How to Install Firefox on a Kindle Fire HDX

I like to have options when it comes to searching the Web. The built-in Web browser that comes pre-loaded on the Kindle Fire HDX Silk is not bad, but like I said—options.

How to Install Firefox on a Kindle Fire HDX

To install Firefox on your Kindle HDX, first you need to enable some settings on your device.

Grab your HDX and let’s get down to business.


  1. Swipe down from the top of your Kindle Fire HDX to access the options > tap “Settings.”
  2. Go to “Applications.”
  3. Tap “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources” right at the upper part of this sub-menu. Toggle the slider button to the “On” position at the top. (It turns orange when permitted.)

The version of Firefox you need to install is Aurora. This is the mobile developer release—and I know it works since I use it personally. All other versions are only available through Google Play.

Note: The original Firefox kept terminating every time I tried to run it, though I installed it from a direct APK (Android App) download site. So I warn against it. The Fire OS—the operating system that runs the Kindle devices—is Android-based.

  • Open your Silk Browser on the home screen of your Kindle Fire HDX or from your Apps location. You are now going to navigate to the download site to get Firefox Aurora on your Kindle.

Download Firefox Aurora

  1. Head over to Mozilla and download the developer edition of Firefox Aurora here.

Fire Fox Aurora

  • A pop-up will open at the bottom of your Kindle Fire HDX that says: “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep anyway?”
  1. Tap OK.
  • A download alert appears in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. (Your HDX is not going to explode. It’s okay—you can trust me on this one.)
  1. Swipe the menu down from the top of the Kindle HDX and tap on the download to install.
  • Before installing Aurora, your device kindly alerts you. It’s just saying that Aurora gains access to select Privacy and Device Access features. Again, it is okay.
  1. Select the Install button in the lower right-hand corner.
  • You will see the Aurora Firefox browser installing. It then lets you know when installation has been successful.
  1. Open the Aurora browser in the lower right-hand corner or select “Done.” The Aurora icon is now on your Kindle Fire home screen menu and appears in your Apps.

That’s all! You now have more than one browser to choose from when surfing the Web from your Kindle Fire HDX. Now you have the freedom to choose Firefox or Silk—whichever you prefer. It’s nice to have choices, isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “How to Install Firefox on a Kindle Fire HDX”

Francine says:
Have a Fire HD8 X. Got to “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources” and it wasn’t there, which stoppe me in my tracks. Can you get me through it?
Sue Hall says:
Unidirectional did not work for my kindle fire. I finally found it under settings-purity and privacy- advanced.

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