How to Change Your Password to Microsoft Teams

Forgetting your Microsoft Teams password can trigger some serious problems. You could look unprofessional if you skip a meeting because you can’t log in to your Microsoft Teams account. Moreover, your boss might get angry if you can’t work remotely due to forgetting your Microsoft Teams password. Luckily, changing your login details shouldn’t stress you out too much. 

How to Change Your Password to Microsoft Teams

This article explains how to change your Microsoft Teams login details. 

Why Change Your Microsoft Teams Password?

There may be many reasons why you want to change your Microsoft Teams password.

Forgetting Password

You might wake up one day and realize you’ve forgotten your password. Nowadays, people have many online accounts and have to remember the login details of each account when accessing respective websites.

Misplacing Your Device

You might lose the device you use for Microsoft Teams. Suppose you hold work-related discussions on Microsoft Teams, and prefer to login automatically. If someone picks up your device, they can use it how you do but with evil intentions. This could put you in danger of losing personal data and company secrets. 

Can’t Work Remotely

Most companies use the remote or hybrid working system even after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. They mostly use Microsoft Teams to manage their remote workers. Remembering your password means you can access Teams from anywhere using any device. Without it, you might not work remotely as your boss expects. 

Avoid Hackers

Experts recommend changing your passwords regularly even if you can recall them. It’s one way to dodge a hacker’s tricks. Also, they recommend changing your password to a very strong one for the same reasons. Hence, you can alter your Microsoft Teams password even if you can’t remember it. 

How to Change Your Microsoft Password

You can log in to your Microsoft Teams using Microsoft account login details. Thus, if you run Microsoft, Microsoft Office 365, or a related application, you can use the same username and password to access Teams.

Ensure you recall this password to carry out the following steps: 

  1. Visit the site and click “Sign In.”
  2. Type your “Email ID” and hit “Next.”
  3. Enter your “password” and press “Sign in.”
  4. Now you’ll view “Microsoft Dashboard.” Click “Change password.”
  5. You can “Verify your identity” via an “Email” or a phone “Text” code. To receive a code on the phone, enter the “last four digits” of your number. Alternatively, enter your “full email ID” to receive a code on your email address. 
  6. Enter your “Current password.” Then, enter a “New password” and confirm it in the “Re-enter password” box. Below this box, you can check this box “Make me change my password every 72 hours.”
  7. Hit “Save” to finish altering your password. 

Note: Your new password should be case-sensitive and have a minimum of 8 characters.

How to Change Your Microsoft Teams Password if You Can’t Remember It

You won’t be able to follow any of these steps if you can’t recall your login details. If you enter the wrong password, Microsoft Teams will pop up a warning message. It will say that your password or email ID is incorrect. You can’t access your Microsoft Teams if you can’t remember the username, password, or both. 

Recovering Your Email ID

Most people seldom forget their email accounts the way they often do their passwords. If you can’t remember your Microsoft Teams user ID, check its security details. An alternative is to check any other Microsoft products you use.

If you’re logged into any of them, do the following:

  1. Navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Choose “Accounts.” Under “Email & app accounts,” locate the usernames the device connects to. You probably use the same username or email ID to open Microsoft Teams. If not, it might somehow help you recall the actual user ID.

Recovering Your Password

If you can’t recall the account password, you should retrieve it this way: 

If you’re still on the “Enter password” window, click “Forgot password” beneath the “Keep me Signed in” box. Otherwise, navigate to the “Sign In” page and tap “Forgot password.”

Microsoft Teams will only provide a new password after verifying your identity. It will do so based on the security details you provided when opening your account at Microsoft. 

Enter the last four digits of your phone number to receive a code on your mobile. This must be the phone number connected to your account. 

Alternatively, type the first part of your email ID to get a verification code in your email address. If you miss it, open your Spam folder and look again. 

Click “Get code” to request a code on the phone or email address. Open your phone or email and check the verification code. 

Type the code correctly into the box. Hit “Next” and enter your password. Choose “Next” again to finish. 

Don’t choose a weak password or you’ll only aid the hackers’ cause. Instead, choose a phrase that isn’t shorter than eight characters. Mix different characters like numbers, letters, and symbols. Furthermore, don’t choose your birth date or full name as your password. If you can’t think of a strong password, use the password manager to create it. 

Note that a strong password should also be easy to remember, or else you will repeat this process soon. Next, try to sign into Microsoft Teams like this:

Navigate to Microsoft Teams’ login page. 

Sign in to your Microsoft Teams with your new password and email address.

Click inside the box that says “Keep me signed in.”  This will help you login in automatically to avoid resetting your password again. 

Tips to Help You Restore Microsoft Teams on Smartphones

Clear the cache and Microsoft Teams app data. Access “Clear Data” on your phone’s “Settings” menu. 

Ensure your Microsoft Teams app is the current version. Check for updates either in Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Check the phone’s date and time settings to ensure they’re on “Automatic” mode to avoid causing authentication issues. 


What can happen if I change my Microsoft username?

All Microsoft products you use recognize just one username and password. If you want to alter your username, the change will reflect across all Microsoft products you use on your computer. 

Can I alter a user’s email name on Microsoft 365?

You can change a user’s email address or any other personal detail on Microsoft 365. When you go to the admin center, access “Active users” and pick one person from a list. Now choose “Manage contact information” and alter the user’s email address. Do not forget to save the changes. 

Can a person track me on Microsoft Teams? 

Someone can see your location and track you only if you share your personal information. The free Microsoft Teams plan allows you to share the location, but you can stop it anytime. However, Microsoft can’t misuse or trade your data. 

Get a New Password Now

If you can’t remember your login details, you can’t use Microsoft Teams or any other product in the Suite. It will be hard to hold meetings, share files and apps, or collaborate in other ways with your workmates. Luckily, you can restore your account by altering the password or username if it’s the one you’ve forgotten.  

Were you recently locked out of Microsoft Teams because of losing your Microsoft account password? Did you reopen it using any of the steps in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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