How to Make a Wishlist on Amazon App

Why get unnecessary gifts from your friends and family? Why not allow them to buy you something that you need? Well, outright telling them isn’t appropriate and feels awkward. Well, Amazon has found a creative solution to this problem. The best part: as soon as someone buys you an item from your wish list, Amazon will deliver the gift to your doorstep as a surprise.

My Lists is one of the best features on the most world’s popular eCommerce website, known as Amazon. They are no longer called Wish Lists. The lists provide an easy reference to items you want. Products get added at the click of a button. Use it to remind yourself of future purchases or share it with others. Sharing is great for registries and birthdays. Here’s more about the functionality and how to make the most out of it.

Using the Wishlist (My List) in The Amazon App

You probably do a lot of shopping via the Amazon Android/iOS app. Your friends and family do, too. So, how does the wish list work inside the app? It’s very similar to the browser version.

Creating Your Amazon Wish List using The App

Before adding the items to your wishlist, you first need to create one. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install the Amazon app for iOS/Android or check for updates, and then open the app.

  2. On the Home page, tap the three-line icon and select Your Lists” from the menu.
  3. Click on “View lists” towards the top-right section.
  4. Select “Create a List” towards the top-right section. Create a name for your new Amazon Wish List and tap “Create List.”

Once the steps above are completed, you can add items to the list when shopping. You can also delete old lists when viewing them through the instructions above. This extra step ensures less confusion when working with Amazon Lists.

Using the Browser

Here’s a more detailed explanation about creating Amazon lists. To create one in your browser, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in at and Navigate to Account & Lists at the top of the home page, and then select “Create a List.”
  2. From the list menu (horizontal ellipsis), click “Manage List.”
  3. Update your list details. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click “Save Changes” to finish creating the list.
  4. Go to any item that you want to add to the list and select “Add to List” under the right column. You then choose the list from the dropdown options.

Finding an Amazon Wish List (Your Friend’s List)

If you’re the one purchasing a gift, you need to know how to find someone’s list. Although you will receive push notifications on your phone and some emails, you’ll want to access your friend’s wishlist and see what you can gift them.

  1. Ensure that your friend has shared the list with you, or you won’t have access. Go to and hover over the Accounts & Lists, located at the top of Amazon’s homepage. From the drop-down menu, select “Your Lists.”
  2. Click “Your Friends.” You will now see the list of your friends who have shared their lists with you.

NOTE: If your friend hasn’t shared their list with you, you can request access. Compose and send them a custom message, or use the default one.

Finding a Registry in Amazon

In addition to Lists, Amazon uses something called Registries. There are two types of registries: the Amazon Wedding Registry and the Amazon Baby Registry.

  1. Navigate to and hover over Accounts & Lists. However, this time, select “Baby Registry” or “Wedding Registry” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Type your friend’s full name and select “Search.” You’ll see a list on the screen. Be careful to choose the correct name as many people might share your friend’s name.

Purchasing an Item from a List or Registry

  1. Choose a gift from the list/registry, and click one of these three links: the product link, “See all buying options,” or Add to Cart.”
  2. Confirm by clicking Add to Cart” in the next window, if applicable.
  3. Select “Proceed to Checkout.”
  4. If you want Amazon to ship the gift directly to your friend, enter your friend’s address at the bottom, as shown below.
  5. Click “Add Address” to save your friend’s address.
  6. Choose your payment method and click “Continue.”
  7. Click “Place Your Order” if everything looks correct.

If gifting is an option, you’ll see it during the order process shown above. After completing checkout, you will get order updates to your registered email address, and your friend will be pleasantly surprised in the end.

Amazon will remove the item from your friend’s list. That’s the best way to avoid duplicates.

NOTE: If you send your friend the same item via a regular Amazon purchase, it will remain on the wish list.

make a wishlist on amazon app

Sending Gifts via Amazon

Using Amazon’s List and Registries features is an excellent way to show appreciation to the people you care about. It also helps everyone avoid a lot of confusion, and it makes sure that your friend’s don’t receive duplicate gifts.

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