OnePlus 6 – Forgot PIN Password – What to Do

There is no need to panic if you forgot the PIN password for your OnePlus 6. This problem happens quite often and there is more than one way to regain access to your phone. Just don’t continually try to enter the wrong PIN to avoid temporarily blocking your phone.

OnePlus 6 - Forgot PIN Password - What to Do

However, even if you do manage to block the phone there is a way to recover OnePlus6. This article contains step-by-step guides to help you unlock your phone easily.

Do a Hard Reset

A hard reset is the method to use even if you’ve blocked your One Plus 6 after entering the incorrect password too many times. However, you should know that it wipes all the data from your smartphone. So you need to restore from a backup file after doing a hard reset.

1. Power off  Your OnePlus 6

Press and hold the Power button until the Power off icon appears on the screen. Hit the button and wait for the smartphone to turn off.

2. Enter the Android System Recovery

Simultaneously depress Power and Volume down until you see the Android System Recovery.

3. Access the Recovery Mode

Press and hold the Volume down button to enter Recovery mode, then press the Power button to restart.

Note: If successful, the Android robot appears on the screen with an exclamation mark and a red triangle.

4. Navigate to Wipe Data and Cache

Use the Volume rockers to navigate up and down and select with the Power button.

5. Select Erase Everything

Go to the bottom of the next menu and select Erase everything, then confirm your selection.

6. Wait a While

It might take some time for the smartphone to erase all your data and clear cache. Be patient until the process is completed.

7. Reboot OnePlus 6

After wiping all the data, select the Reboot option by pressing on the Power button.

8. Reset Your Phone

Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your phone. And remember, now you have to restore all your data from the latest backup.

Bypassing the PIN Password

This method requires you to have a stable wifi and it works only for those who have set Gmail as a recovery option. There is no data wiping and restoring here.

1. Enter the Wrong Password

Continue entering the inaccurate password until “Forgot Password” shows up on the screen.

2. Tap on Forgot Password

As soon as you tap on the option, a window pops up asking you to log into Gmail.

3. Access Gmail

Enter your email and password to access Gmail. The new PIN password or pattern lock will arrive in your inbox shortly thereafter. Now you can enter the new OnePlus 6 password and resume using your phone as if nothing happened.

The Final PIN

Besides the PIN for unlocking your phone, you might also forget the PIN which protects your SIM card. If that happens, there is no recovery mode that can restore the SIM PIN, so there is no need to bother with a hard reset or try the bypass.

Call your carrier and see help lifting the PIN. You can also look up the default SIM card PINs for all US carriers only if you hadn’t changed it.

3 thoughts on “OnePlus 6 – Forgot PIN Password – What to Do”

avinash says:
after complete battery drain (one plus6), i connected with power bank and phone restarted. Once restart, i am unable to unlock with existing working password. Can any one help how to unlock my phone without erasing the data.
Prashant says:
Same for me can you share how you retrieve it again
yuval says:
after how much tries would it show me the forgot password option
dumbo says:
What if the gmail account no longer exists and can’t be recovered?

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