentation covers a complex topic, you’ll likely need to build more than 10 or 20 slides.

If you’re in a time crunch and don’t have a knack for design, finding free templates for your presentation will make your SlideShare experience more enjoyable.

You won’t strain your budget downloading free templates. Premium options range from a few dollars to several hundred. Fortunately, many platforms offer free designs that are just as stunning, if not more so, as the paid-for templates.

Instead of spending days adding the finishing touches to the presentation, you can quickly use a free template and fill it in with the appropriate content.

There are countless free designs to choose from, and you can find an option that aligns with your message and needs. From marketing and e-commerce to business and education, these professional-looking templates will ensure your message shines through the slides.

You can even reuse them as much as you like, and create a distinct look that follows your brand name.

Free SlideShare Templates

Unsure where to find free templates? Many websites are dedicated to helping visitors hone their presentation-making skills and offer curated libraries full of beautiful designs. We’ve compiled a list of the best sites where you can download free SlideShare templates. Let’s dive in.


This free platform is popular among the PowerPoint community due to its simple interface and versatile templates. It is open to all users looking for attractive templates with a professional edge who don’t want to break their bank. You’ll see hundreds of templates ready to download when you open the site.

Even if you haven’t heard of 24Templates before, you’ve probably seen its templates enhancing multiple SlideShare presentations. They’re handy for business presentations where attention to detail is crucial. The designs are excellent for presenting timelines, roadmaps, data sheets, graphs, and charts. The slides are customizable, and you can easily adjust them to fit your business’s purpose.

If you’re not making a business or corporate presentation, don’t write off 24Templates just yet. The templates allow you to quickly remove unnecessary elements, tweak their looks, and build a personalized layout. The slides come with engaging icons you can add to make sure your audience follows the presentation from start to finish.

Slides Carnival

Jimena Catalina, a visual designer from Spain, created Slides Carnival as a project that would help others build well-designed presentations. The templates are grouped into multiple categories: inspirational, formal, simple, startup, creative, playful, and more.

Each template comes with approximately 20 slides and free icons. The site currently boasts over 200 free-to-download options. They’re highly customizable, making editing a breeze, and you can use them for business and personal purposes. You can trust these designs to take care of the creative part of presenting and focus on communicating your message.

Thanks to Slides Carnival, you can highlight meaningful information without boring your audience with a basic-looking layout.


The Behance site is home to talented designers who are happy to share their skills with others. They upload templates to the platform, and their designs organize your content in an aesthetic and accessible way. No matter how complex the data is you’re presenting, the free Behance templates will make it easily digestible and wow the audience.

Their library is divided into different categories, allowing you to quickly download business, minimalist, education, professional, and formal templates. These are just the most popular categories. If searching for another theme, hop on the website and check out its other options.

Perhaps the best aspect of Behance templates is their versatility. They have several layouts, meaning you can repurpose a single template to build multiple presentations that make a lasting impression.

Note that some designers allow users to download their templates as long as they include a link to their site or Behance profile. Before using their work, remember to give credit where it’s due.

Graphic Panda

Graphic Panda hosts premium and free templates compatible with Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides presentations. Their titles indicate which are free, and you can quickly browse the real estate, minimalist, health, and business collections. If you’re curious to try one of the platform’s premium options, the site will take you to a different marketplace.


Kata Ragastic is a graphic artist who launched the Slideist site to showcase her talent and designs to a broader audience. Although small, the library offers modern and polished templates with advanced features. After applying a Slideist template to your presentation, your friends and colleagues will believe you hired a professional artist to create the slides. The templates have multiple layouts you can adapt in no time to underscore meaningful content. You’ll even receive free fonts and an icon pack to elevate your presentation further.


Although Canva is primarily a graphic design tool, a free account lets you access its presentation-making features. The site is home to thousands of free templates, and you can build applause-worthy slides from your browser.

You can start with a blank page and add illustrations, icons, graphs, photos, and animations to spice up your presentation. Or, you could choose one of the free options and decorate it with the platform’s easy-to-use features.

Downloading your presentation takes only a few seconds, and when it goes live on SlideShare, it will mesmerize your target audience.


Another site with well-designed and captivating templates, All PPT has an impressive template collection ideal for school, business, entertainment, and event-planning purposes. The platform uploads new designs daily, and you can press the tags on the home page to access a specific theme. The templates are colorful and engaging and contain lively backgrounds, illustrations, graphics, and fonts.

While exploring their collection, make sure you’ve logged into your Google Drive account. The site is compatible with Google Drive and lets you preview the template without downloading the file to your local storage. A handy feature when deciding which design complements your presentation the most.

With the Right Template, Your Presentation Won’t Slide Away

Before you share your presentation on SlideShare, you need to frame your content in a visually appealing template. Its layout should help streamline the information better and captivate your audience. But remember that applying a well-designed template is only half the job. Include thought-provoking information and a call to action (CTA) so the audience thinks about your presentation for days.

Have you uploaded presentations to SlideShare before? Did you build your templates from scratch or download free designs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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