How to Join a Google Meet by Phone

If you’re working from home or going on a business trip, Google Meet is probably your go-to app. Regardless of which G Suite edition your organization uses, Google Meet does a great job of making work meetings super-efficient and organized.

You can join a meeting in several different ways. For example, if you’re having internet issues you can join by phone using the dial-in feature. In this article, you’ll read about how that works and some of the other ways you can join a Google Meet.

The Dial-In Feature

Before getting into the details on how joining the Google Meet by phone works, it’s essential to point out a few things. The administrator of the G Suite is the only person who can enable the dial-in feature. If you notice that this option for joining is missing, notify the admin. They will then have to go to the Admin Console and change the settings.

Once the dial-in feature is enabled, a phone number will be assigned to the Google Meet video meetings. The dial-in feature allows for access with just audio shortly before the session begins until the meeting ends.

Participants from different organizations or different G Suite accounts can also join the meeting by phone. But others won’t be able to see their names in the conference. Only partial phone numbers. Once you’re ready to join the Google Meet call using your phone, you can do it in one of two ways:

  1. Copy the number from the Calendar invitation and enter it in your phone. Now, type in the PIN that has been provided and press #.
  2. If you’re using the Meet or Calendar app, you can select the given number and the PIN will be entered automatically.

It’s as easy as that. Another thing that you should be aware of is that every G Suite edition has U.S. phone numbers included in the package. But they also have an extensive list of international numbers. The list is here, but remember that call charges may apply.

How to Join Google Meet by Phone

Mute and Unmute Feature

When you join Google Meet by phone, someone may mute you. Anyone can mute a participant in Google Meet calls. You also might be on mute if your phone volume level is very low.

And if you join the meeting after the fifth participant. However, you can only unmute yourself. It’s a matter of privacy concerns that Google is vigilant about. To do so, press *6.

Joining by Phone for Audio in a Video Meeting

If you find yourself sharing a video in Google Meet, but you still want the ability to speak and listen, there’s a solution to that conundrum. Google Meet can call your phone, or you can dial-in from another device.

You can be on your computer and the meeting in progress. Or in case you’re not in the meeting yet, the computer will join once the phone is connected.

This feature comes in handy when you’re having microphone or speaker issues with your computer. Or if your internet connection is unstable. Here’s how Google Meet can call your phone:

  1. If you’re already in the meeting, click “More” (three vertical dots).
  2. Then click “Use a phone for audio”.
  3. Select “Call me”.
  4. Type in your phone number.
  5. You can also choose to save the number for all future meetings. Select “Remember the phone number on this device”.
  6. When asked, select “1” on your phone.

Important Note: This feature is only available in the U.S. and Canada at the moment.

Another way to join in by phone with another device for audio is to dial-in yourself. You can follow the steps 1-3 from above and then continue with these:

  1. Choose the dial-in number of the country you’re calling from.
  2. Enter the number on your phone and dial.
  3. When asked, type in the PIN and press #.
Join a Google Meet by Phone

Hanging Up the Phone

In the Google Meet call, you can select “Phone Connected>Disconnected” if you want to end the call. The audio feature will continue on the computer, but you’ll be on mute.

You can click “End call” if you want to leave the meeting entirely. However, if you’re going to rejoin the meeting via phone again, just click “Reconnect”. This is useful to keep in mind in case you get accidentally disconnected.

Join Google Meet by Phone

Join the Meeting the Way It Suits You Best

If you have a Google Meet appointment, you get to choose how to join. You can go straight from the Calendar event, or from the web portal. You can also click on the link you received in your inbox or using a third-party system.

Even people without a Google Account can join. But one of the most practical and convenient ways to join is by phone. Plus, you can use it while you’re on the video call with your team at the same time.

What is your preferred way to join a Google Meet call? Let us know in the comments section below.

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