How to Find the Amazon Wish List of Somebody You Know

The Amazon Wish List is a handy and innovative feature that allows users to set Amazon items they would want to get as a gift from their friends. Essentially, if you are looking for a perfect surprise for someone you know and they use the Amazon Wish List feature, you can go ahead and order (and pay for) the gift to surprise them.

How to Find the Amazon Wish List of Somebody You Know

However, if you can not find the Wish List Feature on Amazon, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle. With this in mind, this guide helps you find any friend’s or family member’s shared Wish List if it exists.

How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List from a Windows 10 or Mac PC

There are many differences between macOS and Windows 10, but not how a browser works. Of course, you will not be using the Amazon app on your computer, so a browser is the best solution.

  1. Go to and sign into your account.
  2. Now, hover over the “Account & Lists” entry at the top, then click on “Your Lists.”
  3. Select the “Your Friends” tab. You should see the lists of friends that have shared their lists with you.
  4. You can also request a friend to share their list with you by going to the “Message” section and clicking on “Copy Message” or “Email this message.”
  5. Using “Copy Message” sends the request via any communication avenue on your PC (social messaging, a different email, etc.). Using “Email this message” sends it to their Amazon email, providing a notification when the respond.

Aside from regular wishlists, there are other types that Amazon has added to its website: Wedding Registry and Baby Registry. It is self-explanatory; as you know, they are specific wish lists for weddings and baby showers.

  1. To access either of the two, hover over the “Account & Lists” option as you did earlier, but this time, select the “Wedding Registry” or the “Baby Registry” entry.
  2. Now, type in your friend’s name and hit “Search.” You will see a list of all the wedding/baby registries under the given search terms. Find your friend’s list, and surprise them with a fantastic gift that they want and need!

How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List from an iPhone or Android

In this day and age, everyone spends hours looking at their smartphone or tablet. Many people do not even own computers. Naturally, you can order from Amazon on any tablet or smartphone you want. Now, it would be quite a shame if you could not access your friends’ Wish Lists and order stuff that they want on Amazon.

Of course, not too many people browse Amazon from a mobile browser. There is a dedicated app for it that makes things easy.

Whether you are using an iOS device or Android, the apps are identical, and this is a very rare feat!

To access someone’s list on iOS or Android, provided that you are signed in and that the person has shared the list with you, follow these steps:

  1. Access the “Amazon Store” app on you iOS or Android phone.
  2. Tap on the “hamburger icon” (menu icon) in the top-left corner of the app.
  3. Select “Your Lists.”
  4. Use the “Search” field to find the person who has the shared list from their Amazon Wish Lists.

How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List on an Amazon Kindle Reader

Amazon Kindle Readers are handy digital replacements for books. When it comes to reading, they are probably one of the best device types for it.

Yes, you can access the Amazon Store via your Kindle device. Yes, you can make a Wish List. And, yes, you can access your friends’ Wish Lists, as well.

Here’s how to find a friend’s or family member’s Wish List on a Kindle.

  1. On your Kindle’s home screen, navigate to the “Amazon Store” app.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account using your credentials, if not already signed in.
  3. Go to “Registry” or “List.” You will find various books sorted by interests, needs, or specific purposes.
  4. Find the book that you want to buy and purchase it.

Purchasing an Item Off of a Wish List

The entire point here is ordering someone else’s desired items from their Amazon Wish List. The things you order off of Wish Lists get shipped to the list’s creator—it’s like gift shopping, only you aren’t running the risk of buying something that your friend won’t need or doesn’t want.

To avoid any mistakes, here’s how to purchase items from Wish Lists for your friends. Don’t worry about the checkout process—it uses the regular procedure. The only difference is that the address gets pre-inserted under “Other addresses” to make it anonymous.

  1. Select the gift from a friend’s Wish List. This will not take you to the item’s default page but its Wish List page.
  2. On the page, select “Add to Cart.”
  3. Confirm it in the next pop-up window by using the “Add to Cart” button one more time.
  4. Then, go to “Proceed to Checkout.”
  5. Now, select the “address” on the checkout page. Ensure that you use the “Other addresses” option.
  6. Go to “Gifting Options” if you want to add a message to the gift.
  7. You can remove the “price details” from the receipt. You will want to do this for gifts.
  8. Finish off by selecting “Place your order.”

As you can see, finding someone’s Wish List on Amazon is very straightforward, no matter what device you use. You must read this entry in its entirety to ensure that you avoid any mistakes. After all, you want the gift to go to the right person, the correct address, and avoid duplicate purchases.

Lastly, remember that there are Amazon Wish Lists and theWedding Registry” and the “Baby Registry” lists. Therefore, if you can’t find a friend’s list, it may reside under the baby registry or wedding registry sections.

Amazon Wish Lists FAQs

How do I find Amazon wish lists that have previously been shared with me?

Go to “Find a Wish List” and enter your credentials to sign in if prompted. Now, ideally, use the email address of the person in question. You can also use their name, but the email address is unique, ensuring a better match. Then, select “Search” and browse for your friend’s Wish List. If you want to save the link to the list, select “Remember.”

How do I share my Amazon Wish List?

Many people buy things from their wish lists, but you can also share your list with other people.

1. Start by navigating to “Your Lists,” then go to “Manage List” from the list menu.

2. Under “Privacy,” select the “privacy setting” of your choice. “Private” means that only you will be able to see the list. “Public” means that anyone will be able to find it. “Shared” means that only people with a link to your list can see it.

3. Once you’ve made your choice, click “Save Changes” to confirm.

If you click “Share,” located at the top of the list, you will be able to notify people about the list via email. The recipients will receive your Wish List’s URL. Keep in mind that your friends may have to wait up to 15 minutes before they can search for your list.

Is the recipient notified about the gift purchase?

No, the recipient does not get a notification or message when purchasing a gift for them, at least not by default. This feature is called the “Do not spoil my surprises” setting. Essentially, this option prevents the recipient from getting any notification about someone purchasing a gift for them. The feature is excellent for surprises but may result in mini tragedies, where the recipient ends up ordering the item from their Wish List while the same gift is still en-route.

1. To prevent this from happening (but also to spoil your surprise), go to the “Your Lists” menu, then click on “Manage list” on a particular list that you wish to change, and uncheck “Keep purchased items on your list.”

2. Then, choose whether you want to turn the “Do not spoil my surprises” setting on or off. It is entirely up to you.

3. Finish by selecting “Save Changes.”

Is the recipient address private on Amazon Wish Lists?

Yes, recipient addresses are private on Amazon Wish Lists. When someone buys something for the person, they will only see the name and city information—nothing else. This action is essential in protecting the users’ privacy on Amazon.

Amazon Wishlist

Locating someone’s Amazon Wishlist isn’t all that difficult. With a few clicks and searches, you’ll be able to buy the perfect gift for someone you care about. Although buying the ideal gift might seem like a hassle, Amazon Wishlist makes it easy to determine just what to get for friends, family, and other people in your life.

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