Google Pixel 2/2XL – Device Is Charging Slow – What to Do?

In a perfect world, your Google Pixel 2/2XL would always charge lightning fast. But that rarely happens and waiting for the smartphone to charge enough to use it can be quite frustrating.

Google Pixel 2/2XL - Device Is Charging Slow - What to Do?

These smartphones are not exactly famous for fast charging. For example, it takes about 2.5 hours for the Pixel 2XL to fully charge from 15% battery. In addition to this, there are other possible reasons why you are experiencing unsatisfactory charging times.

The following write-up gives you some of the usual issues that might cause your Pixel phone to charge slowly.

What Cables Are You Using?

Inappropriate cables are one of the primary reasons for slow charging times. The Google Pixel 2/2XL comes with its own USB cable and an 18W wall adapter. If you decide to use anything but the given hardware, it might take much longer than 2.5 hours for the smartphone to charge.

Charging cables and adapters often take a lot of beating. They are bent, tied, and dropped, which can affect their performance. So you should take a closer look at both the adapter and the cable to see if there is any visible damage.

If there is, it might be time to get a new set or try using a different set to see if it helps.

Is Your Charging Port OK?

Taking a closer look inside the charging port on your Google Pixel 2/2XL might reveal some unexpected findings. The port can pick up fluff, dust, and other dirt, which impairs the charging capabilities.

Blowing into the port to clean it is not recommendable since it can deliver moisture, but you can gently clean the port with a toothpick. Just be careful not to damage the connections.

Kill Background Apps

A few apps running in the background might markedly slow down the charging process. However, removing/stopping these apps from eating into your battery is very easy. Check out the steps below:

  1. Tap the Square Icon

This action takes you to all the apps that you have running on the smartphone.

  1. Slide Left or Right

Gently tap the app window and slide it left or right to turn the app off. Repeat it as many times as needed until there are no more apps.

Alternatively, tap on the small x at the top-right of each app to stop it.

Tip: You can swipe all the way up the background app menu and select Clear All to remove all background apps at once.

Don’t Use the Google Pixel 2/2XL While Charging

Honestly, this is easier said than done most of the times. However, it is very hard for the smartphone to recharge properly while being used. This goes double if you plug it into your laptop to recharge.

The laptop USB ports are not as powerful as the wall socket. You can thus expect much slower charging times even if you are not using the phone.

The Last Charge

Slow charging times are usually down to your hardware, but there are some software issues that can contribute to the problem. Some Google Pixel 2/2XL owners complain that Android 9 Pie might be causing the slow charge on their smartphones. However, this problem is easily solved with a software upgrade.

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