How To Get Around and Bypass a Ban in Discord

Nobody likes being banned from anything, and a Discord server is no exception to that rule. It’s even more frustrating when there is no reason given for the ban. Sometimes you know what you did, but sometimes you honestly have no clue.

How To Get Around and Bypass a Ban in Discord

One of the most common reasons for being banned on a Discord server is for violating the Discord Terms of Service (ToS). Bans can be short-term or permanent, fair or unfair — it’s really entirely in the hands of the person administering the server that you were banned from, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

Or is there?

Let’s take a look at how you can bypass a ban in Discord.

Does Bypassing a Ban Violate Discord’s ToS?

Before we get into the details of how you can get around a ban, let’s address the elephant in the room: does getting around a ban constitute a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service?

A ban from an individual server could just be a dispute between you and one admin. In these situations, you’re still able to join any other server. If you really want to be a part of that server you can create a new profile. However, violating the Discord ToS is more serious and can result in permanent bans.


Evading a ban does not, in and of itself, constitute a violation of the Terms of Service. However, depending on the reason you are evading the ban, and more importantly, your behavior AFTER you evade the ban, you could be putting yourself in the position of violating the ToS. Here’s how. There is a specific, and explicit, statement within the Discord community guidelines

So, if you have been banned from a server for harassing people on the server, and you evade the ban to go right back and harass those people again, then you are putting yourself in the line of fire. Keep this in mind when implementing the suggestions listed below.

How to Evade a Discord Ban

There are two common ways to evade a ban in Discord. First, you can use a mobile device to trick the server, or you can use a VPN to get around the ban.

We’ll take a look at both methods below, and you can choose whichever one best suits your needs.

Using A Mobile Device & Data Plan

When you are banned from a server while using the desktop Discord client, the account identifier you were logged in with and your unique IP address are what the Discord server uses to identify you as the target of a ban.

As such, you can’t just create a new account from the same machine — the IP address is still flagged, meaning the server will still be able to identify you.

However, if you have a mobile device with a data plan, then you can use this to trick the server and get around the ban.

Here’s how:

  1. Turn off the WiFi on your mobile device and leave cellular data on.
  2. Launch the Discord mobile app on your phone.
  3. Create a new account with a new e-mail address.
  4. Log into Discord with your new account and join the server that you were banned on.
  5. Log out of Discord and turn off your mobile data.
  6. Log back into Discord on the desktop with your new account. It should still be allowed to access the server.

Just in case you don’t have a mobile device and cellular data, there is another option for you to bypass a Discord ban.

Using a VPN

The other approach to evading a ban uses a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which disguises your IP address and assigns you an IP address from another location.

There are both free and paid VPNs available. For the purposes of this article, a free VPN is sufficient because you won’t need to use it for very long. See our article on free VPNs for more information.

Once you have selected, installed, and activated a VPN, the steps to follow are similar to the ones for using a mobile device, but first you need to clear out some cached information from your Discord account.

  1. Close your Discord desktop client.
  2. Navigate to the %appdata% folder located in the C: drive. Look for it in your [username] folder. You may need to enable hidden items to be seen. At the top of the window, open the View tab and place check the box labeled Hidden items.
  3. Inside the AppData folder, you have three options to choose from: Local, LocalLow, and Roaming. Open up the Local folder.
  4. In the Local folder, look for and delete the Discord folder.
  5. Activate your VPN and generate a new IP address.
  6. Launch the Discord client on your desktop.
  7. Create a new account with a new e-mail address.
  8. Log into Discord with your new account, and join the server that you were banned on.

Once you’ve created the new account, you can disconnect from the VPN as you only needed it to create the new account.

Final Thoughts

As you can see,  bypassing a Discord ban is fairly easy. By using either a mobile device or a VPN, you can create a new account and bypass Discord’s IP detection to rejoin the server you were banned from.

Do you know any other methods for evading Discord bans? Share them in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “How To Get Around and Bypass a Ban in Discord”

Avatar TheeMan says:
some discord servers have mods/admins that abuse their powera nd seems to be wide spread these days
Avatar yeah, no. says:
Bruh what the hell is this?
If you’ve been banned, regardless if it was justified or not, you do not be that person who bypasses the ban. Even if this doesn’t directly violate the ToS, many servers state that you do not bypass a ban for their servers or bots. If you have a dispute with a mod/admin, you dm them or someone who can get into contact with them. However, if you were banned for a reason, they do not want you coming back. Do not enable toxic people, stalkers or what have you who have been banned for a good reason to try and get around this because of an exploit. On the other hand, if you’ve been wrongfully banned because of mod/admin being toxic or abusing their power(s), you do the right thing by contacting them or submitting a ban appeal. If you did nothing wrong but you still try to find a loophole, you’re making yourself look worse.

All this boils down to is basic human decency and common sense, which is fairly simply to achieve.

Avatar someone says:
like thats gonna stop anybody
Avatar Suk Dik says:
Avatar ban man says:
if people find out about this it might be bad for the server
Avatar Krishna Weber says:
I mean your knowledge isvery tasty man i love it
Avatar Mr Confusing says:
I had a friend that got me banned just for requesting him to join a server I made, I only sent him a request once and I didn’t know why at first and I also didn’t know about the ToS. Thanks for the info though.
Avatar fart joke says:
thanks, got banned for stating what was going on in the chat when literally the ones who were were talking about it were not lol
Avatar Ban evader says:
Thank you so much, I have been able to get around a ban for months now, some stupid jerk false reported me and got me ban on my old account
Avatar ★ArizonaSugar★ says:
yes hello uh

this seems totally unnecessary.

when i get banned i just move on, ots over im done


its still helpful so props to you man.

have a blessed day/afternoon/night!♥

Avatar A person who has been stalked says:
Hey, this is gross! Wow!

Thanks for enabling stalkers! 😀

Avatar I got banned and im super sad says:
I got banned for saying im 10>
Avatar OreoBoi says:
lol you can’t be 10 on discord
Avatar boy says:
first method worked for me, got banned from my fav game’s official discord because the word filter is weird.
Avatar Kai Olsen says:
let me guess, yandere simulator?
Avatar 746541324978 says:
This is an unreliable method to use. Almost everyone knows how to use VPN or even use a different providers.

If everyone keeps doing this then there’ll be little to no IP address to be permanently banned as IP address are non renewable.

Avatar Anonymous says:
A moderator hates me so much he bans me for no reason. As he nails the way I’m talking (saying I’m sorry too much) he goes with the hammer abuse. I had to bought a new pc just to get in and used various vpn, asked help from other friends and even bought a wifi. This server is so important for me, and I learn something new there everyday. And he also reports me, which then discord force delete my account for something I didn’t do. What should I do?!
Avatar Gabriel Castoreno says:
that sucks dude just go undercover and dont act like yourself when you type
Avatar pp hehe says:
KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN, DON’T START A FIGHT. You’ll thank me later.
Avatar Anonymous says:
I don’t have data and I have a pc not a mobile
Avatar Paul says:
Avatar Yass kween says:
Avatar Anthony says:
Does this fix still work with Discord’s forced cellphone verification policy?
Avatar Noone says:
Avatar Anonymous says:
The first strategy is the one I tried.

I turned off my WiFi
And made a new account.

And it worked. I was IP banned, but I still got in!
Whoever wrote this is a genius.

Avatar Animus says:
Is there any way to get back into a server without creating a new account? Why doesn’t it work when you’re on the same account, even with a vpn?
Avatar TheAwesome98 says:
Because, not only are you banned from IP, you are banned from the account, too! You can make a temporary account and say, “Can you unban [USERNAME HERE]? I got banned for no reason” wait for yes answer. Delete account. Sign into the old account. Go to server. Done!
Avatar ilovecheese29 says:
I haven’t been banned from any discord server, but thanks for telling me just when I need to bypass a ban!
Avatar Jacko says:
do what it says here

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