How to Get Spins in Shindo Life

One of the most popular games on Roblox is Shindo Life, formerly known as Shinobi Life 2. In this game, you play as a ninja in a world Naruto-inspired world. One of the most important items in this game is the Spin.

How to Get Spins in Shindo Life

Getting Spins is important, and if you’re not sure how to do it, you’re in the right place. We’ll list the steps down for you to follow. We’ll also answer some important questions.

Shinobi Life 2 or Shindo Life?

Originally, the game was called Shinobi Life 2, and it was developed by RELL World. Today, the group has changed its game’s name to Shindo Life due to copyright strikes. It was too similar to Naruto and thus was the target of legal claims.

It’s not a big surprise, as you might even mistake Shinobi Life 2 for an actual Naruto game if you weren’t paying attention. The game was removed from Roblox towards the end of 2020. After a short while and a name change, it’s back to Roblox.

These days, the resemblance to Naruto isn’t as obvious. The influences are still there, set in a world similar to the Naruto universe. Thankfully, the game is here to stay.

What Are Spins?

Spins are chances for your character to roll Bloodlines. Bloodlines are abilities you equip to get new powers and perks. The only way to get Bloodlines is to use Spins and obtain one.

The Bloodline you get from the Spin is up to chance. There are common Bloodlines as well as rare ones. If you spend 80 Spins, you’re guaranteed a rare Bloodline through a Full Rarity Spin.

There are many ways to get Spins, which we’ll get into below.

How to Get Spins in Shinobi Life 2/Shindo Life?

Here are some of the ways you can get Spins in Shindo Life:

Playing the Fame for Hourly Rewards

For every hour you play, you get two Spins. You should be active for the entire hour or you won’t get these free Spins. If you’re inactive for 30 minutes, you’ll be disconnected from the game.

The developers know that standing still shouldn’t be rewarded with Spins. However, that didn’t stop the player base from getting creative. A method to exploit the passive reward system is to use auto clickers.

When you set up an auto clicker to hit training logs, you’re counted as playing the game and being active. This way, players can go AFK while they earn free Spins.

Keep in mind that this method isn’t expressly forbidden and is in a grey area. If you don’t feel like using auto clickers, it’s still fine. There are many other ways to get Spins.

Playing and Completing Daily Quests

You can play the daily quests and earn about 20 Spins a day. First, you’ll need to check for any quests available. You do so by pressing “L” and selecting “Daily Mission.”

Every time you beat a daily quest, you’ll have to repeat the action and select “Claim” to get your Spins. By scrolling down the list, you can see when your daily quests reset. Know your times so you can get back to farming Spins this way.

Daily quests are often very easy and take little time to complete. Should a quest reset, you’ll be assigned new quests to farm again.

This method isn’t the best way to get Spins, but it’s guaranteed to net you a few. That should be enough for a daily quota of Spins.

Play PvP in the Arena

Within the Arena are a few game modes, such as Free-for-Alls and Deathmatch. Playing these will let you earn Blue Coins and Ryo. Blue Coins can be exchanged for Spins.

For every 1,000 Blue Coins, you get three Spins.

These are the steps for exchanging:

  1. Go to the game menu.
  2. Select “Arena.”
  3. Go to the screen where you can select a game mode.
  4. Instead of selecting a game mode, look for a green “Exchange” button.
  5. Exchange your Blue Coins for Spins.

In the Arena, you get more Blue Coins as you deal more damage. The more Blue Coins you get, the better your Arena run is.

Ryo can be used to buy Movesets, which you’ll use in the Arena. The more Ryo you have, the better movesets you can buy. Some movesets deal a lot of damage and let you earn more Blue Coins.

Play Shindo Life During Events

Occasionally, the game will have seasonal events. Players often have the chance to get more Spins than usual. Since these events aren’t regularly scheduled, it’s not advised to wait for them.

Instead, get Spins with the other methods and play events as a way to increase the Spins you get daily.

Redeeming Codes

This is the best way to get free Spins. Redeeming codes takes no time at all, and all you have to do is to find a working code. Codes expire rather quickly, so you should be quick to use them.

Here’s how you redeem codes in Shindo Life:

  1. Open the game menu.
  2. Select “Edit.”
  3. Select “YouTube Codes” at the top-right.
  4. Enter the code.
  5. Press the redeem button.
  6. You should have your free Spins or other rewards.

Shindo Life codes not only give Spins, but some allow you to earn double EXP. A few of them allow for Stat Resets. However, an overwhelming percentage of them give you free Spins.

You can find Shindo Life codes in a variety of places, such as:

  • Checking on the Wiki often.

The official Shindo Life Wiki has a page that is regularly updated with working codes. Any expired codes are promptly removed. Come back to this page often to see which new codes have popped up.

If a code you haven’t entered is gone from the list, chances are it’s expired. You can still try it, though.

  • Find some on Twitter.

Occasionally, you might find that the RELL World Twitter account is posting codes. Sadly, the account doesn’t do it often. If you follow people in the Shindo Life community, you might chance upon a code or two.

Twitter isn’t the best place for scouring for codes. The best belongs to the Wiki, but there’s another source for codes.

  • Subscribe to Shindo Life YouTubers who update viewers with codes.

There are plenty of YouTubers who make videos about the latest codes. Two examples are ItzVexo and RazorFishGaming. AlphaBolt also regularly uploads videos about the latest working codes. These videos are only a few minutes long and won’t take too much of your time.

Once you finish watching the videos, simply type those codes into the game to redeem them. The process is simple and doesn’t take much time at all.

Usually, the developers at RELL World release new working codes when a new month begins – it could be during the second week of the month. Keep an eye on these new codes and redeem them quickly.

You won’t know when they’re going to expire unless you check the Wiki page. As a result, it’s better to always keep an eye out for them.

Don’t Hack the Game

Earlier, we’ve mentioned using auto clickers to farm Spins for free. There isn’t anything preventing you from doing this. Sadly, there are also methods to gain Spins that rely on exploiting and hacking.

Some scripts allow you to gain unlimited Spins, though they’ll require you to exploit the game. This is breaking the rules and may result in a ban.

We don’t recommend that you hack the game for unlimited Spins. You risk losing your account, and it’s unfair to players who use sanctioned methods.

Additional FAQs

What’s the Name of the Game Now?

Currently, Shinobi Life 2 has been rebranded as Shindo Life. This was due to DMCA strikes by Viz Media. The game now has new imagery to be released to the general public again.

Can You Play Shindo Life on Mobile?

Yes, you can. As long as you have the Roblox app on your phone or another mobile device, you can play Shindo Life. The game might not run as smoothly, but you’re still able to play.

What Do Codes Look Like?

The codes are mostly a few words strung together without spaces and may contain numbers. They all end with an exclamation mark as well. Some codes have uppercase letters while others have no numbers at all.

You should make sure you type the code in letter for letter and symbol for symbol.

Spin to Win? Nah, It’s All Free!

Now that you know how to best get Spins in Shindo Life, you can build up your character’s fighting ability. You might even get a Bloodline you’ve been trying to roll for a long time. Do note that hacking is dangerous for your account, so we don’t recommend it.

What’s the best Bloodline you have? What was the luckiest Spin you got? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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