OnePlus 6 – Device Keeps Restarting – What to Do?

Your OnePlus 6 can get itself into a restart loop for a few different reasons. But you can perish one thought right away: your phone isn’t going to die. Continuous restarts basically boil down to software issues that anybody can resolve.

OnePlus 6 - Device Keeps Restarting - What to Do?

Your OnePlus 6 is probably missing certain software or app updates. The phone might have also accumulated a ton of cache which prevents it from running properly. Either way, take a look at the methods below to find a quick fix for your problem.

Initiate a Force Restart

This method might sound counter-intuitive since your phone is already restarting, but it’s been proven to help at times.

1. Power off the Phone

Press and hold the Power button for about ten seconds until your OnePlus 6 shuts down.

2. Turn on the OnePlus 6

Press and hold the Power button again after the shutdown to restart the phone. This clears some of the cached data and fixes minor bugs on your OnePlus 6.

Wipe Cache Partition

A simple restart sometimes might not suffice. This is when you should access Recovery mode and wipe the cache from there. Take the following steps to wipe the cache partition:

1. Turn off the Phone

Press the Power button (for about 5 seconds) and tap on the Power off option that appears.

2. Enter the Recovery Menu

Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons together until the Recovery menu appears.

Note: Enter the password or security swipe if your phone is password protected.

3. Select the Language

Use the Volume rockers to navigate up and down and select the preferred language by pressing the Power button.

4. Enter the Wipe data and cache menu

Press the Power button to access the Wipe data and cache menu, then go to Wipe cache.

5. Confirm Your Choice

Select Yes to start wiping the cache and wait until it’s completed. Restart your phone then.

Update Your OnePlus 6

One of the main causes of a restarting OnePlus 6 is outdated software. In addition, most users can get the latest OxygenOS in the beta version and enjoy the improved functionality. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best ways to get rid of constant restarts.

Here’s how to initiate the update:

1. Go to Settings

Access the Settings menu and swipe to System, then tap to enter.

2. Tap System Updates

Swipe up to the bottom of the System menu and select System update.

3. Hit Download and Install

If available, download and install the latest update. Be patient until the update is done and the phone reboots.

There are a few software improvements but the new reboot options are particularly interesting. It now allows you to reboot the phone in recovery mode or directly access the bootloader. For one, this speeds up the wipe cache partition process.

The Final Restart

If the methods described above fail to fix your continuous restart problem, you might need to perform a hard reset. Make sure to back up your OnePlus 6 before the hard reset to avoid losing data. And don’t hesitate to drop us a comment about this annoying issue.

9 thoughts on “OnePlus 6 – Device Keeps Restarting – What to Do?”

sreenivas says:
I am facing issue only after every updates. after update it ask for reboot and this will keep rebooting one plus logo and restart. I took it to service center and they said its mother board ISSUE. I don’t think its an hardware issue. iam able to install older versions and use.
Prajith says:
This started happening now for me, and it keeps rebooting non stop what should i do? is the phone gone? How do i even break the loop, if anyone finds any answers please do revert,
Gabriel says:
I write in hope that someone will help. Issue i have is similar BUT i cant get into recovery mode because phone is in constant restart loop forcing restart on recovery mode before i can even select language option. The main screen appears and if im quick enough i can type 1 or 2 characters of password but then its gone into restart and its constant loop. While on password screen i can see volume works and shows on screen, i can also manage to show power off options when pressing power button. PLEASE could someone help?
SC says:
My phone started having this issue today. Were any of you able to solve this?
Jonhoi Vaughn says:
I have no proof of this, but i think it’s also a hardware issue. either the camera or fingerprint scanner is causing the reboot loop on mine. Nowadays it only restarts once I try to access the camera or use the fingerprint. In fact, the phone starts a reboot loop after every major update and turns off all biometric functions.
Amuktha Dasari says:
Does all the workaround provided. Its still restarting continously.
Also the sims are not getting detected. Wifi is not getting connected. its getting heated very quickly after continuous restart. Please help. Due to Corona and lockdown, not able to show this mobile to service center also.
Aditya says:
Same problem did you find a solution
Sahil Dhiman says:
I’m facing the same problem with my oneplus 6.. I even contact the service center and after diagnoses they said it’s a motherboard problem.. Replacement will cost around 20k.
Paul Metcalf says:
I have this issue,

Tried wiping cache, updating and hard reset it still keeps restarting.

Rayif says:
I have the same problem … even my wifi and sim is not getting detected…
I am also facing the same issue, mobile restarts randomly and wifi not working along with sim network issue. I even visited the service centre and without checking the phone they asked to replace the motherboard which costs INR 20000
bgregster says:
So attempting first step and already hit a problem, I hold down the power key for 10 secs as described. But although a menu pops up (restart / power off / screenshot) – it does not power off. Even after 30 secs.
Sidhartha says:
same problem with me. Did it resolved??
Huzefa says:
How should i backup my data.. my oneplus6 is continuously restarting.
Jayash says:
Same problem did you find a solution??
Jayash says:
Hey I am facing the Same problem. did you find a solution?? If yes please so revert
Advay says:
I also am facing same problem, I told OnePlus- they tried to remote access but didn’t- has to be sent to OnePlus factory to be inspected- very bad and hard to fix on your own or online.

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