How to reopen recently closed programs and folders with hotkeys

Most probably close and then reopen Windows software and folders quite a bit. So it would be handy if you could press a hotkey to quickly reopen the last program or folder closed. Well, UndoClose gives you exactly that! This is a freeware package for Windows 7/8/10 that saves your recently closed folders and programs in a list so you can reopen them with keyboard shortcuts.

How to reopen recently closed programs and folders with hotkeys

Save its Zip file to Windows 10 by clicking Download on this Softpedia page. Open the compressed Zip in File Explorer and press Extract all. Then you can set up an extracted folder for it, and as it’s a portable program you can run it straight from that folder.

When the software’s running, you’ll find a UndoClose button in the system tray. Click that button to open the UndoClose window below. The window will have a couple of empty sections for closed folders and apps. That’s where it lists recently closed folders and software, but note that it doesn’t really include any of the Windows 10 apps.

Now open a few software packages and folders. Then close all the folders and programs you just opened. Click the UndoClose system tray icon or taskbar icon to open its window, which now includes the folders and programs you just closed.


Now press the Ctrl + Shift + A hotkey. That will open the program at the top of the Recently Closed Apps list. Press it a few times to reopen all the software you closed. Press Ctrl + Shift + F to reopen the recently closed folders.

If you don’t need to open the most recently closed program or folder, but another one listed on the UndoClose window, don’t press the hotkeys. You can open a listed program or folder on the window by clicking it instead.

To further customize the hotkeys, click inside the Open Last Closed App or Open Last Closed Folder boxes. Then press an alternative keyboard shortcut for them. That should then replace the original hotkey in the text box. Press the Change button to apply the new settings.

You can also delete software and folders from the lists. You can right-click an item and select Remove Selected to remove one folder or program. Or select Clear All to erase the full list.

Aside from that, and a Run on system startup check box, UndoClose doesn’t have any further options. It’s a relatively basic software package, but is still a handy tool for Windows 10. With it you can now quickly reopen closed folders or programs when needed. 

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