How to Get Memory 11 in Tears of the Kingdom

Memories in “Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK) provide a better context for the story unfolding in Hyrule. Out of 18 memories in the game, memory 11 falls counts among the easier to find. In fact, it’s among the six memories that you can encounter while following the game’s main quest.

How to Get Memory 11 in Tears of the Kingdom

Still, the 11th memory represents a challenge for many players who often struggle to unlock it even after collecting most other memories. This guide will help you unlock the often elusive memory 11 in TotK.

Unlocking Memory 11

You’ll need to meet specific requirements before acquiring memory 11. Completing the Regional Phenomena Quest, where you’ll have to interact with four sages and complete each of their elemental temples, is the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, you’ll need to stack up at least ten hearts to survive the challenging dungeon where Memory 11 is located.

To obtain memory 11, you’ll have to fight its boss, Phantom Ganon, who packs quite a punch. You’ll need to prepare well for this encounter by finding the right weapons and armor and stocking up your inventory adequately. Moreover, you should use your resources strategically to ensure the best results. It’s also critical that you explore the dungeon sufficiently. You may find some collectibles that will give you an edge against Phantom Ganon.

You’ll need to embark on the Regional Phenomena Quest to begin the journey towards memory 11. This memory is also referred to as the “Demon King’s Army” and you’ll automatically unlock it once you complete the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” quest. The steps below will guide you through the entire exploration:

Tulin of Rito Quest

  1. Head to Rito Village.
  2. Buy a Snowquill set.
  3. Head northeast to activate Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower.
  4. Glide to Hebra and head to the Top of Rito Village.
  5. Begin the “Tulin of Rito” quest.
  6. Follow the quest line to get to the Wind Temple.
  7. Clear the Temple.

Completing the quest will grant you one Heart container and make Tulin a sage. Summoning Tulin will grant you better aerial mobility from that point onward.

Yunobo Goron City Quest

You’ll have to head to the Goron City in Akkala to help out the Goron in the area in the next stage of the Region Phenomena quest. Goron City is located near the Death Mountain. Ensure you’re well-kitted with a heat-resistant armor or meals before you embark on this challenge. You can purchase the Flamebreaker armor in Goron City, but it’ll set you back 3,400 Rupees. Here’s how you can complete this part of the quest:

  1. Head toward the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower.
  2. Access the tower through the roof. Apply Recast to get to the top.
  3. Follow the quest line to reach Goron City.
  4. Interact with the NPC at the Town Square.
  5. You’ll be sent on the “Yunobo of Goron City” quest.
  6. Locate the Fire Temple.
  7. Complete the quest.

Completing the fire temple will help you obtain one more Heart container. It’ll also activate Yunobo’s charged attack, which will come in handy when you need to tear through brick walls as you explore Hyrule.

Sidon of the Zora Quest

This is one of the most accessible quests in the Region Phenomena Quest. Follow the instructions below to complete the Water Temple:

  1. Go to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.
  2. Unlock the tower door by hurling Splash Fruits at it.
  3. Fly to Zora’s domain.
  4. Talk to Zora to start the “Sludge Covered Statue” quest.
  5. Hurl a Splash Fruit at the statue.
  6. Begin the “Sidon of the Zora Quest”
  7. Follow the quest marker until you arrive at the Water Temple.
  8. Clear the Temple.

Clearing the Water Temple will give you an additional Heart container and grant you a water shield from Sidon once you summon the sage. You can use the water shield for attack and defense purposes.

Riju of the Gerudo Town Quest

You’ll need to bolster up for this quest. Its harsh conditions will require you to stock up on cold and heat-resistant items. The region seems to be in an eternal sandstorm that will disorganize your mapping. Here’s how you can complete the quest:

  1. Head to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.
  2. Use a paraglider to move downhill to the Mayatat Shrine.
  3. Locate the whirlwind near the oasis and jump inside.
  4. Get to Soryotanog Shrine.
  5. Find the Courtyard in Gerudo Town.
  6. Jump inside the well to the left of the Courtyard.
  7. Use Ascend to enter the palace and start the “Riju of the Gerudo Town” quest.
  8. Clear out the Lightning Temple to complete the quest.

This final quest will earn you the last Heart container. Riju’s lightning bolt attack move will also enhance your arrow-shooting skills. After completing the challenges in the four initial temples, you’ll be instructed to interact with Purah. Purah is a non-player character located atop a tower in Lookout Landing. Speaking to her will trigger your mission to find the 11th memory. She will send you on a journey to explore the Hyrule Castle by starting the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” Quest. Completing this main quest will unlock the 11th memory. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.
  2. Use a paraglider to get to the Hyrule Castle and find Zelda.
  3. Battle different enemies as you try to catch up with her.
  4. Fight Phantom Ganon.
  5. Summon the five sages to help you defeat the last boss.

Once you defeat Phantom Ganon, a long speech will follow. The end of this speech will automatically unlock Memory 11.

Understanding Tear Memories

Players will need to unlock all the memory locations in TotK to understand and reveal the game’s full storyline. The memories are shown through cut scenes that help you travel back in time. They’re arranged systematically to ensure the story unfolds correctly. Though you may notice some memory gaps as you continue exploring Hyrule, there are quests you can take to unlock the missing memories.

Unlike other tear memories, memory 11 can’t be accessed through the Impa Geoglyphs. You’ll have to activate it by progressing with the main story. Unlocking all 18 locations can help you achieve a 100% completion rate in the game. Actively seeking out Memory 11 and other tears of the dragon provides a rich backstory and brilliant gaming experience.

Solve the TotK Narrative Puzzle

Obtaining the memory 11 isn’t an easy feat, but it’s a worthwhile experience. The fact that it’s located in one of the mandatory main quests of the game points to its importance. Unlocking Memory 11 will help you understand the game’s storyline better. This gives the game more character and depth, enhancing the overall game experience. If you follow the steps listed in this article, you’ll be able to get the memory 11 pretty quickly.

How many memories have you been able to collect so far? Do you think Memory 11 is a significant addition to the story of TotK? Let us know in the comments section below.

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