How To Block Text Messages on the HTC U11

Are you receiving unsolicited text messages? Is spam clogging your inbox? Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

How To Block Text Messages on the HTC U11

Follow these simple steps to block unwanted messages on your HTC U11 smartphone.

Block Unwanted Messages

Blocking unwanted or unsolicited messages is easy. Check out these simple steps to declutter your inbox.

Step One – Access Messages

To block unwanted messages, you first need to access your Messages app.

Alternatively, you may also block the contact using the contact list if you already have the sender’s information saved.

Blocking from either your Messages app or your Contact list will block all messages and calls from this contact.

Step Two – Block Messages

Locate the messages or contact that you want to block on your messages list. Select the person or message by tapping and holding (long tap) it. Choose “Block contact” from the pop-up options.

Step Three – Blocking Multiples

If you are receiving multiple messages and you want to block the senders, tap on the 3 vertical dots for additional options. When you see the next drop down menu, choose “Block contacts.”

From here you will see a list of your contacts. Select all the contacts you want to block and tap “Block” to finalize it.

A Few Tips About Message Blocking

When you block a contact, you won’t see their messages or calls pop up on your screen. You also won’t see messages in your Inbox.

However, if you want to read blocked messages you can go to the icon with a down-pointed arrow in a circle and then tap “Block.”

Don’t want to see blocked messages on your phone? Try this to discard future messages completely:

Step One – Access Settings

Access your Settings menu by tapping the Settings icon, or swiping up from the Home screen.

Step Two – Change Block Message Settings

Next, choose “General” from your Settings menu. Go to the “Save block message” option and clear it.

Doing this will disable your ability to view blocked messages in the future, so use with caution if you like to screen your messages before deleting them.

Unblocking Messages

If you change your mind and want to unblock a contact’s messages, changing your settings is easy.

Step One – Locate Contact Info

To remove a phone number or contact from the block box, first locate their info. You may look in your Messages app if you still have the old messages. Or look at your Contacts list if you saved their information.

Step Two – Unblock Sender

When you find the sender’s information, change their status by long tapping their information. Pressing and holding their phone number or contact information will give you more action options.

Choose “Unblock” to remove contacts from the block box.

Step Three – Unblock Alternative Method

You may also unblock directly from the Block list. To do this, open your Messages app. Go to “Menu” and then tap “Block list.”

Find the conversation thread you want to unblock and tap on “Menu” to bring up additional actions. Tap “Unblock contacts” to unblock messages from this sender.

Final Thoughts

If you blocked unwanted calls, you may have already blocked the text messages from the same sender, too. Especially if you did this by using the Contact list.

Alternatively, you can also use a 3rd party app from your favorite app store like Google Play. Doing so may give you additional unblocking options.

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