How to Jump to Live TV in Hulu Live

Hulu Live is an over-the-top media service that’s both a streaming device and a broadcasting platform for live TV. Hulu recommends having at least an 8.0 Mbps internet connection to watch its live TV offering. Otherwise, you might run into errors such as freezing and buffering problems.

How to Jump to Live TV in Hulu Live

Regardless, the inability to jump to Hulu live during a live broadcast is a bigger problem. In this write-up, you’ll see how to jump back to a live TV channel in the middle of a live program.

Not Jumping to Live During a Recording

Some users complain that they couldn’t switch back to a live sports program if Hulu was already recording it. The only way to go back to a live broadcast is to fast-forward the show or sports program.

While this problem can be tricky to solve, it essentially depends on the device you’re using with Hulu. Here’s how to jump back to live, if you can.



Hulu Live Fire Stick Problems

Fire Stick is a digital media player that can deliver content via the internet to any high-definition television. That’s incredibly helpful if you don’t own a smart TV and want to stream Hulu content via the internet. Fire Stick users have complained that there’s no way to jump back to live programming that is also getting recorded. This scenario is often related to sports broadcasts.

If you’ve added a program to the “My Stuff” folder, Hulu automatically begins recording it. Let’s say there’s a sports program that you added to the “My Stuff” folder. Now, while the game is going live and also getting recorded, you get some free time. You decide to skip what already happened and hop to the live programming, but there’s no option to jump back to live. The only option you have is to fast forward the program to get it back to the live broadcast.

While this is a problem that Hulu has to address sooner or later, there appears to be no solution at the moment of writing. Usually, Live TV subscribers have an additional menu item in the main navigation called “Live TV.” Selecting this option gives viewers the ability to jump back to the live stream of the last channel they were watching. But this menu does not appear on Hulu within the Fire Stick.

hulu live

Hulu Live Switching Has No Problems on Roku

While Hulu’s Live TV problem with the Fire Stick is well-documented, we’ve found out that the problem doesn’t exist for Roku users. If you’re using Roku and want to switch back to Hulu’s live program, click on “Live TV,” a separate menu item available on the main navigation page. Doing so will take you back to the last live channel you were watching.

Hulu and Vizio

Vizio smart TV users have problems similar to those using a Fire Stick when trying to jump back to a live Hulu program. Hulu has said that it will soon resolve it. If you still don’t see an option named “Live TV” on your “Hulu Live” main navigation page, wait for some time or write to Hulu about it.

Hulu Live Works on Every Other Platform

Other than Fire Stick and Vizio, users have experienced little to no problems on other devices when switching back to a live tv channel while it’s recording. This scenario includes Android, Windows, iOS, and Roku. The “Live TV” option is available on Hulu’s main navigation page for Live TV subscribers, and we recommend you use it to revert to the live programming.

In summary, any streaming app includes some level of problems, but Hulu’s live TV glitch is nothing to ignore. After all, there are many situations in which you’d like to view a live broadcast while it is recording, and that should never be a problem. For those of you planning to use Hulu Live TV, the information above will guide you to the best options.

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