Explore the beauty of The Witcher 3’s Toussaint in this incredible Other Places video

Who says games aren’t art? While it’s hard to make that case when you’re bludgeoning a dragon with a stone hammer or shooting identikit terrorists in the face with automatic weapons, when you stop and take a minute to look at the world around you, you’ll realise it’s beautiful.

That’s exactly what Andy Kelly’s Other Places does. By stripping away the action and focusing purely on the visual beauty of a gameworld’s environments, Other Places celebrates the fantastic work developers put into their games.

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Kelly’s latest video focuses on the stunning environments of The Witcher 3’s sun-soaked Toussaint region from the game’s latest expansion Blood and Wine. While the region is clearly influenced by the likes of Spain and Italy, the video also shows just how wonderfully unique a game world can be.

In the past, Other Places has also looked at the sumptuous visuals behind Firewatch’s Shoshone National Forest, Dark Souls III’s Lothric and the eerie wastes of Star Wars: Battlefront. A personal favourite of mine, however, has to be the vivid and curious island from The Witness.

If you want to see more Other Places videos, they’re all up on Kelly’s YouTube channel and you can support these projects by backing them on the Other Places Patreon page.

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