How to Get Around the Discord File Size Limit

Discord users know the struggle of sending files and getting error messages regarding file size all too well. Without a Nitro subscription, you can’t send large files to your friends or fellow server members. Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the world.

How to Get Around the Discord File Size Limit

The community has discovered many ways to send large files to everyone. That way, you don’t need Nitro to post funny cat videos. Keep on reading to find out more.

Nitro or No Nitro

Discord users who have a free account can only send files of up to eight MB. This limitation doesn’t include GIFs from the Discord textbox, however. If you upload an image, video, or other file format, only the smallest files make it in.

However, Nitro users enjoy the privilege of uploading 100MB files, which means they can easily upload longer videos. But even so, if you want to send your friend a large document to read, Discord won’t let you do that natively.

That’s where the bypasses and tricks come in handy.

Bypassing Discord’s File Size Limit

Here are the many ways to get around the Discord upload file size limit. You can use one or even multiple methods at once.

Uploading Videos and Images to Imgur

Imgur is a free-to-use image and video-sharing website that lets you share your own media files. The best part is that its file size limit is 200MB, twice what Discord offers with Nitro. With an Imgur account, you don’t even need Nitro if all you do is share large files.

You can register for an Imgur account for free. Since 2015, free accounts no longer have an image upload limit, which means you can post as many funny videos as you want.

However, there are still ads included with the free account, but users can pay to remove them. They don’t affect your videos at all.

Here’s the process for using Imgur and getting around the Discord limit:

  1. Register for an Imgur account and get the mobile app if you want.
  2. Go to Imgur.
  3. Select the new post option.
  4. Upload the media file you prefer.
  5. Give the post a title.
  6. Set the post’s privacy to “Public.”
  7. Head to your profile on Imgur.
  8. Look for the new post.
  9. Select the “Share” option.
  10. Copy the link.
  11. Go to Discord.
  12. Head to a server or DM.
  13. Paste the link and send the message.

With Imgur, your friends still get to see the video you uploaded. The best part is that Imgur videos can still play in Discord indefinitely. The only condition is that the link is valid, but otherwise, you don’t have to worry about file sizes on Discord.

Other users can also download and share the video or image with their friends, making Imgur the perfect tool for sharing videos. With these features, it’s no wonder many Discord users enjoy Imgur’s benefits.

Using a Video Compressor

While this isn’t a true bypass, you can download a video compressor app on mobile or use a website on your PC to reduce the size of your videos. This will make your files smaller than whatever limit you have.

One disadvantage is compressing a video can take time, sometimes around 10 minutes. Even so, you can still send it on Discord natively without using a third-party site other than the compressor.

Here are some general instructions for using a compressor:

  1. On a PC or mobile device, go to a video compression website like TinyWow.
  2. Upload a video.
  3. Run it through the compressor.
  4. Wait for the website to finish the process.
  5. Download the compressed file.
  6. Rename it if necessary.
  7. Go to Discord.
  8. Upload the compressed file.

If it’s compressed enough, you won’t encounter any errors.

If you’re using a mobile device, follow these steps instead.

  1. Download a video compressor app from the app store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Pick a video to compress.
  4. Ensure it’s the proper size before proceeding.
  5. Start the compression.
  6. After it ends, switch to Discord for mobile.
  7. Locate the compressed video.
  8. Upload it to Discord.

As you can see here, a compressor can come in handy if your video’s file size is too big. Moreover, you can drastically reduce a file’s size with the correct settings.

Overall, while the video compressor is a great idea, it doesn’t work for images. You’ll also end up having lots of extra videos that you’ll have to delete to save space.

Send Google Drive Links

This method isn’t the best for videos, but there are times when you want to send over an entire book or other large files that exceed Discord’s limits by at least 10 times. That’s when Google Drive comes in handy.

Unlike the other services, Google Drive’s single upload limit is a whopping 5 TB. But if you want to upload that entire limit, you’ll need several days before the upload is complete, as the daily limit is 750GB.

Thus, Google Drive or another cloud service is the best choice if you have gigantic files. However, as many people online have a Google account, we’ll use the company’s signature cloud product as our example.

The process goes like this on PC:

  1. Launch your favorite browser and go to Google Drive.
  2. Upload any large file of your choice.
  3. Ensure your privacy settings are set to “Public.”
  4. Get the link to the file.
  5. Go to Discord.
  6. Paste the link as a message.
  7. Send the message.

You can also use this trick on mobile devices.

  1. Go to the Google Drive app on your mobile device.
  2. Upload a large file.
  3. Set the privacy to “Public.”
  4. Copy the link.
  5. Swap to Discord for mobile.
  6. Paste the link.
  7. Send the message.

While not the most convenient option, it’s the best pick for files above 1 GB.

In the end, there’s no native bypass to get around Discord’s file size limit. These are only alternative ways to send other users files, and Discord can be made to work with that. But know that manipulating Discord’s code is illegal, as it breaks the Terms of Service.

Even so, you’ll find alternative services out there that can be used in place of Imgur or Google Drive. There are many image hosting services you can use for free. Some clouds storage services such as Mega or MediaFire also work.

For a GIF you’ve made, you can also upload it to Tenor, which Discord actively supports. When your GIF is on Tenor, you can send it out to everyone, as it’s not uploading your file via Discord.

Tenor works via links, which is why you can use it without worry.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Discord imposes upload file size limits to promote Nitro, but even Nitro can’t handle some large video files. That’s why these bypasses are essential to know, especially Imgur. Google Drive is also a great choice, especially for files the former can’t handle.

Do you have a preferred way to send large files on Discord? Do you use Imgur in this manner often? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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