How To Mirror an Android Phone with the Amazon Fire Stick

For the last ten years, streaming movies and television shows have gone from a niche, nerdy way to watch your favorite entertainment to how most people spend some of their free time. One lesser-known feature of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is mirroring a smartphone or tablet screen to your TV. You can even mirror Windows 10 to a Fire TV Stick or Cube. This feature lets you play movies or TV shows from your phone, play games with a giant display, or have a big-screen video chat. You can mirror just the screen or the screen plus audio.

Note: This article is about “mirroring” your phone or tablet screen to a Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube, not casting to it as you do with apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Regardless, since Amazon and Google only partially collaborate, you must take extra steps to mirror an Android phone to your Fire TV device. As for iPhones and iOS tablets, they don’t mirror to any Fire devices at all, so you need additional steps to get the job done. Isn’t that great?

Anyhow, setting up mirroring from Android and iPhone/iOS to your Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube is not that difficult—it just requires multiple actions. Let’s get started!

How to Mirror/Cast iPhones & Android Phones or Tablets to Your Fire TV Stick

The first step to mirroring your phone or tablet to your Firestick or Fire TV Cube is to activate the feature. Now, Amazon incorporates a mirroring option in the “Settings” menu, but it doesn’t work with Android or iPhone/iOS devices.

Amazon wants you to subscribe to Prime Video and mirror their exclusive products, such as Fire tablets. In contrast, Google wants you to use their specific products and services, such as Google Pixel smartphones and Chromecast laptops. The same scenario goes for Apple. Can you see the dilemma now? So much for a Miracast standard, right?

To mirror your Android device to your Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube, the Fire device requires a mirroring app such as “Airscreen.” This app works on Android and iOS/iPhone devices, so it often becomes the app to use.

Even though Fire devices have a mirroring option like your phone, they usually don’t communicate with the default settings. This situation is why you need help from a third-party application. Here’s how to install Airscreen on the Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube and your Android/iPhone device.

Activating Android Mirroring on Your Firestick using AirScreen

  1. On the “Home” screen, scroll down one row (from the preview section at the top to the menu bar below it) and select “Find,” then choose “Search.”
  2. Type “airscreen” or a shorter variant into the search bar and choose “AirScreen” from the list. You no longer need the “Easy Fire Tools” app to install AirScreen—it is available in the Amazon App Store.
  3. In the window that appears, choose the “AirScreen” app.
  4. In the Airscreen app window, select “Get.”
  5. Launch AirScreen and select “Confirm.”
  6. A new screen appears, displaying a QR code and a URL. You’ll use one of the two on your smartphone to link them together.
  7. If the visual examples in the steps above do not match your Firestick, it probably needs an update or is an older model. Go to “Settings -> My Fire TV -> About” and select “Install System Update” or “Check for System Update.”
  8. Scan the QR code on your TV on your smartphone or tablet or go directly to the specified URL.
  9. Choose from “In App content” or “Entire screen.”

Your Android device now gets mirrored onto the Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube, which appears on the TV.

Note: YouTube may automatically include your Fire TV Stick as a casting source after installing AirScreen on the Fire device—this was confirmed on Android 11 Motorola G Fast. However, other phone apps like Netflix and Disney+ may require you to scan the QR code or go to the displayed URL in the AirScreeen Amazon app to mirror your phone or tablet (not casting). Non-Amazon devices like Chromecast with Google TV and Roku appear as mirroring sources without any third-party intervention.

Once you enable the mirroring service on your Android device, your Fire TV Stick should begin displaying whatever is on the screen.

How to Mirror/Cast iOS Phones or Tablets to Your Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube

Fire OS does not support Apple AirPlay, the default mirroring app on your iOS device, but a third-party app called AirScreen works with AirPlay to deliver the casting functions you need.

  1. On your Fire TV Stick, search for and install “AirScreen.”
  2. Launch “AirScreen” on your Firestick and select “Confirm” once you have both the Firestick and iOS device on the same network.
  3. Use your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device to scan the “QR Code” on the TV.
  4. When prompted for what to mirror, select “Entire screen” or “In-app content.”
  5. Follow the instructions to mirror on your iOS device.
  6. Swipe down from the top of your iPhone or other iOs device and choose “Screen Mirroring.”

In closing, mirroring the content of your Android or iOS/iPhone device to your Fire TV Stick or even Fire TV Cube is relatively easy. Third-party apps like AirScreen let you mirror your device’s display to your Fire TV Stick from almost any device, except you can’t mirror streaming apps like you can with native mirroring options. As for iPhone and iOS devices, Fire OS does not support AirPlay, but apps like AirScreen work with AirPlay’s features to deliver the goods!

13 thoughts on “How To Mirror an Android Phone with the Amazon Fire Stick”

Steve Russell says:
Tab A to old firestich in bedroom tv – not 4k,
Allcast on both devices.
Worked first time,
now set for travel when poss.
delighted. Thanks Rob
Gary Hobart Arrington says:
It IS possible to cast the Moto G5 Plus to Firestick. On the Firestick, download the AirScreen app. With the AirScreen app open on the Firestick, go to Settings on the G5, then Connected Devices, Cast, and select the AirScreen.
Mark says:
Ok so I did what this says to do and then launched on both TV and fire stick and all it does on both is shows the allcast receiver on both of them doesn’t ask what to pick just does nothing
Ernesto says:
The screen mirror from the Firestick is REALLY BAD!, choppy and very slow, it works better on my Samsung TV (low end) from 4 years back. Playing Movies is impossible to watch. I am returning the stick right now.
Glaucio says:
Hi, I need help. My fire stick got stuck in mirroring screen and my remote is damaged. Any way to finish this mirror option via fire tv android app? Any reset possibility to recover the fire stick back to be controlled by android app again? Thanks in advance!
Ari says:
I currently just entered the screen mirror on my firestick without a remote as well. I haven’t tried to close it yet, but I’ve been using the FireTV app on my phone as my remote (because I lost mine somehow), and now it says “unable to connect to Firestick” underneath the direction pad that I would normally use to control the Firestick. Were you able to find a way? I thought of maybe unplugging the firestick to restart the device to see if it goes back, but I don’t want to restart until I’m done using it. Anyway I’ve ordered a new remote that will arrive in a few days.

I know the post is probably old but if anyone else had the issue, you could just call Amazon tech support, they’re pretty good with customer service and helping with issues…

Michael Peroni says:
I have an LG Style 4 what would be the best way to mirror to my tv with a fire stick 4 k?
Ari says:
I am able to use the first method they described, but for a phone that doesn’t support SmartView or Miracast, I’ve found that the Airscreen app on Firestick seems to be the easiest interface, because a lot of the other apps require you to use their own “browser” if you want to search for videos online. The only one thing you’ll have to worry about is an add that pops up if you pause a video you’re streaming for too long. The add is for their paid version (which I think is pretty inexpensive anyway) but when my friend is casting we just close the add window and resume the video. Its not a video that you have to wait to end in order to close, which is nice… just a pop-up add
Keats says:
The “allow mirroring” option you began with is not an option.
William Smart says:
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A that I can not figure out how to Cast to my Amazon Fire Stick 4K. I have installed AllCast on both devices with no success. I have been unable to find any of the mirroring codes you suggest to turn on but have found some cast allowances under the Google section. I have tried all the media listed in the AllCast menu but nothing plays. The version of my android is 7.1.1, everything I have read says it should work. Maybe my eighty year old brain is just too dense to get it.
jim says:
does the firestick report everything you do back to amazon?
Can I do this without wifi?
Janet says:
Hi, I am mirroring my Samsung 9+ to my firestick 4k ultra. I pulled Netflix up on my phone and it show everything I’m doing on my phone, on my TV as it should. I push play on a movie and it shows up on both devices. The audio is playing on both devices but the display is only showing on my phone. Black screen on my TV. Can you help me?
Camborita says:
Sep 7, 2020 – I have the same issue as Janet on a 4K firestick. All videos when playing are a black screen. Otherwise, the mirroring works perfectly. BTW, mirroring, including videos works on a non 4K firestick. Hey Amazon – why won’t this work on a 4K firestick???
Debbie Miner says:
I am also having this issue and just bought the 4k firestick 01/2021. So from reading these posts this is an old issue that has never been resolved. I don’t see any responses. any new info on this one?

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