How to Make a Poll in Slack

There is a good reason why most businesses don’t rely on chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. for their business needs. Alternatives like Slack offer a more professional experience, with extensive management and scheduling benefits.

In addition to many other features, Slack gives you the option of making polls in channels. Polls can be very useful when trying to get an overall consensus on an issue within a workspace.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make polls in Slack and how to customize them across various devices.


At its core, Slack is basically a chat app. Sure, you can create threads, preview various extension types, edit messages, etc. But the heart of Slack’s functionality is actually its available integrations.

Think of integrations as apps on your smartphone/tablet device. Straight out of the box, your phone has a few installed apps, some of which you might end up removing. And, conversely, you’ll end up adding various apps to your device and, therefore, personalizing it.

This is exactly how integrations work on Slack. In fact, they’re sometimes referred to as “apps” to begin with.

Polling isn’t a Slack option by default. Performing the basic installation of the app and the creation of a workspace does not give you the polling option. However, you can download one of the available integration options for polling, and you’ll get quick access to this feature.

Installing Integrations

Because you don’t get the polling option by default, you’ll have to learn how to install Slack integrations to get this feature. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve using sketchy third-party apps. Slack integrations are downloaded from the official website, so you know they’re intended for use with the program.

While you might expect to be able to install these integrations through the app, installing an integration can only be done via a web browser. This is a good thing because having an in-app integration browsing option would slow down and clutter the app. Plus, once you’ve added an integration to a workspace via a browser, it automatically integrates with all phone/tablet and desktop apps.

Here’s how to install any integration, including various polling options.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your workspace.
  3. Scroll down to the Integrations section.
  4. Click, tap, or select “Learn more about apps.”
  5. Select “Explore all apps.”
  6. Type in the name of your desired app.
  7. Select “Add to Slack.”
  8. Go to “Allow.”

Keep in mind that these integration installation steps pertain not only to every integration available on, but also across all supported devices.

Poll Integrations

There are many integrations available on Slack that allow you to create and customize polls. With this in mind, we’ve decided to round up a few options that may help you. Remember, every one of these integrations/apps/bots is installed in the same way.


Where many Slack integrations offer poll options as one of their many features, Polly is poll-specific. Forms and survey tools are Polly’s bread and butter. This integration allows you to stay connected, respond quickly, and gain access to the results instantaneously.

In addition to creating polls, Polly allows you to hold regular standups (for agile teams), run games of trivia, conduct “hot takes” (polls that have no definitive answer but are mainly just for fun), etc.

Polly comes with various pre-installed templates and also allows you to customize and create your own. For instance, the weekly team check-in template is pre-loaded with questions such as “What is your primary focus today?” and “Do you need support for any challenges that you might be facing?”

Polly’s design is also anything but tedious – it’s very eye-friendly.

To get started with Polly, you don’t really need a tutorial. Just go to any chat on Slack (provided that you’ve installed the integration in the workspace), and type in “/polly.” The app will guide you.

Doodle Bot

The best thing about using Doodle to create polls is that it isn’t Slack-specific. This means that people who aren’t using Slack and those who are can both participate in a poll.

It’s as simple as sending them a shareable link once you’ve created a Slack poll. Yes, the poll results will include responses from both Slack team members and those who aren’t using the app. You can also share polls with non-Slack colleagues from the integration directly.

Doodle is also fully integrated with other software, like various Google apps, Office 365 and Outlook, ICS feed, etc.

In addition to polls, Doodle allows you to create various meetings outside of Slack.

To start using Doodle on Slack, type in “/doodle” and customize a poll.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll integration isn’t complicated. It doesn’t have any fancy customization features and doesn’t work outside of Slack. But when it comes to simplicity and ease of use, however, there isn’t another Slack poll app like it.

With Simple Poll, you can create the most basic, straightforward, and quick polls. Add a question, add the answer options, get it started. To begin a poll, select a channel, and type in “/poll “[insert question]” “Yes” “No”.” For instance, to determine who’ll be available for this week’s get-together, just type “/poll “Will you be attending the weekly meet-up tomorrow?” “Yes” “No”.

With some polls, anonymity is often necessary. With Simple Poll, any poll can offer respondents the chance to answer anonymously. Add the “anonymous” tag to the end of the command. For instance, “/poll “Are you satisfied with your salary?” “Yes” “Neutral” “No” anonymous.

By simply adding an emoji after a poll response, the emoji will be displayed as a part of the option. Make sure that you add the emoji after each poll option’s quotation marks without a space between the end quote mark and the emoji.

You can also restrict the number of votes each user can cast in a poll. To do this, simply add the limit keyword, followed by the allowable number of votes. Here’s an example: “/poll “What is your favorite color?” “Blue” “Red” “Orange” limit 1.”

The Importance of Running Polls

Never underestimate the importance of having the poll option available. Polls can be a stress-breaker in your team’s office life, but also be of vital importance. For instance, instead of wasting time walking around asking everyone to choose what kind of food they want to order for lunch, just send your colleagues a poll and simplify the decision-making process.

On the other hand, polls can be used to gather opinions on, for instance, product management. If you can’t decide how to run a certain project, create a poll and let your colleagues vote. Alternately, polls can be used to gather important information regarding how happy your team is with their work, their salary, their position, or your company in general.

Additional FAQ

What do you get with a Polly free plan?

Unlike some Slack integrations, Polly does feature a free plan that isn’t trial period-limited. However, some restrictions, naturally, exist. While you can create any type of a poll, the total response number that you can create in a single month is 25. Additionally, results that are older than 45 days will be hidden from the dashboard. The free plan also prevents you from sharing your results, adding collaborators, and seeing various advanced analytics features.

Is Doodle free?

Doodle is a productivity app that isn’t Slack-specific. It allows you to plan meetings, customize them, and also gives you a variety of other productivity and integration options. Doodle Bot, on the other hand, is a Slack polling integration that is completely free. The best part here is that the bot itself allows you to create polls for people who are using Slack as well as for those who aren’t – for free. This is one of the coolest things about the bot.

What do you get for free with Simple Poll?

Simple Poll’s free plan is called “Hobby.” It allows you to create native and anonymous polls. You can also gather up to 100 votes and 10 decisions per month. You can use 10 options per poll or create a single recurring poll. For those using Slack as a secondary messaging program, the free plan is likely enough. For more serious needs, upgrading to the “Small Business” plan will remove the recurring poll limit, as well as the monthly vote limit. The monthly decision limit is raised to 100, and you can offer 45 options per poll.

There’s also a custom pricing option, but you’ll need to contact the Simple Poll sales department to get more information on this.

What are some of the best Slack integrations?

Asana is a popular project management tool that is fully compatible with Slack. It allows you to access various views, link tasks with Slack, create custom automation, etc. If you’re more familiar with a simple platform such as Trello, don’t worry. Trello comes with a brilliant integration option for Slack. And using the Zoom integration for Slack is a much better alternative to using Slack’s video conferencing features, as Slack will eat up a lot of your bandwidth.

Polls in Slack

Creating a poll in Slack is dependent on using an integration that will enable you to do so. Although adding an integration to your Slack workspace is, for the most part, a uniform process, working with integrations that enable you to start and run polls may differ slightly from integration to integration. Generally, however, they are very straightforward and user-friendly.

Have you found your ideal poll integration option? Do you think there’s a better option than one of the three mentioned here? Don’t be a stranger. Hit the comments section below and fire away.

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