How to Cure a Cold in Dayz

DayZ immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to cope with numerous everyday challenges. Considering that it’s a survival game, there are various diseases you can contract if you neglect your character’s well-being.

How to Cure a Cold in Dayz

For instance, your character can contract a cold, which can lead to coughing and sneezing. While it isn’t a critical condition, the symptoms can give away your position and put you at risk of other assailants.

To help you prevent this scenario, we’ll give you a detailed guide on how to cure a cold.

How to Cure a Cold in DayZ

A simple way to determine if your character has caught a cold is to check their temperature. Inspect the thermometer icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If the thermometer is dark-blue, you’re running a risk of contracting the cold. To help lower the chances of catching a cold, always keep some food on you to raise your body temperature.

To confirm whether you have a cold, pay attention to the other symbols next to the thermometer icon as well. If you’ve caught a cold, a virus symbol will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen, and your character will soon start coughing and sneezing. The symbol won’t tell you what disease you’ve contracted, but if you can remember all the activities you’ve recently been involved in, you can narrow down the potential culprits

The time it takes to cure a cold varies, depending on how long you’ve been infected. In case you come down with one, here’s how to treat it:

  1. First, remove your accessories. This includes your mask, helmet, gloves, or hat, as the objects might be contaminated.
  2. You’ll now need medicine for alleviating symptoms of cold – Tetracycline Pills.
  3. Take a pill, and you’ll see a drug symbol appear next to the virus symbol in the bottom part of the display.
  4. Keep an eye on this symbol since its disappearance means you need to take one more pill to fight your disease successfully. The icon should vanish five minutes after you’ve taken a pill.
  5. Additionally, you’ll need to find an alcohol tincture or disinfectant spray to disinfect your contaminated clothing and items.
  6. Use your disinfectant on masks, gloves, hats, and similar accessories.
  7. After disinfecting the items, you can’t wear them again until you cure yourself of the cold. Otherwise, you’ll simply contract the disease once more after making a recovery.
  8. Once you’ve made a full recovery, the disease symbol will fade, meaning the cold virus is no longer in your system. At this point, you can re-equip all the previously infected gear.

It’s also a good idea to have some Multivitamin Pills at hand. It can help you combat the cold by boosting your immune system, and packs contain as many as 50 pills. Tetracycline packs aren’t as abundant, so you want to save them whenever possible.

What Is the Common Cold in DayZ?

The common cold is a disease your DayZ character can contract. It is highly invasive, meaning that the disease spreads quickly in the infected host. Furthermore, the infectiousness is also extremely high. In other words, the cold can spread easily from one host to the next. The good news is that it’s not resistant to antibiotics, and its ability to combat your character’s immune system is low.

You can get infected with many virus strains of the common cold. More often than not, your character catches the virus if they have been exposed to cold elements for an extended period. The disease generally infects hosts during winter since both cold and wet weather work side-by-side to spread it. The condition is far less common during summer since the temperatures are much higher.

Now let’s go through the symptoms of cold your DayZ character can experience. The most common one is sneezing, which is also the primary method of spreading the virus from one survivor to another. Coughing also occurs frequently and is another vessel for the disease to spread. In fact, it’s just as effective as sneezing when it comes to transferring the virus.

Luckily, the disease isn’t particularly debilitating, unlike food poisoning or Cholera. The main danger associated with the cold is that sneezing and coughing can alert other players to your position. As a result, entering a high-traffic city with this condition is very risky.

To avoid catching a cold, you want to keep your distance from infected survivors. You should also find a way to stay warm and avoid exposing your character to inclement weather. Moreover, make sure that your character remains hydrated, well-fed, and don’t forget to take a Multivitamin Pill if your body temperature drops.

How to Get Rid of Cold and Cure Yourself in DayZ

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to get some supplies to cure your character of a cold. More specifically, you’ll need Tetracycline Pills, as well as a disinfectant spray or an alcohol tincture. This is how to use your medical supplies properly:

  1. Establish that you have a cold by looking for the virus symbol next to the thermometer icon. Your character should also start sneezing and/or coughing.
  2. Take a Tetracycline Pill. Once the pill icon disappears, take another one.
  3. Disinfect your accessories, such as gloves, masks, and hats, with your disinfectant.
  4. If the disease symbol disappears completely, your character is cured.

Since your character can contract a cold when their immune system is weakened due to the elements, you want to find a way to boost it. The best method is to take Multivitamin pills. While they may prove useless against more potent viruses, they are perfectly suitable for the cold virus.

To find Multivitamin and Tetracycline Pills, you should go to a city with a medical building. Apart from the pills, you can find a host of useful items that will help you take care of your character’s health:

  • Bandages – They are more effective at stopping bleeding and bandaging wounds than rags
  • Blood Test Kits – Their purpose is to determine your blood type
  • Blood Collection Kits – These are used for collecting blood from survivors which then turns into Blood Bags for subsequent use.
  • Saline Bags – They accelerate the natural recovery of your blood.
  • IV Starter Kits – IV Kits enable you to inject a liquid into your character’s body. You can use them with Saline or Blood Bags.
  • Charcoal Tablets – These come in handy in curing poisoning from food, gasoline, disinfectant sprays, or alcohol tinctures.
  • Epinephrine Auto-Injectors – When you’re close to falling unconscious, these auto-injectors will reset your character’s shock levels.
  • Morphine Auto-Injectors – If you’re low on health, take these to briefly neutralize some adverse effects.

How to Cure the Flu in DayZ

The flu has the same causes as the cold virus. In other words, you can catch the flu if you’ve had a low temperature for an extended period. Another way to contract the flu is by being close to an infected survivor. The symptoms are also identical and include coughing and sneezing.

To treat the flu, you’ll again need Tetracycline Pills:

  1. Take a pill when the drug symbol appears next to the thermometer icon and your character starts sneezing and/or coughing.
  2. Take another pill when the drug symbol disappears. Keep taking them until the disease icon is gone for good.
  3. Disinfect your gear with a disinfectant or alcohol tincture to avoid getting sick again from contaminated items.

Additional FAQs

Now let’s go through some more information that will help you deal with DayZ diseases.

Can You Cure a Sickness in DayZ?

Fortunately, your character doesn’t automatically die when they catch a disease. Most of them are curable, but the time it takes to make a full recovery depends on the severity of the disease.

For example, while Cholera comes with rather nasty symptoms like vomiting, you can treat it with some Tetracycline Pills. Salmonella infections also induce vomiting in the affected survivor but can be cured with charcoal tablets. The same medicine works like a charm for chemical poisoning.

However, if you’ve eaten human flesh from dead characters, there’s a high risk of contracting Brain Disease. The symptoms include random tremors and laughter, and there are no cures. Your character will either commit suicide or die due to Brain Disease.

Why Is the Cold Not Going Away in DayZ?

Your cold might not be going away for a number of reasons. You may have taken just one Tetracycline Pill, which means that the character’s immune system hasn’t received antibiotics to fight the virus.

Also, you may not have disinfected your contaminated accessories. This way, even though you may have taken Tetracycline Pills correctly, the virus still lingers due to infected items your character is wearing.

How Do I Stop Coughing in DayZ?

Coughing in DayZ can be caused by the flu or the cold virus. To stop your character from coughing, you’ll need to get rid of the virus first. To do so, take Tetracycline Pills, and disinfect your equipment.

In the future, you can prevent catching a cold or flu by avoiding infected survivors, keeping your body temperature appropriately high, and boosting your immune system with Multivitamin Pills.

What Is the Cure for Infection in DayZ?

The cure for DayZ infections is Tetracycline Pills. They should be taken at regular intervals, along with Multivitamin Pills that can help your body prevail in the fight against viruses.

Put an End to Microscopic Assailants

Although the cold won’t cripple your DayZ character, it can still pose a severe threat to your safety. If other players hear you coughing or sneezing, your position will be compromised.

Thankfully, now you know how to come out on top against the cold virus. The main substances you need are Tetracycline Pills and disinfectants.

Have you contracted a cold or flu in DayZ? How long did it take you to cure your character? Let us know in the comments section below.

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