How to Join Railjack Missions in Warframe

Update 29.10 for Warframe brought improvements and changes to Railjack. The missions, Railjacks themselves, and other aspects are now much more in line with the rest of Warframe. Some changes that help balance this feature include damage types, making Railjacks use Mods, and more.

How to Join Railjack Missions in Warframe

If you’re not sure how to join Railjack missions, you’re in the right place. Please take a look at our guides to do so. We’ll also be answering some questions related to Railjack.

How to Join Railjack Missions for Warframe?

To access Railjack missions, first, you need to complete the Rising Tide quest and have a fully operational Railjack. For the Railjack itself, you need a Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo, so you’ll have to get to grinding resources.

When you complete Rising Tide and have a fully operational Railjack, you’ll be able to play in these missions whenever you wish.

To get started, check out the steps below:

  1. Open the Star Chart.
  2. At the top-right corner, select the “Railjack” option.
  3. You’ll see a new Star Chart, filled with different areas and missions.
  4. Select any mission available.
  5. Wait for the game to load and get to piloting!

There’s also another way to get into your Railjack from your Orbiter. This one requires you have completed The Archwing quest.

  1.  Walk to the back of your Orbiter or select “Board Railjack” after pressing Esc.
  2. You’ll find yourself in your Railjack.
  3. Move towards the front to the cockpit.
  4. Press the “Action” button when you approach a mission control table.
  5. Select any mission from the Star Chart.
  6. Get to playing!

Walking into your Railjack from the Dry Dock can also start sessions.

  1. When in the Dry Dock, walk near one of the two teleporters close to the Railjack.
  2. Enter the Railjack.
  3. Move towards the front of the Railjack.
  4. Press the “Action” button when you approach a mission control table.
  5. Select any mission from the Star Chart.
  6. Mission start!

Choose the method most convenient for you. The third method is convenient when you just finished upgrading your Railjack. Otherwise, the first method is the most common one Tenno use.

Railjack missions may not be available at first, but eventually, you’ll find them beneficial to unlock. There are some resources, weapons, and items that you can only get from Railjack missions. Getting a hold of Railjack mission-specific weapons can also help if you want to get some Mastery Points to rank up.

Some of the resources you can get from playing these missions can make certain Warframe upgrades much more affordable to maintain, too. So, that’s another incentive to try out Railjack missions as soon as you can.

How to Get Started in Warframe Empyrean?

When a Tenno first receives their Railjack, it only comes with entry-level equipment. The Dry Dock contains some better equipment, but you won’t have enough Empyrean resources to build them. If you want to upgrade your equipment, prioritize acquiring as many resources, Armaments, Components, and abilities as you can.

Start with the easiest Empyrean mission possible, called Sover Strait. Your Railjack can survive the Level 20 enemies easily, and you can gain some useful items to help improve your Railjack’s fighting ability. For example, some enemies will drop Armaments you can restore and eventually install on your Railjack.

Even if you don’t manage to get Armaments and Components, don’t despair. You can always use those in the Dry Dock as a stepping stone to better equipment. Sadly, you won’t be able to trade for either in the Trading Chat.

If you’re not confident in playing Railjack alone, you can select “Join Any Crew” to instantly join a session. You don’t have to possess a Railjack to join these sessions, too. This is a great way to get your feet wet and better prepare for Empyrean missions if you want a little headstart.

Another thing to keep in mind is Free Flight. Other Tenno can join your session and start missions from there. Otherwise, you’ll be flying around space and getting a feel for controlling your Railjack.

The more you play Empyrean missions, the more you’re able to improve your Railjack. When you’re ready, you can even start playing solo.

Additional FAQs

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of Railjack missions, we’ll answer some common questions.

What Is a Railjack Quest?

A Railjack quest involves the Railjack game mode and spacecraft. Currently, the only Railjack quest available is Rising Tide. This quest is the primary method you obtain a Railjack.

However, before you can play Rising Tide, you should complete The Second Dream quest and construct a Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo. When you’ve fulfilled both requirements, you can select Rising Tide from the Quests menu.

Alternatively, you can simply buy a Railjack from the Market for 400 Platinum. Doing so will mark Rising Tide as completed, but you can still “replay” the quest if you wish.

How Do I Launch My Railjack?

You can launch your Railjack from the Orbiter. Go to the Star Chart located in the Orbiter cockpit to access the Railjack. Alternatively, you can launch your Railjack through the Dry Dock in your Dojo.

What Is a Mission in Warframe?

A mission in Warframe is a game session where you’re given an objective to complete. After you complete the mission, you’re required to extract to receive the rewards. An exception is Endless Missions, where you can fulfill a minimum requirement and extract at any point afterward.

Missions are the most important way Tenno progress in the game. Not only do they get equipment, resources, Mods, and more, but they also gain Mastery Points. Almost all Mission Nodes award the Tenno Mastery Points after completing it for the first time.

How Do You Join a Clan in Warframe?

You can find clans recruiting members at any time. They’re only allowed to do so in the Recruiting tab of Chat, so look there. You’ll also find a list of requirements for joining specific clans in this section. To look for a new clan, follow these steps:

1. Open Chat.

2. Select the “Recruiting” tab.

3. Look for Tenno recruiting for their clans.

4. If you find one you’re interested in, select the Tenno’s gamer tag.

5. Select “Whisper” to start a private conversation.

6. If all goes well, you’ll get an invitation to the clan.

7. Accept the invitation.

Having a Clan Dojo opens up many opportunities for all Tenno. From weapons, Warframes, and more, you won’t be able to ascend to high ranks without a Dojo – and that means being part of a clan.

Well-organized clans will often have all of these weapons and research projects completed. You’re expected to play with clan members often, and some require that you join their Discord servers. However, this is only a general view of clans.

Other clans are very laid-back, more friend groups than actual clans like those mentioned above. You’re free to stay or leave if you wish. On the downside, though, clans like this often don’t have all research completed.

If other clan obligations aren’t for you, you can always make one yourself. It’s very simple and you can be the only member of your clan if you’re intent on being a lone wolf. Just like those laid-back clans, you’ll have to get all the research resources on your own, though.

Starting your own clan is a great experience, but if you want to keep things simple, don’t expand your clan and try to stick to the five-member limit before expansion. This keeps resource costs down.

How Do You Use Railjack?

In Empyrean missions, the Railjack is the primary mode of transportation. Tenno can deploy from the Railjack with their Archwings as well. Other than completing objectives, make sure enemies don’t destroy your Railjack.

The Railjack can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the mission.

For example, they are the best way to destroy Crewships. The Forward Artillery located at the front of the Railjack can deal devastating damage to these tough spacecraft. Alternatively, Tenno can board them with their Archwings and destroy them from within.

Enemy fighters are also mostly fought using the Turrets controlled by Tenno. Each Railjack has two of them, and they can be customized individually. These Turrets have unlimited ammunition and only need a short cool-down period before firing again.

There are some downsides when using the Railjack, though. For instance, enemies can board your Railjack and force you to fight them on foot. Boarding may also cause damage to the Railjack, including leaks and fires. If you wait too long to repair it, your Railjack becomes too damaged and you’ll fail the mission.

Fortunately, repairing a damaged Railjack is a simple process.

Modules located in the back of the Railjack allow you to craft Forward Artillery ammunition and fuel for your repair tool, the Omni. These require less than a minute to craft, but you must have enough resources on hand.

Bear in mind that the Railjack can replenish HP and shields, but structural damage must be repaired manually. That’s why maintaining fuel levels in your Omni is important. You might run out of fuel in the worse situations and fail the mission.

Lastly, using the Railjack is how you gather resources and items from the battlefield. You’ll have to pilot and collect them manually.

How Do You Get Railjack in Warframe?

The steps to acquire a Railjack take time and resources. Generally, you’ll play a mission, recover a particular part, and then wait for it to be repaired. Unlike crafting items in the foundry, you can’t rush the process.

After six hours, you’ll repeat this until you get all six parts. In the meantime, make sure you replenish your Credit hoard as each part takes a lot of money to repair. When all parts are completed, you can complete the quest and acquire a fully functional Railjack.

How Do Railjack Missions Work?

Similar to other missions, Railjack missions have an objective for you to complete, and often you’ll have to fight off a certain amount of enemy fighter spacecraft and Crewships. After this phase, you can get to the enemy base and complete the final objective. It may be a boss fight, destroying a reactor, or something else.

The primary mode of combat is the Railjack, and it acts as your mobile base too. Tenno can also fight with Archwings or on foot inside bases and Crewships. Find out which mode of combat is necessary for the situation and adapt accordingly.

In the middle of the battle, you’ll spot some resources and items. You can gather them with the Railjack or with Archwings.

After you complete the objective, you can either go back to the Railjack on your own or wait for the timer to count down. Tenno, still outside, will be teleported back to the Railjack. Once the mission complete screen appears, you’re free to play another mission or return to your Dojo.

Keep in mind that if you want to keep the spoils of war, you must return to have them in your inventory. Otherwise, you’ll lose them if you fail a mission.

Can You Solo Railjack?

Yes, you can. As long as your Railjack is properly equipped, playing Empyrean missions alone is a simple affair. Try to familiarize yourself with the strategies and get the best loadouts beforehand.

Are You Ready to Fight Among the Stars, Tenno?

Railjack missions are a lot of fun, especially with friends. Now that you know how to play in these missions, you can get your loadouts to the next level. Some items, weapons, and resources are only found in Railjack missions, so you’ll want to get them soon.

Do you play Empyrean missions often? What’s your favorite Railjack configuration? Let us know in the comments below!

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