Best Chromecast Apps 2021: 21 Apps to Make the Most of Your Chromecast

13. Best Chromecast Apps: TED

Android & iOS


TED Talks are excellent if you want to expand your knowledge, find something to ruminate on, or just fancy making yourself look smart. Now TED’s app works on Chromecast, you can do that on the big screen in your house so somebody can happen upon you broadening your horizons instead of watching endless repeats of Friends on Comedy Central.

14. Best Chromecast Apps: Just Dance Now

Android and iOS 

Tired of laying on the couch watching TV? Need to get up and move a little? The Just Dance Now app is a great way to get you up and moving! Compatible with your Chromecast, this can be great for exercising alone or having a party.

Download the app to your mobile device and get moving!

15. Best Chromecast Apps: Kodi

Android and PC

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While Chromecast is perfect for streaming content from your phone, tablet, or PC to your TV, it’s a little harder to stream locally-stored content to your Chromecast. That’s where Kodi comes in. While Localcast is handy for mobile users, Kodi is a powerful alternative with various plugins and extensions that can enrich your Chromecast experience.

16. Best Chromecast Apps: Pocket Casts

Android, iOS, and web

Love podcasts but don’t want to listen to them on your phone with headphones like podcasts were intended to be listened to? Well, worry no more as Pocket Casts has added Chromecast support so you can cast the delights of This American Life directly to your TV speakers and flood the room with Radio 4-like shows.

It’s, arguably, more useful if you have a Chromecast Audio, allowing you to send it directly to a pair of speakers so you can chortle away while doing the washing up.

17. Best Chromecast Apps: Twitch

Android, iOS & Online

Twitch logo

GAMES. Who doesn’t love watching other people play games all the time live? Well, if you don’t enjoy that, don’t download Twitch, because that’s exactly what Twitch does. It’s all about watching people play games while they sit alone inexorably wondering what it is they’re doing with their lives. It’s a popular app with the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 crowd, and now with Chromecast, you can stop watching people play games via your tiny phone screen and instead slap it up on your home’s big screen.

18. Best Chromecast Apps: Google Photos

Android & iOS

Google Photos has become even more useful throughout the years. Now, you can create specific albums so easily and share them with all of your friends and family. What makes it even better?

Google Photos is compatible with Chromecast. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or you just want to share your favorite photos on the big screen you can do that with this free Google service.

19. Best Chromecast Apps: Udemy Online Courses


Best Chromecast Apps 2015 - Udemy Online Courses

Want to learn something new? Udemy is the answer, and with Chromecast, you won’t be looking up your lesson plans and videos on the small screen of your phone.

While Udemy is full of paid courses, there’s plenty of free ones to choose from too, so you can really just sit back and learn something new instead of binge-watching BoJack Horseman on Netflix.

20. Best Chromecast Apps: Tricky Titans

Android & iOS


Good Chromecast-enabled games are hard to come by, but Tricky Titans is definitely a title worth picking up if you’ve got a few friends over or have a couple of family Android or iOS devices about the house.

The premise is simple, you play as a once slumbering Titan thrust into the competitive sport of Primal Smackdown: a four-player Smashathon where it takes a heady mix of strength, defense, and powering up to take down your opponent.

Just like Big Web Quiz, Tricky Titans is all about sparking that desire for competitive couch multiplayer games and is an excellent way to entertain young kids or lay the smackdown on friends while killing time.

21. Best Chromecast Apps: YouTube Kids

Android, iOS, and Online

YouTube is the best way to turn your brain off and ingest video content. Packed with millions of hours of content, it’s perfect for those times where you need to put your little one down in front of something so you can get on with putting your life in order for five minutes. It’s here YouTube Kids really comes into its own. No unsuitable content, no way to access unsavory aspects of the internet, and it’s all totally free!

Chromecast Apps

There are so many apps available to use on the Chromecast, which is a both a good and bad thing, that it can be hard to choose. Hopefully our list helped you narrow down what you’re looking for.

If you’re just getting started with the Chromecast, then you might want to check out these articles:

Do you know of any great apps to use on the Chromecast that weren’t mentioned? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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