OnePlus 6 – How to Change Lock Screen

There are a few ways to customize the Lock screen on your OnePlus 6. You can have different wallpapers on the 6.28” 1080p screen and make the best of additional personalization options. Like most Android phones, OnePlus 6 comes with the Ambient display feature which lets you change the time and lock screen notifications.

OnePlus 6 - How to Change Lock Screen

This write-up includes a step-by-step guide on how to make the abovementioned changes on your Android smartphone. Also, don’t hesitate to share your favorite customization with the rest of the community.

Change Lock Screen Wallpaper

The OnePlus 6 comes with more than a few wallpapers for a cool Lock screen. The signature OnePlus wallpapers are different swirls of color that blend really well with the overall design of the phone. And you can always choose a photo from your Library to make the Lock screen even more personal.

Either way, this is how to change the Lock screen wallpaper:

1. Go to the Customization Menu

Touch and hold an empty spot on the OnePlus 6 screen until the customization menu comes up.

2. Hit Wallpapers

Tap on Wallpapers at the bottom left to access more options.

3. Choose the Wallpaper Folder

Swipe through the selection that appears below and choose one of the options. Tapping on My photos allows you to select from the photos in your library. Shot on OnePlus contains a selection of the best images shot on the phone and there are also a few cool swirls to choose from.

4. Select an Image

Hit one of the images and crop it to fit. Once you are happy with the crop, tap Apply Wallpaper.

5. Choose Lock Screen

Tap on the Lock screen in the pop-up menu to set the image. If you select Both, the same image appears on both your Lock and Home screens.

Ambient Display Options

We’ve mentioned the Ambient display menu which allows you to change clock style and Lock screen notifications.

For some reason, this option is turned off by default on the OnePlus 6. However, you can easily enable Ambient display and here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Settings

Bring down the notification shade, then hit the gear icon to access the Settings menu.

2. Swipe to Display

When you reach the Display option, tap on it and locate Ambient display and tap on that.

3. Toggle it on

Hit the button next to Ambient display to toggle it on.

4. Customize Other Settings

Ambient display has four different settings – How to show, Clock style, Display message, and Notifications.

“How to show” is actually a display preference and it is advisable to keep it on Lift up display to save battery. Customize the other settings to your preference, then exit the menu to preview the new OnePlus 6 Lock screen.


Changing the lock screen is a straightforward process. Another great thing about the OnePlus 6 is that you don’t need to use any third-party apps to change the style of the clock.

What’s more, the display message and notification options also help improve your privacy if you so desire.

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