What is IMDbPro? Is It Worth the Money?

If you’re a movie fan, then you’ve probably heard of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), one of the web’s leading sources for information about TV shows, movies, and the professionals who make them. IMDb is the largest, most popular TV and movie database on the internet. It lists thousands of TV shows, movies, actors and other information about the entertainment business. It tells you who starred in, wrote, produced, directed, and featured on nearly every TV or movie that’s ever been released.

What is IMDbPro? Is It Worth the Money?

Most of us have gone to IMDb.com at least a few times, searching for pictures of our favorite actresses or reference material about our favorite movies or shows. However, not everyone has heard of IMDbPro, the site’s exclusive paid subscription level. In this article, I’ll tell you all about IMDbPro and give you the pros and cons of having a paid membership to the site.

The standard site is free to use and doesn’t need a membership. Anyone can look up all the information they want, all day long. There is also a registered user model, where you can register and in return for your email, you get the opportunity to customize your experience and write reviews, comments and whatever else you feel the need to share on the site.

What Is IMDbPro?

IMDbPro was initially launched in 2002 and provided a forum for anyone who wanted to research the entertainment industry. Membership to IMDbPro is theoretically intended for industry professionals, but in practice, most subscribers are just ordinary folks, not TV actors or movie producers. In return for a monthly subscription, IMDbPro allows you to see what productions are on the horizon, who is working on what, how to contact directors and agencies and a host of other resources for the budding actor/cameraman/writer or whatever.

A couple of years ago, IMDbPro also added the Pro Casting service. This is a listings service featuring casting calls, auditions, and upcoming roles. It is another way for the aspiring star to find work and seems to be working quite well. The Pro Casting service isn’t just for those in front of the camera but for all of those aspiring screenwriters who want a break too.

IMDbPro is not designed to be the one place to find your next role. It is still primarily for research, to find out what’s going on, where and with whom. But also, it does feature some listings for those within the industry.


How Much Does IMDbPro Cost?

IMDbPro has either a monthly subscription or a yearly charge. Currently, it costs $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year. You do get a 30-day free trial of IMDbPro and then after your initial trial, you will be billed to continue to use the site.

In return for that investment you get:

  • An IMDb name page with vanity URL
  • Your own resume page
  • A place to add demo reels, breakdowns, and roles
  • Image gallery with headshots and up to 100 images
  • Twitter and blog feed
  • The ability to post notices or apply for roles

There are other benefits to IMDbPro that revolve more around research so it isn’t just about actors and acting. There are also complete filmographies, a much more detailed database of people, places and their contact details, company, and agent contact information and daily industry news from insiders.

Is IMDbPro Free With Amazon Prime?

That’s right! You may have never realized it, but IMDb is owned by Amazon. The online retail giant purchased IMDb in 1998, long before they became the giant that they are today. That’s why you can create an IMDb account using your pre-existing Amazon account.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’re probably wondering if that means you have access to IMDbPro, the same way you have access to Prime Video and Prime Music. Unfortunately, however, IMDbPro is not included in Amazon Prime. Though that may be a little disappointing, it makes sense as the average Prime user won’t get a lot of mileage out of IMDbPro as it’s intended for industry professionals and aspiring students of the film industry.

You Can Still Enjoy IMDb TV!

Yep! Whether you have IMDbPro or Amazon Prime, you can watch IMDb TV for free. It’s a service that Amazon launched in January of 2019 that allows anyone to watch a (small) selection of movies and television through their IMDb account. The catch is, as you can probably guess, that there are ads on these movies. But considering it’s a free streaming service, like YouTube, we think it’s more than fair.

And surprisingly, the movies on IMDb TV aren’t terrible. Sure, there are a bunch of “eh” movies on there, like the 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movie or 2007’s Dragon Wars. But there are also a handful of classics on the platform, like Donnie Darko and the 80’s TV show ALF. It’s worth giving a shot if you need something to alleviate the pain of having to pay for IMDbPro.

Is IMDbPro Worth The Money?

Whether IMDbPro is worth the money or not is very subjective. If you’re into research, want to know what’s coming up or work in the industry and want an insider view, then likely yes. The ability to see projects currently in development, answer casting calls or apply for roles is fantastic for those working in entertainment.

IMDbPro provides an excellent resource for screenwriters to get their work noticed, for actors to display themselves, for filmmakers and producers to research applicants, for journalists to research people, movies and more and for general movie lovers who want every last detail about their chosen hobby.

When I used to write movie reviews, I would always go to IMDb to check facts before publishing. As a resource it is unsurpassed. I didn’t subscribe to IMDbPro, but could see the value in it for a full-time movie writer or journalist.

The Starmeter is also a neat aspect of IMDbPro that will suit the narcissistic side of the industry. Each subscriber has the option for a Starmeter which shows the rise and fall of their career. If you’re in the industry, this is more amusing than informative but is a useful feature nonetheless.

IMDbPro is an excellent resource if you’re in the entertainment industry or are heavily invested in the business. For most people, a subscription won’t be necessary but if movies and TV play a big part in your life, it probably is.

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