How to Use Energy Cells in Tears of the Kingdom

At the beginning of “Tears of the Kingdom,” you’ll probably gather many new items without an idea what to do with them. Likewise, during the tutorial, you’ll come across a Zonai Device which is used to power an item called “Energy Cells.” These key items go hand in hand and have many uses in the game. They are essential when exploring the land of Hyrule.

How to Use Energy Cells in Tears of the Kingdom

So, if you want to learn what these batteries are used for, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about Energy Cells, how to use and upgrade them, and their relation with Zonai Devices and Crystalized Charges.

Using Energy Cells in Tears of the Kingdom

Using Energy Cells in “Tears of the Kingdom” is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is find a Zonai Device and interact with it by hitting it. These devices can be found all across the world.

Additionally, Energy Cells will charge autonomously between each use, which affects the continuity of the user’s gameplay.

Energy Cells and the Start of a Game

At the start of the game, as a part of the tutorial and introductions, you’ll have to do the quest related to the three Shrines. This is where you learn the most about the game and its items and devices. After you the second shrine, you receive power units, or devices called Energy Cells, for the first time. The Energy Cells are provided to you by the Steward Construct, the same NPC that gave you the Purah Pad at the beginning.

However, you won’t need to use Energy Cells immediately.

First, you must find a Maker Construct near the Pondside Cave and across the river. To reach the cave, you must make a Zonai raft with scattered parts nearby. The components include fans you must use to get across the river. At this point in the game, you first encounter a Zonai Device, which needs to be attached to something to work.

To make the raft and cross the river, you have to:

  1. Attach at least one of the Zonai fans to the back of the raft.
  2. Hit the device with your weapon once to activate it.
  3. When you cross the river, hit the device again to stop.

You need to power the Zonai Device to cross the river. These devices are powered by Energy Cells. However, you don’t need to activate anything; the Energy Cell will power any Zonai device near you.

How to Upgrade Energy Cells

Upgrading your Energy Cells is vital because you don’t want to run out of batteries at the worst possible moment. If you want to upgrade your Energy Cells, this is what you should do:

  1. Travel to Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.
  2. When you enter, turn to the left.
  3. Approach the building resembling a shrine located in that direction.
  4. Find the Steward Construct inside the building and speak with it to awaken it.

The Steward Construct can also be found in the Nachoyah Shrine in the Great Sky Islands. This NPC can craft an Energy Well, which allows you to store more energy, giving your battery more capacity.

However, you need 100 Crystalized Charges to upgrade the Energy Cell by one extra bar. For 300 Crystalized Charges, you can build a whole battery. The Construct will look into your inventory, see how many crystals you have, and upgrade the cells accordingly.

You need 4,500 Crystalized Charges for 16 batteries, capable of upgrading all your Energy Cells.

Zonai Charges

Zonai charges can also be used as a way to power up batteries or Energy Cells. They can be acquired by defeating Soldier Constructs. Before you first encounter Energy Cells, you might think of these Zonai materials as useless, but save them in your inventory for later use.

As you move forward throughout the game, energy usage will get more demanding, and they will drain faster. You can use a Zonai Charge for temporary replenishment, making your battery last longer. In addition, using a Large Zonai Charge temporarily boosts one of your batteries, and your current battery will drain much slower.

How to Get Crystalized Charges

Crystalized Charges are necessary for upgrading your Energy Cells to power Flame Emitters, Fans, and the creations you make with “Ultrahand.” There are many ways to get Crystalized Charged, but you can usually find them in The Depths.

Kill Enemies in The Depths

Under the surface, there are many enemies you can defeat to obtain Crystalized Charges. Ones that will drop this material are usually covered in gloom. Furthermore, defeating the boss Master Khonga will yield this necessary material.

Treasure Chests

Even though The Depths are covered in darkness, finding chests that contain Crystalized Charges isn’t hard because they glow. A small white light signifies there is a chest nearby. The lights also often appear in pairs.

Purchase the Charges

The Forge in the Great Abandon Central Mine has Crystalized Charges, and you can exchange Zonaites for them. Approach the shelves and interact with the vendor, who will inform you how many you can get. Moreover, this particular Forge is the best way to go since it has a more sizeable inventory than other Forges.

How Many Crystalized Charges Can I Get?

Crystalized Charges can be acquired in one, 20, and 100 denominations. One hundred charges are obtained after finishing a long quest or defeating a difficult boss. Apart from looting smaller denominations of Crystalized Charges, they can also be bought at the Refineries from the Forge Construct. For this purchase, you need Zonaites:

  • 3 Zonaites – 1 Crystalized Charge
  • 3 Large Zonaites – 20 Crystalized Charges
  • 300 Zonaites – 100 Crystalized Charges

Increase Your Batteries

The Zonai technology in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” is complex but integral to the game. All the components mentioned in the article, from Energy Cells to Crystalized Charges and Zonaties, build into one another. At the start of the game, you won’t need to recharge the batteries as often compared to later when Energy Cells drain faster. This is especially true when you use more Zonai Devices simultaneously.

Do you prefer playing with temporary Zonai charges, or do you upgrade the Energy Cells? How do you restock on Crystalized Charges? Let us know in the comments section below.

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