How to Add a Recent Follower in OBS

During a stream, you may have noticed the names of the streamer’s recent followers, donators, or subscribers pop up. This is a cool feature that streamers can add to boosts audience engagement. It’s also a great way for streamers to connect with their new followers by giving them a shoutout. All of this is done in OBS using stream labels. Stream labels automatically display text whenever a specified action occurs, like a new follower.

How to Add a Recent Follower in OBS

Whether you use Streamlabs or OBS for streaming, this guide will explain all you need to know to get started with stream labels and interact with your audience in a fun, vibrant way.

Add Recent Followers on OBS

To use stream labels for adding followers on OBS, you have to download the stream labels widget from Streamlabs. Go to their website, then either create an account or log in.

Next, visit the dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. In the “Other Features” category, click on “All Widgets.”
  2. Hit “Stream Labels.”
  3. Download and install the widget on your computer.
  4. Ensure you sign in to the stream account you use, like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Once the stream labels widget has been installed, you must display the label to OBS. This shows text files on your screen in an easy-to-understand way for your audience.

Here’s how to edit the stream labels in OBS:

  1. Go to the “Sources” box and select “+.”
  2. Click on “Text (GDI+)” in the pop-up box.
  3. Give the source a name, e.g., New Subscriber, and click on “Okay.”
  4. Select the check box beside “Read from file.”
  5. Hit “Browse” beside the Text File (UTC-8).
  6. Go to the file where your Streamlabs data is stored, then choose the appropriate .txt file.
  7. Edit the text’s color, font, and anything else you prefer to change.
  8. Select “OK.”
  9. Click on and resize the stream label generated on the screen’s left.
  10. When you’re happy with its position, click anywhere on the screen.

What Are Stream Labels

Stream labels use automated text on a screen during streaming, which changes every time an action happens, like a new follower. Streamers can also use these to remind viewers to donate, subscribe, or follow.

If you’ve watched a stream, you’ll have noticed overlays on the screen informing the streamer of different interactions, such as who most recently followed them. Notifications on stream labels are in the form of a text overlay that updates in real time according to which interaction just occurred. The most commonly used stream labels are for tips and donations.

Different Customizing Features for Stream Labels

There are various options for personalizing your stream labels. You can change the label type, template, font, transform text, etc.

Here are the different options and what they do:

  • Label Type. There are various label types available. For example, if you’d like a label to reflect your Bits, you can select it.
  • Label Template. You can use this feature to show how your text looks after the label appears on your screen.
  • Font Family. This feature lets you select the font style you prefer for your labels.
  • Text Transform. Use this option to always display your text in a specific format. For example, if you want your text all in uppercase.
  • Vertical. Makes your text display vertically.
  • Custom Text Extents. This feature ensures that the names of people aren’t cut off from custom label frames.

How to Add Filters to Stream Labels

You can use filters to modify how your text appears on your screen when streaming. The Scroll option is the most popular filter. If you’d like to add filters to your stream labels, here’s how it’s done:

  1. Search for the label to which you’d like to add a filter and right-click on it.
  2. Click on “Filters” from the pop-up options.
  3. Select the “+” button to add a new filter.
  4. From the “Filter Type” section, click on the “Menu.”
  5. Choose your preferred filter.
  6. Hit “Done.”

Benefits of Using a Stream Label on a Stream

It’s exciting for viewers when they see their name on the screen during your stream, so using stream labels naturally makes the audience engage with the streamer more.

You can use stream labels to remind your viewers to follow you on any other social media platforms. This is a great way to ensure that you get like-minded followers across all your platforms.

Stream labels can also assist with monetization. You get paid a fee from every new subscriber, and when someone subscribes, this is displayed on the screen, encouraging others to do the same.

The most appreciated benefit for your audience is that you can thank them personally when you get a notification that a new subscriber has joined. This gives good vibes to your audience in your stream and in the chat.


Are OBS widgets and OBS plugins the same?

No, OBS plugins and OBS widgets aren’t the same thing. Widgets for streaming don’t need any extra software to be installed and run. Plugins and add-ons must be downloaded and installed onto your computer to extend OBS functionality.

Do I have to pay for OBS Widgets?

On the Streamlabs website, all the available widgets are free to use. Several widgets have premium OBS themes that you may have to pay for. However, you can create your own free themes for widgets by playing around with the settings in the Streamlabs control panel.

Will OBS widgets work when multi-streaming?

When streaming to several sites simultaneously, your widgets will work well visually. However, you might have a problem with some widgets for streaming, like Tip Jar or Alert Box. These widgets have been configured to only work with either YouTube or Twitch and not with both of these simultaneously. To fix this issue, you may need to create two separate browser sources in OBS, one for Twitch alerts and the other for YouTube alerts. Bear this in mind when using widgets while multi-streaming. You can look for widgets that don’t need integration with Twitch or YouTube, like countdown timers. These would be ideal if you multicast regularly.

Use Stream Labels to Add Followers in OBS

Stream labels are a dynamic feature for adding new followers to OBS during your streams. These labels use automated text displayed on the streamer’s screen and change whenever an action happens. Many streamers use this feature to ask for donations or tips, but you can encourage your audience to follow or subscribe. Whether you use Streamlabs or OBS Studio for your streaming, stream labels are easy to set up and customize.

Have you ever added new followers in OBS? Do you make use of the customization features for stream labels? Let us know in the comments section below.

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