How to Combine Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

Come explore the captivating realm of “Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK), the new installment in the Legend of Zelda (LoZ) series and a direct successor to the Game of the Year winner, “Breath of the Wild” (BotW). Here, mastering the art of weapon fusion is the new road to victory.

How to Combine Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

With this guide, you can find out how to combine weapons like a pro blacksmith of Hyrule. This new feature adds an extra dimension of creativity and strategy to your journey in the Legend of Zelda series.

The Art of Weapon Fusion

Back in 2017, “Breath of the Wild” introduced a brand new mechanic to the LoZ series – weapon durability and degradation. “Tears of the Kingdom” embraces this system and upgrades it further.

This time, you have the power to boost your weapons with fusion. This is a new power that Link learns after completing a shrine puzzle.

Four shrines in the starting area will grant Link new abilities, including Fuse. Take a weapon in your hands and add an object from the world or your inventory to experiment with combining different items.

Here’s how to get it done:

  1. To unlock the ability to combine weapons, complete the In-isa Shrine, aptly named “The Ability to Combine.” You can find this shrine in the southwest corner of the starting area.
  2. Once you can fuse objects with the new ability and equip the weapon, you want to be the base of your creation. Hold down the “L” button on your Switch controller and select the Fuse ability from the wheel menu to start fusing items.
  3. Highlight the object you want to fuse with your weapon. Different items will give different results. It can be a collectible material or even a different weapon or shield.
  4. Press “Y” or “ZL” to combine the object of choice with your weapon or shield.

Unfusing Weapons and the Break-a-Part Shop

If you ever find yourself in a pinch and accidentally fuse the wrong items or don’t get the outcome you expected, there is no need to worry. Mistakes happen, but there’s always a fix.

Head over to the Break-a-Part Shop in Tarrey Town, where Pelison can help break apart fused weapons or shields for a small fee of 20 Rupees. Alternatively, select “Destroy Fuse Material” from your item menu to un-fuse items the quick and dirty way.

The Secret to Powerful Weapons Is Weapon Fusion Recipes

When experimenting with different combinations, you may find yourself with a powerful weapon in the end, even by accident. Certain recipes offer more power when combining specific weapons and materials.

There are many possible recipes, too many to cover here. No need to spoil the fun and reveal too much, but you surely would appreciate knowing some examples. So, for instance, fusing a sword with a monster’s eye can boost its attack power. Meanwhile, attaching a particular type of fuse-produced arrow to your bow can increase its range or precision.

Keep an eye out for different kinds of materials as you explore the kingdom. They can give you a massive advantage. Some materials work better than others for different types of items. Melee weapons may benefit more from Chuchu Jelly or Elemental Fruits and various gems. Items can imbue weapons and ammo with elemental magic, such as fire, ice, or shock.

The Challenge of Decay

Weapons that break easily may be something you’ve come to expect from BotW. But, in “Tears of the Kingdom,” nearly every melee weapon you stumble upon in Hyrule is decayed and has limited durability. And your starting weapon is the legendary Master Sword – now decayed and a shadow of its former glory.

This presents a challenge, but you can restore these relics to their former glory with suitable materials through weapon fusion. Giving them new life can turn them into powerful tools ready for battle – and restore your legendary weapon to what it’s always meant to be.

The Power of Fusion Is More Than Just for Weapons

In “Tears of the Kingdom,” the fusion power is a significant part of the gameplay beyond an unusual twist on RPG blacksmithing. It’s not only weapons that can be fused. You can also use materials to create new arrow types, many returning from previous games, such as fire or bomb arrows.

This adds an extra layer of complexity and strategy, as you need to decide when to use different kinds of arrows depending on your opponents or the particular situation you find yourself in. It combines beautifully with the game’s open world and weather system.

A Strategic Advantage of Fusion

Understanding the ins and outs of weapon (and arrow and shield) fusion can give you a major edge in “Tears of the Kingdom.” Fusion provides a similar experimental and creative crafting mechanic as cooking and potion crafting. Some enemies will be considerably more manageable with the right equipment.

Sure, some combinations might work better than others (which may also depend on your playstyle), but what’s most important is that you get to have a little fun tinkering with different combinations and seeing how they work out for your style of play.

Without spoiling too much, here are some fusion combinations to get you going:

  • Sword Fusion, Dragon Reaper – Combine a Sword with a Dragon Horn for an attack increase of +26 and greater elemental damage.
  • Spear Fusion, Sapphire Spear – Fuse a Spear with a Sapphire to make a weapon that emits a freezing mist and gets a +1 attack bonus.
  • Rod Fusion, Ruby Rod – Combine a Magic Rod with a Ruby to summon three bouncing fire orbs and get a +1 attack bonus.

You never know what kind of fantastic creation you’ll come up with if you take chances. And even if some result isn’t the most useful in battle, no problem, you can just sell it to a merchant and get back some solid Rupee for your troubles.

The Future of Fusion in Updates and Expansions

Many crafting recipes are already available in the game. But the world of “Tears of the Kingdom” is ever-changing with the possibility of new updates and expansions. Keep a lookout for new materials, weapons, and recipes that can give you an edge in the game in future expansions. With each update, there’s a chance to discover something new that could really bring your gaming experience up to another level.

Fused Blades

Combining weapons and materials in “Tears of the Kingdom” is a uniquely fun feature that adds depth to the gameplay as never before. With Fuse, you can customize and upgrade your arsenal to conquer a greater diversity of challenges. Personalize Link’s heroic journey through the kingdom and make it yours by equipping and powering up his best weapons with this new ability.

Did you experiment with weapon fusion and find your favorite combinations? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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