All the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild tips and tricks you’ll need to complete The Champion’s Ballard DLC

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC expansion The Champion’s Ballard has finally arrived!

We’ve known for months that Breath of the Wild‘s second DLC pack was going to land in December, but we’ve never had a solid release date for Nintendo’s meatiest Zelda yet. Now though, revealed in the first gameplay trailer for The Champion’s Ballard at this year’s Game Awards, Nintendo announced that the second story DLC was available to fans right now. Yes, that’s right, it’s there waiting for you on the Nintendo eShop.

It’s still not known exactly what the story and gameplay consists of, but we do know it tells the tale of what happened to Zelda 100 years ago when Link and the four other Champions fought to contain Ganon. It looks like there’s going to be a return of Divine Beasts to scale and solve, along with a whole new way to explore Hyrule before everything went to pot and fell into ruin.

You can also unlcok a super-cool-looking motorbike called the Master Cycle Zero for completing the Divine Beast Tamer’s trials.

The Champion’s Ballard is available now for all who already purchased the Expansion Pass to access The Master Trials earlier this year. If you’ve not bought the Expansion Pass yet, you can pick up both DLC packs for just £17.99. Nintendo doesn’t sell these expansions individually, so it’s all or nothing, I’m afraid.

To help you ease into your rediscovery of Hyrule in The Champion’s Ballard you can find out the killer tips and tricks for aiding Links adventure below.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips and tricks:

Good news! You can now play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Bad news, it’s the toughest entry in the series yet. This isn’t your typical Zelda and there’s a lot of secrets for you to master to make your journey across Hyrule that little bit more manageable. More good news, though, I’ve played a lot (well over 100 hours says my Nintendo Switch) and I can impart my knowledge to you. Here are the best Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips and tricks you need to know.

Now, I’m not going to go into massive depth – there’s no time to tell you how to complete all 120 shrines after all – but I’m here to help you master the basics, from cooking tips to combat tricks, as well as highlight some possible hidden gems. There’s a lot going on with Breath of the Wild, so much so that it’ll take me weeks to describe every minute detail. Here’s the cut down list of everything you need to know (and do) in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

1. Learn how to cook excellent meals

Love the idea of cooking but have no real idea how to make something, let alone recreate one of your own glorious creations? Worry not, as you can actually check the recipe on any food or elixirs you’ve bought or created so you can easily replicate it. Also, when cooking, don’t mix two different types of status-affecting ingredients together because they’ll just nullify one another. As with real cooking, simple is always best. However, remember that it always pays to create a selection of meals and elixirs with varying amounts of ingredients so you don’t always end up with ten dishes capable of ten-minute boosts when you really only need a couple of minutes.


2. Don’t stack buffs, because it won’t work

Prepping for a big fight, or just want to boost your movement speed while staying cool? You’ll have to mix up your outfit alongside your stat-boosting food and elixirs because buffs don’t stack in Breath of the Wild. Even if you’ve got 14 minutes left on a body-warming buff and you need to increase your climbing speed, you’ll lose those 14 minutes instantly if you ingest another stat-boosting dish.

3. Always carry some non-metal weaponry

Always make sure you carry a variety of weapon and shield types with you while travelling – especially non-metal ones. In Breath of the Wild, thunderstorms can rear their heads and, if you’re using a metal shield, melee weapon or bow, you become a conduit for that bolt of lightning. This can be avoided by quickly swapping out your equipment for wooden or ancient tools, but for those who plan to weather the storm, one lightning strike can kill Link instantly.

4. Learn how to use elements in combat


Understanding elemental weaponry in Breath of the Wild is key to taking down tougher foes. Fighting an ice enemy, fire a Fire Arrow their way (although, bizarrely fire enemies can be quashed with ice). For instance, the skipping ghost-like enemies with elemental wands you stumble across can be defeated in one hit when using an opposing element. You can also alter dropped Chuchu Jelly by hitting it with a different element – very useful for elixir brewing!

5. Always go for Heart Containers early on

In Breath of the Wild you don’t pick up heart pieces to increase your health. Instead, you complete shrines to obtain Spirit Orbs and exchange four orbs for Stamina Wheel chunks or a Heart Container. Early on in the game, always opt for Heart Containers. Not only are there plenty of enemies in Breath of the Wild that can easily wipe out five or more hearts in one hit – it’s easier (and less resource heavy) to recover lost stamina while climbing a wall or swimming than it is to keep healing in combat.

6. Pay attention to the weather, it’s actually important

Having already mentioned how lightning can affect your equipment loadout, weather in Breath of the Wild plays an important role in how you explore the land of Hyrule. Beyond hot and cold climates – which damage your health and therefore require cooler or warmer clothing – rainstorms, blizzards, high winds and even overcast clouds can change how Link traverses regions. For instance, when it’s raining you won’t be able to grip onto cliffs or walls for climbing, and windy days could send Link flying if he pulls his paraglider out. Weather is mostly dynamic, but a handy indicator by your mini-map tells you which conditions are expected near you at any given moment.


7. Always make use of Magnesis near water

Once you’ve left the starting area of the Great Plateau, your Sheikah Slate will be powered up with four powerful abilities for you to utilise – one of which is Magnesis. Magnesis allows you to pick up metallic objects and manipulate them. Treasure chests and metal slabs made for traversing areas tend to be hidden at the bottom of bogs or bodies of water. So, when you’re exploring Hyrule, don’t forget to check what’s at the bottom of every lake.

8. Talk to everyone you can

Legend of Zelda titles have always had loose side-quests available to complete, but in Breath of the Wild you never quite know when a Hylian denizen will ask for your help – thus opening up an hour-long side-quest with some tasty loot at the end of it. Sometimes these quests are signposted with a red “!” by an NPC’s speech bubble, but often they’ll just come up in conversation. It’s also worth chatting to most NPCs as they also tend to inform you of interesting sights nearby or rumours across Hyrule.


9. Understand how weapon attack stats work

Weapons stats are, obviously, an important number to keep in check when playing Breath of the Wild, but don’t take higher numbers as gospel. Most heavy, blunt weapons tend to offer high damage, while spears and pole weapons generally offer lower damage. However, you should take attack speed into account, as pole weapons can usually land three or four hits for every slow hammer or axe swing. This means that a pole with a damage count of nine or 12 could actually deliver a damage count of 36 points, whereas a snazzy axe may only land 28 per hit. This isn’t so important in the early stages of your adventure, but as you pick up rare weapons and fight tougher foes, it’s certainly something you’ll want to consider.

10. Know where to look for Korok Seeds

Woodland spirits known as Koroks are hidden all over Hyrule and, upon discovering their hiding places, you’ll be rewarded a Korok Seed for talking to them. Finding Koroks, however, is a bit of trial and error – thankfully there are some telltale signs to look for while out in the field.

Koroks tend to be hidden under lone rocks or, more often, in the middle of a stone circle that’s missing a stone. Many are hidden away behind flower puzzles where you’ll either need to follow a trail or repeat a pattern, and some can be tucked away behind block puzzles you’ll need a careful eye for. The occasional Korok is even hidden in plain sight – just listen for the jingling of its movement to hunt it down. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to more readily spot a hidden Korok and nab a seed to help expand your equipment storage.


11. Don’t hunt down the Master Sword right away

It may be tempting to make a beeline right for the Master Sword when you start Breath of the Wild – after all, it’s the only unbreakable blade in the game. However, bide your time and build up your power as it’s no simple task to obtain it, and you have to be deemed worthy enough to wield it. Top tip (without spoiling too much), make sure you find it after you’ve obtained a sizeable number of hearts – and, no, temporary ones don’t count.

12. Take on a Divine Beast when you can

The Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild are essentially this Zelda’s version of major temples. These mechanical creatures don’t just harbour puzzles to be solved, they also grant Link new abilities to aid him in his adventure. So, if you happen to be near a Divine Beast and think it’s worth holding off to do some exploring instead, blitz the Beast and make the most of your newfound upgrade – you’ll thank me later.


13. Shoot blue rabbits for a shiny surprise

If you’re short on Rupees, hunt down the glowing blue rabbits and take aim with your bow. Instead of turning into raw meat, they spew out glorious piles of the valuable gemstones. You can’t catch them either, so your only option is to kill it, which is a tad depressing.

14. Don’t worry about completing the main quest too early

Without wishing to pile spoilers on you, but going and fighting Ganon early on isn’t – necessarily – the worst thing you can do. I’d seriously advise completing the four Divine Beasts first and building your strength and arsenal up before wading in to Hyrule Castle, but don’t worry about mopping up every last Shrine or Korok Seed first. Upon defeating Ganon,  you’re given total free reign of Hyrule, so you can go back and finish up anything you may have missed without worrying about Ganon’s evil reign blighting the landscape.

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