How to Get Weapons in Team Fortress 2

Every class in Team Fortress 2 (TF2) has room for customization, including weapons. Like all games with drop systems, some weapons are better and rarer than others.

How to Get Weapons in Team Fortress 2

If you’re not sure how to get weapons in TF2, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you through the possible ways to get them. We’ve also provided a list of websites you can visit to get them.

How to Get New Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

There are a few ways to get weapons. Some of them are relatively quick while others require some resources and grinding. Let’s take a look:

Random Item Drops From Playing the Game

TF2 has a reward system for playing the game. You’ll get some items by playing the game for a certain amount of time a week. These rewards are random and you won’t know what you might get from them.

They appear as notifications in the main menu, and you’ll have to click or select them to claim them. This was implemented to prevent idling, or when players go AFK in servers and claim rewards. If you run more than one instance of TF2, you receive no rewards at all.

The rewards you gain from playing the game can range from common to rare. There might be a very powerful weapon you’ve been waiting for as well. It’s up to the random number generator to determine what you’ll get.

Crafting With Resources and Other Items

There are some weapons you can craft if you have the parts. You don’t have to buy blueprints themselves, but to access better weapons, you’ll need to have a Premium Account.

You can get a Premium Account when you spend money on it in the Mann Co. Store, purchasing The Orange Box, or being gifted an Upgrade by another player.

With a premium account, you have access to all blueprints, including weapons. Other than Scrap Metal you get from dismantling extra weapons, you may need other items to craft good weapons. Consult the blueprint for the materials needed.

When you have the necessary ingredients, all you have to do is craft the weapon.

Opening Crates

A Mann Co. Supply Crate is one of the possible rewards from the item drop system. These require a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key to open. A key can be obtained from the Store or through trading with other players.

Here’s how you open a Supply Crate.

  1. Launch TF2
  2. Go to ‘’Customize.’’
  3. Open your backpack.
  4. Select a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key.
  5. Next, select the Supply Crate your wish to open.
  6. Wait for the crate to open.
  7. Accept the items.

You can open as many crates a week as you wish, as long as you have enough keys and crates. The item drop system isn’t affected by opening crates. There’s a chance you might get a good weapon from these crates too.

Some of the weapons you get from these crates will be duplicates. Duplicate weapons can be broken down into Scrap Metal and other ingredients for crafting.

Before you turn your extra weapons into resources, make sure no blueprints need them. You might end up regretting your decision later.


Trading is the best way to get new weapons quickly. Not only will you get your items quickly, but you also won’t have to use resources at all. You can also find some cheap weapons that don’t break the bank.

While you can make friends through playing the game, sometimes your friends won’t be able to give you the weapons you lack. This is where trading websites come in. Here are some popular trading websites for TF2.

DMarket is a website where you can buy TF2 items from. There are some very cheap weapons, particularly the standard ones. After you register, you can start shopping for the best prices and purchase the weapons, which will be added to your inventory.

ON DMarket, you can register with your Steam account instead of email. This makes transferring your purchased weapons easier. If you also play other games such as CS:GO, you can find some of their items there too.

ScrapTF is another popular website that’s completely automated with bots. Unlike DMarket, it has auctions, raffles, trading, and more. The website features items from other games as well.

While the website is automated, you can always reach the support team if you encounter an error. The site started in 2012 for TF2 players who wanted cheaper items and gear. Today, it’s still going strong and many players like to buy from this site. is another option for your weapon needs. Some of the other items can get more expensive, but you can find almost anything you want there.

When you visit websites like these, always be careful. You may either be scammed or an error might occur. Valve isn’t responsible since the company has no relation to these websites.

How to Get Australium Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

Australium weapons are reskins of certain weapons. They appear golden and metallic and are always ‘’Strange’’ with a random killstreak. Australium weapons were introduced in the Two Cities Update.

Here’s how you get Australium weapons in TF2:

  1. Launch TF2.
  2. Play a full Tour of Duty in Mann Up mode on Advanced or Expert difficulty.
  3. There’s a chance you might get them after completion.

Australium weapons can be obtained from Operation Two Cities, Operation Gear Grinder, and Operation Mecha Engine. The drop chance is rather low, so you’ll have to replay the Tours of Duty multiple times.

Other than being reskins of weapons, the kill feed will denote if the killer is using one. The kill icon will have a golden icon behind it. This shows that the killer has spent time getting these prestigious weapons.

There’s a rare Australium weapon called the Golden Frying Pan. It’s much harder to get than the other Australium weapons. You can use it with any class as well.

The way you obtain a Golden Frying Pan is the same as the others, albeit with much lower chances.

How to Get Strange Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

‘’Strange’’ is a unique item quality in TF2. Strange weapons track the kills they’ve made over their lifetime. Other players will be able to see this statistic too.

There are a few ways you can get Strange weapons in TF2.

Get It From a Mann Co. Supply Crate

Occasionally, a Supply Crate will yield one as a reward. You can rejoice, as these weapons are highly sought after!

Use a Strangifier on a Weapon

Strangifiers are associated with a certain weapon, while others are sometimes dropped from Supply Crates. Normally, you get Strangifiers from a Chemistry Set. However, these Chemistry Sets are now not dropped anymore.

If you do have a Chemistry Set, you’ll have to fulfill the requirements the Set has. It will yield the Strangifier for a certain item the Set is associated with.

Buy or Trade Them From Other Players

Currently, the best way to get Strange weapons is to purchase them from other players or on websites. Strangifiers are difficult to get, especially since they were quietly removed from drop tables in 2014.

Get Australium or Botkiller Weapons From Mann Up Mode

Both Australium and Botkiller weapons are inherently Strange weapons. The drop chances for these aren’t very high, but you can still just play a Tour of Duty fully.

If you just want to complete the collection and the price isn’t an issue, you can buy them from websites or trade with other players.

Strange weapons that are born from Strangifiers also retain most of their previous attributes such as customized names and colors.

By obtaining enough kills, Strange weapons can rank up. The new ranks will be added to the weapon’s name and displayed for all to see. When ranking up, everyone on the server will be notified and they may even congratulate you.

How to Get Killstreak Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

By playing Mann Up, you have a chance to get a Killstreak Kit. This kit transforms any weapon into a Killstreak weapon. These weapons will start counting up in-game whenever you get a kill.

A killstreak will be shown on the scoreboard as well, and for every five kills, or 20 in Mann vs. Machine, the server will display a message showing how high the killstreak is. You need to kill with a Killstreak weapon to increase the streak.

However, carrying multiple Killstreak weapons also increases an overall streak. The individual weapons will still be calculated as per usual. Upon death, the counter resets and the process starts again.

Engineers will gain kills added to the streak when their Sentry Guns earn a kill. Medics also gain from assisting others’ kills with his Medi Gun, though it counts towards his overall streak.

There are higher tiers for Killstreak weapons with cosmetic effects. Otherwise, they behave the same way as normal Killstreak weapons. Professional Killstreak Kits give classes particle effects and are the rarest tier.

A Killstreak Kit can be used on any weapon possessing any qualities. It will appear as an item drop before you claim and equip it.

Armed Up and Ready to Fight

Team Fortress 2 has many unique weapons and variants to collect. Some are harder to get than others. Now that you know how to get weapons, you can start expanding your weapon collection.

What’s your favorite weapon in TF2? Do you like the many qualities weapons can have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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