Sony accidently uploaded an entire movie to YouTube (no, not one of the good ones)

Look, it’s easy to upload the wrong thing sometimes. I once almost uploaded a funny dog picture in a gallery of phones on this site. It’s possible other dogs are still at large on the site.

Sony accidently uploaded an entire movie to YouTube (no, not one of the good ones)

But a studio uploading an entire movie to YouTube by mistake? That’s a whole new level of negligence. Somebody at Sony deserves some kind of award.

The movie in question is Khali the Killer. No, me neither. It turns out the title is not just alliterative, but an apt description of the plot. As the 3.5/10-rated IMDb listing summarises: “After deciding to retire, an East L.A. hitman decides to take one last job to help support his ailing grandmother’s end of life care. But everything falls apart, when he develops empathy for the targets of his hit, and he’s forced to make the toughest decision of his life.”

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? While it’s not up there with deciding whether or not to kill someone to fund a relative’s medical care, Sony had its own tough decision to make: send this cliched nonsense to the cinema to die, or push it straight to DVD to die? Unable to decide, Sony did both – the trailer was intended to promote the theatrical release, some eight months after people had failed to buy the disk-based copy.

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But something went wrong, and rather than the 1:41 trailer, the company managed to upload all tedious 89 minutes and 46 seconds of it. Presumably unperturbed by how long this upload was taking, somebody at Sony held down the caps lock key and mashed out the words “KHALI THE KILLER: OFFICIAL RED BAND TRAILER Now on DVD & Digital,” and hit ‘publish.’


Some have speculated that this might be a viral marketing campaign, designed to drum up some interest in a film that would struggle for attention normally. If so, they might want to have picked a better film: the Reddit commentary was not kind.


Sony has since pulled the video, but if you’re really curious as to what you missed, you can watch the trailer below. The real one this time.

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