How to Join a Clan in WarFrame

Warframe is a very popular online third-person shooter action RPG. With a large number of players in the game, many have banded together both to enjoy the game and help each other advance through the missions. These groups are known in Warframe as Clans.

How to Join a Clan in WarFrame

Clans offer players many benefits, and joining one is actually rather easy. In this article, we’ll show you how to join a clan in Warframe, or even make one of your own.

How to Join a Clan in Warframe?

Joining a clan is a simple as accepting an invitation. A clan rep only needs to send you an invite and you’ll be added to the roster once you accept.

Clan reps usually hang around the Recruiting tab in the chat screen. You can just type in ‘’WTJ clan’’ or ‘’LFC’’ to get their attention. The terms stand for Want to Join, and Looking for Clan respectively.

Although technically there is no Mastery Rank requirement to get invited to a clan, many clans have their own conditions to get accepted. It’s usually better to get about Mastery Rank 5 so you can contribute to the clan, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Invite messages will appear in your Inbox. You can access them by opening the Main Menu, clicking on “Communication,’’ then clicking on ‘’Inbox.’’ Once you accept the invite, head to your Foundry and find the Blueprint for the Dojo Key to gain access to the Clan Dojo. The Blueprint is a single-use item only, but once the key is made, it stays in your inventory. If you leave the clan, the key will be automatically destroyed. Joining a new clan will give you a new key.

The Dojo Key costs 1,500 credits and requires 1 Morphic, 500 Polymer Bundles, and 500 Ferrites to construct. Building the key will take 12 hours, but you can rush construction by using 10 Platinum.

How to Create a Clan in Warframe?

If you want to build your own clan, go through the Main Menu. Even Mastery Rank 0 Tenno can create Clans, and this is a great way to play with people you already know.

Creating a Clan

To create a clan, do the following:

  1. Open the Main Menu.
  2. Click on “Communication.’’
  3. Click on “Clan.”
  4. If you’re not already a member of a clan, you’ll be given the option to Start Your Own Clan or Learn About Clans. Click on ‘’Start Your Own Clan.’’
  5. Type in the name of your Clan then click on “OK.”

Once created, open the Clan Page to get information about your Clan. On the right side, you’ll find your Clan Rank, the amount of Clan Affinity needed to advance to the next Rank, Any active Sessions, The entrance to the Clan Dojo, and your Clan Log. On the left side, you’ll see a list of All Clan Members.

If you haven’t created a Dojo Key, clicking on ‘’Enter Clan Dojo’’ will automatically create one in your Foundry. As stated, it costs 1,500 credits and needs 1 Morphic, 500 Polymer Bundles, and 500 Ferrites to construct. It will take 12 hours to construct, but you can be rushed by paying 10 Platinum.

How to Invite People to Your Clan in Warframe?

If you’ve created your Clan, or are a Clan Rep looking for new members, you can recruit by sending people invitations to join. This can be done in one of two several ways:

A. Invitation via the Chatroom

  1. Open the Chatbox on the lower left side of your screen. The default key for PC is “T.” For consoles, it’s Options + L2 on PS4, Menu + Left Trigger for Xbox, and Menu + ZL for Nintendo Switch.
  2. Find the name of a player you wish to invite and click on it. On PS4, press “X” on Xbox, press “A.” on Nintendo Switch, press “B.”
  3. From the dropdown list, choose “Invite to Clan.”
  4. Wait for them to accept.

B. From the Clan Management Screen.

  1. Open Main Menu.
  2. Choose Communication.
  3. Choose Clan.
  4. On the lower right side of the screen, click on “Clan Management.”
  5. Click on “Invite.”
  6. Type in a player’s name.
  7. Click on “Ok.”
  8. Wait for them to accept.

Managing Your Warframe Clan

If you have enough Clan Permissions, you can perform many Clan Management activities to streamline clan organization. Assigning Hierarchies and Roles to various members makes it clear who can engage in what kind of Clan Activity. These Hierarchies and the various roles are as follows:

Member Hierarchy

The Clan has eight Hierarchies or positions available. These aren’t exactly a showing of rank, but rather an assignment of roles. The person who creates the Clan gets the title ‘’Founding Warlord’’ and has all roles unlocked by default. Anyone with a ‘’Promote’’ or ‘’Regulator’’ role can assign roles to other members up to their Rank. The roles are as follows:

  • Ruler – Can assign/remove permissions.
  • Recruiter – Can invite people to the clan.
  • Regulator – Can remove players of a lower rank.
  • Promotion – Allows the player to promote others below their rank to a position less than or equal to their own.
  • Architect – Can destroy or build Dojo rooms and decorations.
  • Dojo Decorator – Can make or remove Dojo decorations only.
  • Treasurer – Can use Clan Vault stores to fund Research, Dojo Rooms, and decorations. Can also adjust Clan Tax Rate.
  • Tech – can queue Research so that Clan Members can fund them.
  • Tactician – can queue Solar Rails in the Orokin Lab and deploy them throughout the solar system.
  • Chat Moderator – Allows the player to kick or suspend someone from Clan Chat.
  • Herald – Can edit or create Message of the Day.
  • Fabricator – Allows the player to Replicate Clan tech.

Founding Warlord and Warlords have all roles by default, and they can’t be removed. The roles of the remaining six ranks can be adjusted as necessary.

Earning Clan Affinity

Clan Affinity is a resource that determines the Rank of a Clan. The more affinity you gain, the higher the Clan Rank will be. Clan Affinity is earned by building Dojo Rooms and Decorations or finishing Research. The amount of affinity that building a room or decoration will give will be listed on the construction menu of that particular room.

Each Clan Tier has nine Ranks that will give you Endo each time you raise in Rank. With a total of five Tiers, with nine Ranks each, you can possibly have 45 Rank ups and access to thousands of Endo. This of course will take a lot of time and dedication from you and your Clan Members.

The Clan Ascension

When a Clan earns enough affinity to rise to the next rank, a member with a Decorator or Architect Role can construct an Ascension Altar to level up the Clan Rank. The number of members required to start the ceremony changes depending on the Clan’s Tier. They are as follows:

  • Ghost: one member
  • Shadow: five members
  • Storm: 15 members
  • Mountain: 30 members
  • Moon: 50 members.

Once activated, the ascension ceremony runs for three days, in which time Clan Members can claim the Endo from the ceremony. Endo rewards per tier are tier x 1,000. So, a Rank 1 Ascension will give 1,000 Endo, while a Rank 2 Ascension will give 2,000, and so on.

Warframe Clan Tiers

Clans have different tiers which can serve as an indication of how large a Clan actually is. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword though, as the higher the Clan Tier is, the more resources needed to finish research and build rooms and decorations. It serves as a way of evening out the field in terms of advancement between large and small clans.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Ghost – Up to 10 Max members, no barracks required, Resource multiplier x 1.
  • Tier 2: Shadow – Up to 30 Max members, Shadow barracks required, Resource multiplier x 3.
  • Tier 3: Storm – Up to 100 Max members, Storm Barracks required, Resource multiplier x 10.
  • Tier 4: Mountain – Up to 300 Max members, Mountain barracks required, Resource multiplier x 30.
  • Tier 5: Moon – Up to 1,000 Max members, Moon barracks required, Resource multiplier x 100.

The Clan Tier can be upgraded by creating the barracks required for the tier. The Clan can be downsized in case active membership drops and it makes it harder to fund research, but you can’t downsize during an event

Additional FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Warframe Clan?

Other than having the support of other players, joining a Clan gives you access to a Clan Dojo. This unlocks a lot of blueprints, Warframes, and resources that can only be found in the Clan Dojo. You also gain the ability to join in on Clan Events that makes the constant grind a bit easier.

How to Invite People to Your Clan in Warframe?

As indicated in the instructions given above, you can send invites either via the Chat window or by typing a player’s name on an invite message. Remember that only Clan Members with the Recruiter role can invite other people.

How to Join a Clan on Discord?

Warframe has its own Discord Community which lists thousands of clans that you can possibly join. If you have discord installed, just proceed to the Warframe Discord page, then open the ‘’Clan Recruitment’’ tab to find an active thread. Leave a message with your in-game name, and if a Clan rep accepts your application, they may send an invitation to your inbox.

What Does Clan Dojo Do in Warframe?

The Clan Dojo serves as a headquarters of sorts for the members of a Clan. It also holds the various Clan-exclusive resources, research labs, and trading hubs that have been unlocked for your particular Clan. If a particular Clan Facility has been unlocked, it will be available in the Clan Dojo.

How Do You Get a Good Clan in Warframe?

Unless you’re in a clan with people you know in real life, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be joining a good clan or not. Even a Clan you’ve created on your own can end up with bad apples, especially if you’re recruiting members anonymously.

The best way to gauge if you’re in a good Clan is to stay for a while and see how helpful the members are. A good clan contributes to the enjoyment of your game, and if you’re not enjoying it, it might be time to leave.

A Common Goal

Warframe is an online game that allows players to interact and help each other advance through missions. Joining a Clan or forming your own gives otherwise dissimilar people a common goal. Running and gunning your way through the solar system is always more fun with a group of friends.

Do you know of other ways on how to join a clan in Warframe? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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