How To Leave a Clan in Diablo Immortals

Being a member of a clan in Diablo Immortals can help you level up fast. Working together with other clan members can ensure an immersive experience and together you can reap the benefits of teamwork. But for some, this requires more effort and dedication to the game than they want to expend. You may want more of a solo experience, and clans require working with other players towards a common goal.

How To Leave a Clan in Diablo Immortals

Have you joined a clan in Diablo Immortals but now want to leave? In this article, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do, along with some other helpful information.

How to Leave a Clan in Diablo Immortals

Leaving a clan in Diablo Immortals is a fairly straightforward process. And don’t worry, there’s no punishment for leaving, and you won’t have to ask for permission from the clan’s leader. All that’s required are a few easy steps, and you can continue playing at your own speed.

To leave a clan, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game and open the menu by clicking on the “3-bars” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Locate and tap on the “Adventurer” button.
  3. From the “Adventurer Menu,” select the “Clan Members” button.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click the “More” button.
  5. The popup window will give you two options. Choose “Leave Clan.”

That’s all you’ll need to do. Once you’ve confirmed your choice to leave the clan, you’ll be removed. You can continue playing the game immediately after leaving.

How to Leave a Clan if You Are the Clan Leader

If you’re the leader of a clan and you want to leave, it’s a little different than just leaving a clan in which you’re just a member. As the leader, you have certain responsibilities to your clan members. There are some delicate issues you should consider before making a hasty decision. Your choice to leave not only affects you, but also the others in the group.

The first option is to hand over leadership to another clan member. This should be your choice if you’re fully committed to leaving. As long as there are other members in your clan, this is a viable and honorable option. By handing over leadership, the clan can stay together, and you won’t disrupt anyone’s game.

The second option is to destroy the clan. This is best when there are no other members in the group and you’re the only one in there. If there are other active members in the group, it’s probably best to let them all know what your intentions are. Your choice to destroy the clan you started will affect all of its members.


I left a clan in Diablo Immortals. Can I now create my own?

Clans are a great way to increase your knowledge of the game and to have social interactions with other players. You can create your own clan, but some requirements must be met.

• You’ll need to be at level 30 before you can create your own clan.

• Creating a clan requires an investment of 100,000 Gold.

Once you’ve fulfilled those requirements, you can create your own clan. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the “Menu” by clicking on the “3-bars” button in the top right corner.

2. Tap on the “Adventurer” button and then “Clan.”

3. Select “Clan Details.”

4. Locate and tap the “Create Clan” button.

Please note that clans are limited to 100 members.

What does a clan leader do?

In addition to creating a clan, the leader has the responsibility of guiding the group towards specific group-oriented goals. A clan leader also has the following permissions:

• Invite and remove clan members

• Edit the clan’s description

• Promote or demote clan officers

• Send clan mail

What is a Dark Clan?

These are groups within the Shadow faction. A Dark Clan can earn the opportunity to overthrow the Immortals. To join, you’ll need to be invited by a current member of a Dark Clan. If a player wants to start their own Dark Clan, they will first have to take on Akeba’s Challenge. The challenge isn’t all that difficult. It’s also a requirement to pay 3000 Platinum to create a Dark Clan.

Leave the Clan and Play Solo

There’s no need to get permission from a clan leader to leave, and thankfully, there are no game punishments for doing so. If you prefer to play at your own speed and on your own time, leaving a clan might be the right choice. If you’ve started your own clan and want to leave, for the sake of other members, it’s best to hand over leadership than to kill the group entirely.

Have you left a clan in Diablo Immortals? Did you follow the method described in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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