How to Leave a Discord Server

Discord servers are a great way to communicate with other members. But if the server doesn’t meet your expectations, you might consider leaving it. However, finding the option to do so isn’t always intuitive.

How to Leave a Discord Server

If you’ve been wondering how to leave a Discord server, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the relevant steps for both a computer and a smartphone.

How to Leave a Discord Server

There are two ways to leave a Discord server – via the desktop or a mobile app. Both are effective, but the steps are going to be somewhat different. However, if you’ve created a server you want to leave, the process won’t be the same. But don’t worry. It’s possible to do so with just a few clicks.

How to Leave a Discord Server That You Made

So you’ve had a good time running a server but now want to leave it and delete it. Perhaps it’s not as popular as you expected it to be. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to leave and remove the server you’ve made by doing the following:

  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Open the drop-down menu by tapping on your server on the top-left of the screen.
  3. Select Server Settings.
  4. Choose Delete Server on the bottom-left of the screen.
  5. Confirm you want to delete the server.

Once you proceed with the steps, the server won’t exist anymore. This means that if there were other users on the server, they wouldn’t be able to see it on their Discord dashboard.

How to Leave a Discord Server Without Deleting It

When Discord users create a server, they become its owner. But what if you are no longer interested in running the server but want to keep it?

Fortunately, all you’ve got to do is transfer the ownership to another person. This ensures you don’t run the server anymore, but it still exists for other people.

The most straightforward way is to do it on a computer:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Head over to the top-left of the screen and click on the down-arrow next to your server’s name.
  3. There will be a drop-down menu with different options, tap on Server Settings.
  4. Click on Members from the side menu on the left.
  5. Scroll down and search for the user who will become the new owner of the server.
  6. Hover over their name and tap on the three-dots next to it.
  7. Tap on Transfer Ownership.

Note: Think carefully about whether you really want to transfer the ownership. Once you do so, it’ll be virtually impossible to regain the rights to it unless the other individual decides to transfer them back.

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer ownership to a bot or placeholder account. If you have any trouble completing the process, you can complete a forced transfer by contacting the Discord support team.

How to Leave a Discord Server on PC and Mac

Most Discord members use a PC or Mac to access Discord. If you’re one of them and want to leave the server, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch Discord on your computer.
  2. Head over to the server you wish to leave. It’s on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on it to show a drop-down menu.
  4. Select Leave Server.

When users leave servers, they don’t see them in the sidebar. Moreover, they can’t write or read messages from that server.

Note: Users that leave a server can only rejoin it if someone invites them into that server. Otherwise, leaving the server is permanent.

How to Leave a Discord Server on iOS

Some people prefer to use Discord on their iOS devices. If that’s the case and you want to leave a server, check out the steps below:

  1. Open Discord on your iOS device.
  2. Choose the server from the left in the side menu.
  3. Tap on the three dots on the top-right of the menu.
  4. Choose Leave Server.
  5. Confirm you want to leave a server.

How to Leave a Discord Server on Android

Leaving a Discord server follows the same steps, whether you’re an Android or iOS user. Even if you change phones, you won’t have issues following the procedure. Here’s what to do if you currently use Discord on Android:

  1. Open Discord on your Android phone.
  2. Find the server which you want to leave.
  3. Tap on the three dots next to the server’s name.
  4. Select Leave Server from the drop-down menu.
  5. Tap Yes to confirm the action.

How to Leave a Discord Server Without Anyone Knowing

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to leave a Discord server without other users noticing it. Everyone on the server will receive a message when a member leaves. Although the platform itself doesn’t notify members in the server that you left, it is possible that the administrators have added a bot that will.

It’s really difficult to avoid detection when leaving a server. However, you can create a completely new account for Discord and leave the old account as it is. But this isn’t a good option for those who have already established a reputation. Another option would be to change your name, then leave the group. Of course, this isn’t the most inconpicuous option if someone gets curious and checks your profile.

Additional FAQs

Is there anything else we haven’t answered about leaving a Discord server? Then read the next section to get your answer.

How Do I Leave a Discord Call?

Many members use Discord not only for messaging but also for making a call. However, it can become annoying when you’re in a voice channel, especially if other members talk all the time.

Discord members can leave a Discord call via their computer or a smartphone. If you want to leave a Discord call via computer, here’s how to do it:

• Open a Discord app.

• Head over to the bottom-left part of the screen to find Voice Connected.

• Tap on the disconnect icon. It looks like a phone icon with X above it.

To leave a Discord call on your smartphone, follow these steps:

• Open the Discord app on your phone.

• If you’re in the voice channel right now, there will be a green line on the top of the screen.

• Click on it to launch the settings.

• Tap on the red disconnect icon. It’s on the bottom-right of the screen.

How Do I Add, Manage, and Delete Roles in Discord?

Before people come to the server you make, it’s a good idea to create basic roles. Here’s how to do it:

• Open Discord on your device and log in to a server.

• Click on the drop-down arrow on the left of the screen.

• Choose Server Settings.

• Click on Roles from the sidebar menu on the left.

• Tap on the plus sign to add a role.

• Check 28 permissions and toggle the buttons to choose which ones you want to allow.

• Tap Save Changes.

Managing roles follows the same steps as adding new roles. As the group of people using your server grows, you can add more new roles and change permissions for them.

And if you decide to delete some roles, this is what you have to do:

• Open Discord.

• Tap on the drop-down arrow next to your server’s name.

• Select Server Settings.

• Click on Roles and choose which role you want to delete.

• Tap Delete [role name].

How Do I Delete a Channel in Discord?

Do you really want to delete a channel in Discord? If so, do the following:

• Launch Discord.

• Click on the gear icon next to the channel you want to remove and tap Delete Channel.

• Confirm you want to delete the channel.

How Do I Clear a Discord Chat?

Technically, it isn’t possible to delete a Discord chat entirely. Instead, you can clear the messages from your history. This means that the messages won’t be visible on your side, but the other user will still see them. Here’s how to do it:

• Right-click on the user to whom you sent messages and choose Message.

• Hover over your conversation on the left side of the panel.

• Tap Delete Message.

It’s also possible to delete messages from the Discord channel:

• Open the channel from which you want to delete the messages and hover over the message, doing so will display the three dots next to the message.

• Click on the icon and select Delete.

• Confirm you want to delete the messages.

Leave a Discord Server with a Few Clicks

Sometimes Discord users get tired of a particular server and wish to leave it. If that’s the case with you, now you know how to do it.

Have you already tried leaving a server or transferring the ownership of your server to another individual? How did it go? And what were your reasons for choosing to leave a server? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments section below; they’d love to hear more.

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