Lyft’s History of the Pink Mustache

Do you remember the iconic pink mustache displayed on every Lyft car’s front? It was an instantly recognizable symbol of the ridesharing service. But you must have wondered why a mustache and why the color pink.

Lyft's History of the Pink Mustache

Lyft’s come a long way since ditching its pink mustache. Let’s find out where it came from and why they decided to go “clean-shaven.”

Why the Pink Mustache?

John Zimmer, Lyft’s co-founder, said, “We originally thought of doing this just for women, as a safety kind of service and a very particular clientele. It’s partially because of that.” And regarding the color pink, Zimmer chose this color as a call-back to Google Map pins that are red and green. Lyft decided to go with a friendlier pink and green color combo.

The furry pink mustache was invented by Ethan Eyler two years before Lyft’s existence. Initially, only Eyler’d drive in San Francisco with the mustache on his car, but after Khloe Kardashian tweeted, the pink mustache gained some buzz. John Zimmer then connected with Eyler and ordered 20 mustaches, originally as gag gifts for his investors. But when Lyft came into the picture, Zimmer put the pink stache on every car’s front. Thereafter, Eyler became a Lyft brand manager.

The pink mustache, which defined Lyft’s image since 2012, was replaced in 2016 with a bright, colorful Bluetooth-enabled LED gadget called the Amp. Now let’s explore the Amp, its benefits for drivers and riders, and its awesome features.

What Is the Lyft Amp?

Lyft decided to retire its pink mustache to appeal to a broader audience and to improve its brand identity. The Lyft Amp is an LED light that Lyft drivers attach to the front dashboard of their vehicles. It’s a lot like the Lyft sign you might see in the back of many vehicles, but it’s larger and less discreet.

The branded, colorful sign was warmly welcomed by Lyft passengers and improved Lyft’s image while providing Lyft with a more modern appeal to current and new customers.

The Lyft Amp is a great marketing tool that helps Lyft stand out from the ridesharing competitors such as Uber, Alto, Grab, Wingz, etc. Aside from assisting customers in identifying Lyft cars, the Amp is also an incredible communication tool that makes it easier for rideshare drivers and customers to find each other. Lyft passengers can identify their Lyft from a distance, making them feel safer when entering and exiting Lyft vehicles.

How Does the Lyft Amp Work?

The Lyft Amp attaches magnetically to drivers’ dashboards. Its primary purpose is to prevent annoying car mix-ups with customers. The Lyft app creates a great communication line between passengers and drivers via Bluetooth. When a passenger is looking for their specific Lyft car, the Amp will show a particular color which helps the passenger identify the correct vehicle.

In addition, passengers can tap a button in the app, which will show the same color on their smartphone as their Lyft car’s Amp, making it easier for the Lyft driver to find a passenger. Everyone is color-coordinated, thereby eliminating confusion. The Lyft Amp has two displays: a 120 LED screen on the back facing the passenger and the driver, and a 20 4LED screen with the Lyft logo placed at the front of the vehicle facing out of the windshield.

The Amp has many LED lights that display the Lyft logo on the street-facing side of the device. On the back of the Amp, which faces inwards, the LED lights will display messages from passengers to Lyft drivers.

The Lyft Amp is not available for all Lyft drivers, though; it’s only reserved for drivers that are eligible and have hit the Platinum or Gold Accelerate Reward status.

How Do Lyft Drivers Get the Amp?

For a Lyft driver to be eligible, they must be in a city where Amp is available and have an updated shipping address. For Lyft drivers to reach Gold status they have to have given at least 175 to 250 rides in three months. And to reach Platinum status they have to have given at least 400 to 600 rides in three months. Drivers who have yet to reach these statuses can only use the Lyft sticker emblems.

Once a Lyft driver has hit the Platinum or Gold status, Lyft sends them an invite with steps on how they can get their Amp. When a Lyft driver receives an invitation, they can confirm their shipping address in the Lyft Driver app, and the Amp usually arrives within two to three weeks. If a driver believes that they should now be eligible for an Amp but they haven’t heard from Lyft, they can reach out to Lyft support via the Lyft Driver app.

Installing the Lyft Amp

The Amp is fixed to a magnetic base placed on the Lyft driver’s dashboard. The dashboard area has to be flat and clean before any adhesive is applied. The adhesive used is designed not to damage a car’s dashboard. It’s important to ensure that the placement of the Amp is not blocking the road view. Here’s how to install the Amp.

  1. Clean the spot you’d like to place your Lyft Amp with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Wait for it to dry completely.
  3. Take off the sticker from the base of the Amp.
  4. Place the Amp’s base ensuring that the Lyft logo is facing the windshield front.
  5. Firmly press down for 30 seconds.
  6. Put the Amp on the magnetic base.
  7. Using the provided USB cable, plug in the Amp.

Pairing the Amp

When a Lyft driver receives their Amp, they can pair it with their Lyft Driver app. Once the app has been paired, it will change colors whenever a driver is close to a rider and tell the rider the “beacon” color. Here are the steps to pair your Amp with the Lyft Driver app.

  1. Launch the Lyft Driver app.
  2. Tap on your picture in the top left for the settings menu.
  3. Switch the Amp on in your vehicle.
  4. In the app, select “Amp” from the menu.
  5. Choose “Pair my Amp.”

Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. If you cannot pair the devices, contact Lyft help via the Driver app.

Lyft’s Amp Features

Let’s dive deeper into Lyft Amp’s various features.

Notifies of New Rides Requests

Lyft’s Amp notifies its drivers of new ride requests. Although it does not provide notifications for Lyft shared rides, it sends notifications for all other Lyft trips.


As a Lyft Driver is on their way to collect a passenger, the passenger’s smartphone displays the color of the driver’s LED Lyft sign. This makes the pickup process more streamlined and fast for both the driver and the passenger.


Once a Lyft driver has a passenger, the Amp on the rear of the vehicle greets the passenger by name. The Amps can also display specific messages for different occasions and holidays.

Share Lyft Rides

When a Lyft driver is conducting a shared trip, the Amp displays each passenger’s name as the passengers are being dropped off or picked up.

Amp Charging

The Lyft Amp comes with a USB charging cable that drivers can use to charge their Amp at home or from inside their vehicle while it’s still on the dashboard. To charge the Amp, just remove it from the magnetic base. The Amp’s battery lasts up to eight hours.

An Easier Way to Lyft Off

As classic as the Lyft pink mustache was, their new identifier, the Lyft Amp, definitely “amps” up its brand game. And it adds a whimsical, unique element that makes Lyft’s vehicles stand out from their competitors. There’s nothing cooler than a rider seeing their name or favorite color flashing as their Lyft approaches. The Amp also makes riders feel safe, saves time due by making Lyft cars visible, and prevents confusion.

And if you’re wondering where the name “Amp” came from, Lyft stated it’s used because the service “Amplifies your ride experience and energizes the Lyft community.”

Do you miss the Lyft pink mustache? Do you like Lyft’s Amp functions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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