Kik Captcha Not Working – What To Do

The Kik chat app is a highly popular and very high-quality chat app with a huge userbase, especially among younger people. With more than 300 million registered accounts (including about half of all teenagers in the United States), Kik is one of the most widely-used chat apps out there. It has a lot of features, is well-designed and implemented, and is easy to sign up for. However, all social media applications, and Kik is no exception, have to take steps to weed out spammers and bots. Kik does this in the signup process with a simple Captcha verification. There’s no problem as long as everything is working – but what happens if the Kik Captcha doesn’t work?

Kik Captcha Not Working - What To Do

What is a Captcha?

Captchas are everywhere now. They are the first line of defense against bots and work very well. They are a piece of code that sits inside a signup or page that requires human interaction to complete. The idea is to foil mass signup bots that would just spoil the experience for everyone by imposing a task that’s very simple for a person, but really difficult for a robot. For example, Google has a Captcha system where it presents a number of very small images and asks you to identify all the images that contain cars, or signs, or something similar.

Captcha are deliberately created so no inexpensive automated system can complete them. While they may be seen as a pain, they actually help improve your web experience. By reducing the number of spam bots around, your entire Kik experience is elevated. While Kik themselves use bots, they are ‘friendly’ ones that aren’t trying to fool you into thinking they’re human, and do not want to spam, steal or rip you off.


Kik Captcha

Currently, Kik use ‘FunCaptcha’ a mini app that requires you to rotate an image so the animal within it stands up. It is a variation of the usual ‘type the letters’ or ‘tap the squares with a store front’ Captcha and a little more amusing, hence the name.

You are presented with an image with an animal in it. You job is to rotate that image until the animal stands upright. As this is designed to confuse bots, the animal is usually within a mess of other images so it cannot be identified by a machine.

If you see the image, hold your finger on one edge and rotate it until the featured animal is standing upright. The Captcha should then complete and you move on to the next step. That should be it.


Kik Captcha doesn’t work

There are occasions when the Kik Captcha doesn’t work. For some reason you cannot see an image, the image doesn’t move or doesn’t complete once you have moved it. There are a couple of things you can do. You can refresh the Captcha, reload the app or reinstall it.

Refresh the Captcha – The captcha should have a little refresh circle underneath. Tap this and try again. There is a time limit on the image and if this expires or doesn’t register properly it can cause issues.

Reload the Kik app – If a refresh doesn’t work, close Kik down, force stop the app on your smartphone and open it again. You may have to re-enter your details to get back to the Captcha but it is the next best thing if the refresh doesn’t work.

Reinstall Kik – Something nobody wants to do if they can help it. Stop the app, uninstall completely from your smartphone, go back to the app store and download a fresh copy.

One of those three methods will surely get you past the Kik Captcha. While it might be frustrating, once you’re through that should be the last time you ever see it.

21 thoughts on “Kik Captcha Not Working – What To Do”

Chris says:
Too many images to check and not enough time to do it.. This is a totally useless system. I think it’s because they want everybody to uses Facebook Messenger and that doesn’t work properly either
Alex says:
1. EU folks need to file a complaint – Captcha! is not accessible to Visually Challenged.
2. For me The Captcha! has twice said “Successful” then failed.
Or it times out.
Also trying to figure out which is the correct “level” when the feet are at a slight angle.
3. Captcha! is SLOW – I have to click on Done several times before it advances.
4. I am running Kik in Bluestacks – the only way to run certain Android apps that makes any sense. One gets a full keyboard, access to the Windows clipboard, so one can save boilerplate in a file then copy, paste.
Paul says:
Got all the captcha tests right and was told I’d failed — total waste of half an hour repeatedly trying!
bobby says:
its not aout doing right its about doing in time approximately less than 100sec you need to do all 20
Nike says:
Hey guys don’t lose hope uninstall the app then install it back
Don’t use your user name to login
Use your email then solve the recaptha
It just worked for me
Bob says:
That does not solve the problem either. I have installed / unistalled twice, and the captcha problem is still there.
Soula says:
Someone need to make up a bot to help humans pass it 🙂
MoTech says:
Kik Captcha Problem Fix

Hi All, if your having problems with kik captcha, here is the solution.

Uninstall the version you have, google a previous version of kik (i used a very old version kik V7 from apkmirror), install it, it will then ask you to do the captcha. After the captcha has successfully been completed it will ask you to login again and hey presto you will have a working version of kik.

You can keep the old version or just simply go to play store and update to latest version everything should be working as normal.


Vickie says:
I am trying to log in, not create a new account. It stills makes me do the funcaptcha, but times out before the image can even load…after about .002 seconds! I have forced stop, didn’t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t work. I have contacted kik support. All to no avail.
Isaac Nutter says:
Hey did you ever get that resolved I have the same problem
Joseph Letts says:
Utter rubbish captcha Really annoyed by this! Managed to log in eventually but really pointless!!!
doug says:
I’m bringing everytime it says I have just been in it doesn’t spinI think kik is a big joke
Abdul says:
Is there any solution to this issue, tried everthing wiped the cache reinstalled kik nothing seems to work
tia says:
Did you find out how to fix it?
yo momma says:
How idiotic to provide unclear grey images, multiple images stacked and ask people to find the image upright again and again; quite nauseating and shows the person or people behind this captcha is/are ill-equiped to serve those who want in.
Maise says:
I get the end check, but it keeps going again when I get back to kik
davy says:
did all 3 butt still cant get the captcha
Elvis says:
I figured this out….but it requires access to a windows computer. On said windows machine, download a program called Bluestacks. It allows phone apps to run on the computer. Once that’s loaded (and no you don’t have to pay for it–click “no thanks”) you can then download the kik messenger and log in as you normally would. Do the little test and viola…kik no longer thinks you are a robot. Log out on the computer and then back in from your phone. Hope this helps!!!
Lance says:
hey this worked for me thank you so much 😀
leila says:
I ‘ve tried this one n what can I do is just log in n no need capcha. when im logging out n tryin login to my phone. it still ask for captcha.
Phileaz says:
I still have an iphone4 on iOS7.1.2 and kik cant load funcaptcha on my phone … so i can t use kik no more …
I think i m going to change an use an other messenger like wechat, whatsapp, even FB … too bad for kik if we can’t join their help line or they can’t run on my iphone4 … i will surely tell all my friends to change too !!!!
Wolf says:
Im having the exact same problem on my Samsung 4. Really frustrating. Send them a really long email about my problem and all I get is a automatic email back sending me to their crappy help database thing that doesnt help at all. What a waste of time. I will probably telling my friends to use something else too.
Lance says:
no i use kik on my phone
Rojay Woolery says:
It says I should update device or browser to prove I’m not a spammer ….plz help me
unga bugna says:
me too im really confused
i dont know what it wants me to do especially when i have updated both
Super pissed off says:
Wont even load the captcha. So annoying. All i get is that stupid circle spinning around with a question mark in the top right hand corner that i cant even press. Fun captcha is the most annoying damn thing in the world. If you want to use any captcha use a normal one for gods sake. I have tried re installing the app, refreshing the page, updating my phone, everything. Internet connect is fine as its able to re down load kik 3 times instantly in like 5 minutes. So annoying. Cant find anything anywhere about it.
kim says:
same here! I even deactivated my account but still cant log in! Gosh! what happened to kik? It annoys me seeing that blue spinning circle in the middle and that question mark at the top right hand corner! I even tried to sign up again but still not working, all the same when you want to log in.. I thought I’m the only one having this issue on kik but seems like there are lots too..
Nick says:
I get the captcha screen and successfully verify myself, but it then just sticks on the Captcha screen telling me “Well Done! Verifiction Complete you’re not a spammer Continue your action” but with no option available to continue to kik! grrrrr
linda says:
Me too Soooooo annoying!!!
Adam says:
The same here I have a Lumia, and Im wondering how do i log in If i come off it, I then have to go throught the whole porcess again.

Kik it was a good idea but the system is broken.

Montrell says:
When I get the message verification I hit next and it says for security reasons, your device or browser cannot connect to a verification server . To prove your not a spammer , please update your device or browser
Lance says:
this is exactly my problem, although it is relieving to see someone else has this problem so recently
Montrell says:
Do you use kik on an iPad
Jesse says:
Done everything above and captcha does work still
Lang1952 says:
I have been having similar problems, but the captcha screen never appeared. I am running Kik using Memu android emulator on a windows 10 desktop. I finally got it to appear by left clicking the mouse button just after it got stuck on registration and captcha appeared. I am now registered but Kik fails to start at all. Help????

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